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Otherwise known as “Jacob’s Back!”

I’m not sure this episode felt like the penultimate LOST episode, but it sure did feel like classic LOST! We’re back to focusing on our original losties, back to humorous one-liners, and back to a character-driven episode.

Of course, as we’ve come to expect lately, we lost another group of characters. Widmore and his right-hand woman, Zoe, both died last night. Zoe, killed by Flocke, and Widmore killed by Ben. I think Richard died too, since the Smoke Monster grabbed him, but it was hard to tell. Richard’s possible death is complicated by the whole “Richard can’t die” thing. Unless he can die now that Jacob has handed over his island-guarding responsibilities to Jack.

Oh yeah, we all saw that one coming right? Still, I was really hoping Hurley would take the job. No such luck. And those names on the wall? Didn’t really mean anything if they were crossed out. Jacob crossed them out if they were dead, or if he thought their lives were fulfilling enough to not want to be and island guardian, like when Kate became a mother.

Did anyone else find this conversation between Locke and Jack in the sideflashes to be telling?  “After you saved my life, you still want to fix me. And I don’t want to be fixed.” Locke posits that everything, him meeting Jack in the airport, Desmond running him down, etc. happened for a reason – maybe Jack is supposed to fix him. I think this is more than simply alluding to Jack becoming the island’s guardian, but I’m not sure what it refers to. After all, we know Jack’s new life mission is to kill the Monster, who is possessing Locke’s body and that the real Locke is dead, so what does this mean?

Speaking of sideflashes, these seem to be moving rather slowly for the penultimate episode! Most of our losties haven’t a clue about the island or any memories of it yet! To catch us up, I’m thinking we’re going to have a fast-paced finale episode!

And the biggest reveal of the night? Desmond is the fail-safe! There’s something about his resistance to electromagnetic energy that makes Smokey think he can use Desmond to finally destroy the island. I’m not really sure how this works, or why the island can only be destroyed by someone with a resistance to the energy though. Although, we do know that the light is electromagnetic energy, so maybe Smokey’s plan is to send him down the light tunnel, where the energy would turn him into another smoke monster, but won’t be able to because Desmond is resistant to it. The light’s struggle to turn him will ultimately destroy the island. Sounds good to me!

What do you think? Any telling scenes from last night I missed? Have I got Desmond’s importance all wrong?

In closing, here are some of my favorite one-liners:

  • “Dr. Linus, please. You’ve got one hand. You look like Napoleon.” – Alex to Ben
  • “Well then, whisper to me.” – Locke (Not as funny typed out, but the way he said it was great!)
  • “If you can turn yourself into smoke whenever you want, why do you bother walking?” “I like the feel of my feet on the ground. It reminds me that I was human.”

Oh man, what am I going to do with myself after Sunday!?

At long last we get another episode featuring Jacob and the Man in Black. And boy oh boy was it a good one! I think this was the most answer-centric episode we’ve ever had on LOST! So, what did we learn?

  • Jacob and the Man in Black are, as many suspected for so long, brothers.
  • Their mother, Claudia was shipwrecked on the island, separated from the rest of the survivors, and gave birth to the boys. She was then promptly killed by the woman who calls herself their mother.
  • Mother is the reason Jacob and the Man in Black can’t kill each other — apparently she “made it” that way. She also made it so they will never die.
  • The Man in Black sees his dead mother a la Hurley, and she shows him the village of the rest of the survivors and tells him she is his real mother and he comes from across the sea.
  • The Mother blindfolds the boys and takes them to a light-filled waterfall, telling them that the light is what is inside every man, in small part. Apparently the light is life, death and rebirth — “the source, the heart of the island.” She tells him that if the light goes out at this source, it goes out everywhere.
  • The Man in Black leaves Jacob and his Mother and goes to live in the village with the other survivors, searching for a way off the island, though his mother tells him he will never be able to leave, no matter what anyone has told him.
  • The Man in Black is the brains behind the donkey wheel that moves the island. He also forged the knife that has been used in attempts to kill him and Jacob.
  • Jacob and the Man in Black’s mutual animosity begins when the Man in Black kills his mother for burning his village.
  • Enraged over his mother’s death, Jacob sends the Man in Black down into the light source, causing him to turn into the Black Smoke.
  • Jacob and his mother lived in the Losties caves, and lays the bodies of his brother and mother there — Adam and Eve.
  • Even though the Man in Black can take the form of his old body before he took Locke’s, he was didn’t have an actual physical body.

Whew! That was a lot of answers to many of the important questions we’ve had about Jacob and the Man in Black. However, in true LOST fashion, it also brings up more questions! Like “Mother” said, “every questions I answer will just lead to another question.”

  • Most annoyingly, what is the Man in Black’s real name!? Is he really just called Brother?
  • Similarly, who is Mother? How did she get to the island and how is it she just makes rules like Jacob and the Man in Black can’t kill each other?
  • What’s the deal with the game? The Man in Black made the rules for the board game, but he tells Jacob, “one day you can make up your own game and everyone else will have to follow your rules.” Does that mean the “rules” that the boy in the jungle is reminding the Man in Black of are Jacob’s? Or are they the rules Mother created?
  • Is the light source the place where the temple is built? Is the light supposed to give the pool its healing powers? If so, the light is tainted!
  • I’m not sure about how the light worked with the Man in Black. My guess is it stripped his soul from him, and that’s what the Black Smoke is. But, I wonder if it kept the good part of his soul and expelled the evil, creating a being that is completely evil with no hint of light or goodness.
  • Jacob has to drink wine as part of his pledge to protect the light — how will his replacement know to do this if Jacob is “dead”?
  • We know Jacob and the Man in Black can’t actually die, so is the boy he keeps seeing on the island a reborn Jacob?
  • Why is the game so important to the Man in Black?
  • Why did Mother thank the Man in Black for killing her?
  • Why can the Man in Black see dead people and not Jacob? Why can Hurley and Sawyer see some of them too, and not Richard or Jack?

And now for some totally random thoughts:

  • Does anyone else think the Boy in Black looked a little like Zack Effron?
  • I didn’t really like the flashback to the Losties in the cave. We totally would have got that the bodies were Adam and Eve without that. Frankly, my intelligence was insulted. Anyone think there was a greater purpose to that? Thoughts on what it might be?

I cannot believe we only one new episode until the finale!

How true! I love Hurley, and I think everyone who watches LOST should too! I know I’ve mentioned before that the further we got into last season, and the more we get into this season, the more I think Hurley is one of the biggest pieces to the puzzle that is LOST.

In last night’s episode, everyone really does love Hurley! At least, in the no-crash time line, and Miles’s dad even awards Hugo as Man of the Year. What I think is interesting about the no-crash time line, is that Hurley has interacted with the most Losties so far, even more than Desmond. I have a feeling this is significant.

For me, one of the best parts of last night was seeing Hurley and Libby reunited. They finally got to have their beach-front picnic, and when they kissed, it brought back Hurley’s island memories. Libby said she remembered Hurley and the island when she saw him on TV, but also remembered them both being in the mental institution. What role did that play in the return of their memories? Probably none; I’m probably over thinking this.

Other notable happenings included:

1. Illana getting blown up. I thought she was an interesting character, and would liked to have seen more about what role Jacob played in her life, but I can’t say that I’ll miss her.

2. A touching scene with Hurley at Libby’s grave, asking her to come visit him.

3. Desmond and Flocke see the boy in the jungle (WHO IS HE!?), and both Desmond and Flocke can see him. Wasn’t Richard unable to see him earlier, but Sawyer could? Does this mean Desmond is also a candidate? If he is, why didn’t Jacob ask Illana to protect him?

4. Flocke takes Desmond to a well, where compass needles would spin, and pushes him down it. BUT WHY? He obviously recognizes that Desmond is special and/or important, but we still have no idea what’s important about him. Is his importance connected to what he’s doing in the non-crash reality?

5. In possibly the greatest scene of the night, Desmond runs down Locke in the school parking lot! Locke’s face after getting hit reminds me a little bit of when they first crashed on the island — does this mean all of his memories are coming back? If they are, how does Desmond know what to do to every Lostie he’s encountered so far to trigger their memories? It seems to be something slightly different with each person, so how does he know? Is it just the fact that he has his memories or is this part of what makes him special?

6. Hurley has figured out what all the creepy whispers have been! They are the voices of the dead who are stuck on island because of their actions, like Michael. Interesting, but I still have questions about this. If they are dead, then why can everyone hear the whispers? Also, if they are on the island for the bad things they did, then why is Richard’s wife there?

7. Still no Rose and Bernard. Where are they? Will we get to see them again?

Everything clear as mud? Anything that stood out to you? Can you help me clear up any of my questions?

Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday! I feel so much better today and I’m taking my own advice to make the most of this experience because I can’t change it and my being miserable and upset won’t help anything. A new day, a new outlook! And now, on to LOST!


Actually, “a new day, a new outlook” kind of describes last night’s episode. That and, “did you feel it?” I’m not sure I felt this episode, maybe it was a little existential for me, or maybe I was just tired, but even thought it wasn’t my favorite, I think it was super, super interesting.

We finally got to see the island catch up to some of our Losties, namely Charlie, Desmond and Daniel. These memories, flashes, or whatever you want to call them seem to be triggered by a near death experience, seeing a great love, or being in circumstances that mirror what happened on the island. Interestingly, Eloise Hawking/Widmore tries to keep Desmond from pursuing Penny, telling him he already has everything he’s every wanted — Charles Widmore’s approval. Does she mean this, or is she trying to interfere for other reasons? After all, if Ben was on the island, it stands to reason that Eloise and Charles were both there at some point.

Meanwhile, back on the island, Desmond has a change of heart and decides to do whatever Widmore needs him to in order to save the island after surviving another catestrophic electromagnetic event. Why the sudden change of heart? Does he realize that, like Eloise said, all he’s really wanted is to please Widmore? Or, is it because he realizes how empty life would be if he didn’t have Penny? I’m going to go with the later.

I’m excited to see what happens as side-flashes collide with post-crash life and how everything gets brought together. Tonight’s set-up for that was really, really interesting, though I can’t imagine where the writers are going with this one.

This week I’ve been thinking about Jacob’s “gifts” and how they impact the lives of those who recieve them. Richard can’t die, neither can Jack, Hurely can see and talk to the dead, Desmond survives electromagnetic events, and Charlie can see past what seems to be the present into an alternate reality. But are all these Jacob’s gifts? We haven’t seen him step into Charlie and Desmond’s lives, have we?

I also wonder if Charlie’s on-island death is the reason he can see what the post-crash reality is, even when he isn’t living in it.

Is anyone else totally stoked about next week’s Hurley episode!? I am! What did you think of last night’s episode? Any new thoughts, theories or questions?

Thanks for hanging with me through this completely random post.

As my Hubby said last night, “what’s up with this show not answering any questions!?” Right on Hubby, right on. I could do with a serious dose of INFORMATION. Also, I ask where is the Hurley love? There were some times tonight where a little Hurley scene could have done wonders. I’m always up for a bit of comic relief, plus, the more I watch this season, the more and more I am becoming convinced that Hurley is the key. In the end, will he turn out to be? Probably not, but I’ve got to have something to sink my teeth into.

This episode was all about one of my favorites — Sawyer! I was very relieved to find out he had just stayed in Claire’s camp with Jin, while everyone else was at the temple.

On the island, Sawyer seems back to his old ways — playing everyone to get want he wants — off the island. He tells Jin he’ll help him get off the island with Sun, tells Flocke he’ll do whatever he wants, Widmore that he’ll hand Flocke over to him, and Kate that he’s not with anyone. So, is he telling anyone the truth?

In the sideways flashes, Sawyer runs into the most Losties I think anyone has so far. He’s a cop, whose partner is Miles. Miles sets Sawyer up on a date with Charlotte, who works with his dad (the date ends disastrously as well). Charlie’s brother shows up at the police station to try and get him released, and he and Miles are hit by and eventually run down Kate in a alleyway.

I definitely saw the parallels in the “present” and “flashes” in last week’s episode, but I’m not sure I get tonight’s. Sawyer was a loner in each time period — refusing to tell Miles about Sawyer and his family background in the flashes and not being straightforward with anyone about his intentions on the island. However, in the flashes Sawyer tells Miles all about hunting down Anthony Cooper (aka Sawyer) and wanting to kill him. Does that mean we’re supposed to believe him when he tells Kate: “I’m gonna let them fight it out, and when they’ve got their hands full of each other, you and me are getting the hell off this island.” I don’t know if I believe it! As much as sad, depressed because Juliet is dead, Sawyer killed my crazy hormones, I can’t believe he’s gone back to his Kate-lust so quickly.

Things I want to know:

  • If Miles’ dad works for the museum and knows Charlotte, that means he got off the island as well. So what happened to Dharama in the side-flashes? Do things change as soon as Juliet detonates the bomb?
  • Sawyer saw Kate’s handcuffs in the elevator, and still helped her, even though he’s a cop. Why? Just pure attraction or is the island/Jacob/Smokey still working to pull everyone together?
  • Locke doesn’t tell anyone other than Sawyer he’s the Smoke Monster — why tell Sawyer? I don’t think Kate realizes Flocke really isn’t Locke either — does she?
  • What’s up with Sayid? If he and Claire both have the same crazy, then why hasn’t he gone off the deep end? It seems like Claire’s gone off her rocker, but Sayid has lost all personality. Does the “darkness” work differently in different people, or does Claire not have the darkness, she was just seriously emotionally manipulated?
  • Claire does apologize to Kate, and it seems genuine — does this confirm that she was just emotionally manipulated or does it show you can beat the island crazy?
  • Did Smokey kill those people on Hydra Island? I’m thinking yes.
  • When Flocke was talking to Kate about his mother, was he talking as if he really were John Locke (after all, his mother was pretty crazy), or about himself, whoever he is. I’d like to go with himself, just because I think it’s a nice parallel between his pre-island life and John’s.
  • Flocke also asks Kate “have you ever had an enemy? Someone you needed to hate?” Does Flocke hate Jacob and his followers because he has to? We’ve seen so much of light and dark, black and white, complete opposites, it makes me wonder if they have to battle each other because its just the way things are supposed to work.

What did you think? Any great theories from this week’s episode? Do you have high hopes, like me, for next week and finally getting some answers, even if they are only about Richard?

Okay, I have a new theory this week! So much has been made about Jacob being “good” and Flocke being “bad,” using their light and dark persona to back it up. But, if we go back to what Locke said to Walt in the first season “there are two sides, one light and one dark,” but nothing is ever said about one side being “good” or “bad.” What if Jacob and Flocke are both bad or both good or neither? What if dark and light refer to the elements each has the ability to manipulate? We see Flocke manipulating a dark matter in the Smoke Monster, and we learned last episode that Jacob manipulated light waves to spy on potential candidates. I thought this was super profound, but now that I’ve typed it up, it seems rather obvious. Oh well, on to tonight’s episode!

Interesting! Almost right away, Dogen tells Sayid that in every man is a scale, “one side of the scale there is good and on the other there is evil.” Apparently their torture device can tell which way the scale is tipped. Dogen also claims that Flocke is evil incarnate, which would seem to refute my theory, BUT I have added to that theory in light of tonight’s information!

What if what we’re seeing are two sides of the same person manifested in physical forms. All of their “good” is seen in Jacob, and all of their “bad” is seen in the Smoke Monster. What we could be seeing here are the two sides of Christian Shepherd, because I know a whole lot just has to go back to him. (Side note: does anyone remember which way the scale in the cave was tipped?)

Also interesting to note that we don’t really know what “good” and “bad” are in this situation. Are they definable by our normal standards, or are those standards for what is good somehow different on the island?

Enough of my theories, here are a few random thoughts for the night:

  • Poor Sayid can’t even win in the Sideways Flashes — he still doesn’t get to be with Nadia.
  • Sayid also meets (and kills) Keemey and then finds Jin hidden the fridge during his encounter with his brother’s extortionists. He also passes Jack in the hospital his brother was taken to. I’m loving all these side-ways run-ins!
  • According to Miles, Sayid really was dead for 2 hours, so the temple didn’t bring him back. Then what did?
  • Sayid attempts to kill Flocke, but because Flocke managed to speak before Sayid stabbed a dagger in his chest, it doesn’t work. Why would that work? Why can’t Flocke speak for it work? When are we going to get some answers about him!?
  • Kate actually returns to the temple, finds Claire and tells her she has been raising Aaron. Claire is pissed off, but Kate doesn’t seem to notice. When the Smoke Monster blows through the room, Kate is knocked over, almost into the hole with Claire, and now seems to be caught up in being on Smokie’s “side.”
  • Sayid kills Dogen (we hardly knew ye), letting in the Smoke Monster. Now everyone, including Ben, know Sayid has gone to the dark side. (Poor Ben, I like him more and more this season. Looks like next episode some not-so-good things will happen to him.)
  • Illana saves Miles, Lapidus and Sun from the Smoke Monster and Sun finds out that Jin is alive and was in the temple! We’re getting closer to a reunion!
  • Oh, and the Smoke Monster killed everyone in the temple.

EDITED TO ADD: One of the things I noticed when re-watching The Lighthouse, was that the mirror, when turned to the “Kwon” degree, reflected the temple where Jin and Sun got married. This is where Jacob showed up and talked to them. So, why would Jacob need to see the place where he already was? What if Jacob is using the cave and Smokey has been using the lighthouse? Possible, or not?

When we left off after last week’s episode, “What Kate Did,” we got our first glimpse of Claire, on the island, looking very Rousseau-like. This week’s episode starts out with a view of the island from Smokey’s point of view, which was a little creepy. Still, I have high hopes for this episode, because I love all things Locke/Flocke. Answers are on their way!

What We Learned:

  • In the no-crash world, Locke was sent to Australia for a conference, which he doesn’t attend. Instead, he tells his boss he was doing something “personal,” and is fired.
  • In the no-crash world, Locke is planning his wedding to Helen, and seems to have a good relationship with his father, as Helen talks about bringing him with them if they decide to elope.
  • Hurley owns Locke’s company, as well as another temp agency. What doesn’t he own!?
  • Flocke keeps seeing a blond boy on the island; first when he’s talking to Richard, and again with Sawyer. Richard can’t see the boy, but Sawyer can. He tells Locke, “You know the rules. You can’t kill him.”
  • Sawyer is the only one who knows immediately that Flocke isn’t Locke, because “Locke was scared, even when he was pretending he wasn’t.”
  • According to Illana, Smokey is stuck as Locke and can’t take any other form.
  • Flocke claims he was once just a man, like Sawyer, but that he is trapped and has been trapped for so long that he can’t remember what it was like to be free.
  • Flocke takes Sawyer to a cave halfway down a sheer cliff face where we see a scale – one side holding a white rock, the other holding a black rock. Flocke throws the white rock into the ocean. But, Flocke says the real reason he took Saywer to the cave was to show him the reason everyone is on the island — their names on written on the cave’s ceiling.
  • The following names are not crossed out and have numbers written next to them: Jack (23) or Hugo (8) or Sayid (16) or (42) Kwon or (4) Locke or (15) Sawyer.
  • A candidate is someone Jacob hoped would take over his job as “protector” of the island, though Flocke claims the island is just an island and doesn’t need protecting.
  • Sawyer and Flocke decide to leave the island together.

What I Still Want to Know:

  • Really! How many times to I have to watch Juliet die!? I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!
  • Does the blond boy remind anyone else of Jacob?
  • If Richard doesn’t know what a candidate is, does that mean he never was one? Was he one and Jacob eliminated him for some reason? Can you still be alive once you’ve been eliminated as a candidate?
  • Why won’t Ben tell anyone he killed Jacob? Did he realize Jacob truly was one of the good guys?
  • Why is Richard so scared of Flocke? What does he know that we and the Losties, especially Sawyer don’t?
  • What’s up with the numbers next to people’s names? Do they have something to do with the hatch numbers?
  • How can Sawyer and Flocke get off the island? There’s no boat, no sub, no nothing. Is Flocke, who’s trapped, even able to leave the island?
  • Is the Temple List the same as the Candidate list? If Kate isn’t on either list, does that mean she’s not destined to be on the island? We know Jacob interfered in her life though, so did he just decide she wasn’t worthy? Did everyone else on the plane just end up on the island because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time?

What I Loved:

  • “Richard, I’m sorry I hit you in the throat and drug you from the beach, but I had to do something.” – Locke
  • “Here’s to bein’ dead.” – Sawyer.
  • Loved the temp agency lady and finally getting to see Rose some more. Soo sad she has cancer in the no-crash world.
  • “Weirdest damn funeral I’ve ever been to.” Lapidis.
  • “Fear not, I will make a new pot!”– Ben. European history teacher Ben reminds me of one of my college Creative Writing professors.

Random Thoughts I Had:

  • Very interesting parallel between no-crash Locke and Flocke, where Flocke tells the blond boy “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” While Locke tells Helen when talking about his walk-about “They couldn’t tell me what I can’t do.” No idea what it means, but I think its interesting. Any ideas?
  • I like the new, softer Ben who says John Locke was a far better man than he was that he was sorry he killed him. I always kind of liked Ben, even when he was creepy.
  • I am not a fan of the new, drunk, depressed Sawyer. I mean, I am still his fan, but I miss 70’s Dharma James.
  • I have a feeling the no-crash Losties are still going to end up on the island. With all the island people and Losties popping up in tonight’s episode, I think its inevitable, and kind of proves Flocke’s point about those Jacob chooses being always drawn to the island.

So, last we left off, we learned that Flocke (Fake Locke) is actually the Smoke Monster, and Jacob’s long-time nemesis. He apparently knows Richard from way back when, telling him “its nice to see you out of those chains.” Meanwhile, back in the Temple where the Losties are making preparations to keep Flocke out, Sayid comes back from the dead after a failed attempt at healing him. Dun-dun-dun!

So this week, we learned:

  • Something did go wrong with Sayid’s healing, and the Others run all sorts of tests on Sayid, blowing ash over him, sending an electrical current through him, putting a hot poker on him. They won’t tell Sayid why they are doing this, only that it is a test that he passes, but Lennon says after Sayid leaves that he lied; Sayid actually failed the test.
  • They tell Jack Sayid is “infected.” They give him a green pill and tell him to give it to Sayid, saying it will only work if he takes it willingly. The Temple Keeper says giving Sayid the pill is a chance to redeem himself from what he did to Sayid and the others he hurt or killed. If he doesn’t give Sayid the medicine, the infection will spread.
  • Sayid says he trusts Jack, and will take the pill if he tells him to, but Jack won’t give it to him unless he knows what’s in it. “I don’t trust myself, how’m I supposed to trust you.”
  • Jack swallows the fill himself, and Dagon tells him the pill is poison.
  • Sawyer refuses to stay in the Temple, and shoots a man before he declares he is leaving and that no one should follow him.
  • The Temple Others want Sawyer brought back, and Kate says she can find him, bring him back and convince him to stay. Jin goes with her, but both have other agendas. Jin wants to find Sun, and Kate has no intention of returning to the Temple.
  • Sawyer was keeping a box under the floorboards of his and Juliet’s house with an engagement ring in it. Now, instead of asking Juliet to marry him, he throws the ring into the ocean (Oh! My hormones!)
  • Dagon says a darkness is growing in Sayid, and once it reaches his heart, everything Sayid once was, will be gone. Dagon says it happened to his sister, WHICH MEANS CLAIRE!!!!
  • When one of the Others tries to kill Jin, a very Rousseau-looking Claire kills the others.
  • Claire and Kate spend quite a lot of time together in the no-crash senario. Kate, after forcing Claire out of the cap and getting her handcuffs removed by a mechanic, returns to pick her up and take her to the house where Aaron’s adoptive parents are supposed to be waiting. Instead, Claire is told they can’t adopt him and Claire goes into labor. Kate stays with Claire throughout her labor where we see ETHAN(!!!!) who helps ease Claire’s anxieties. Claire helps hide Kate from the police, saying she thinks Kate is innocent.

But I still want to know:

  • How many times do I have to watch Juliet die and Sawyer loose it!? My crazy hormones just can’t take it!
  • The Temple Keeper, Dagon, says he was brought to the island like everyone else. Does this mean he came on the Black Rock, or that the island has some kind of pull on him, so that he was always drawn to it?
  • What exactly happened to Claire?
  • Why are the people who are eventually tied together on the island drawn together in the no-crash scenario? Are they always going to be tied together and then pulled back to the island? Is there no escaping it? If Ethan is showing up, and around Aaron too, does that it mean its the people who are important and the island itself isn’t as important as we all thought?

And I loved these moments and quotes:

  • “It’s the Others dude. They caught us…again.”
  • “No. I am not a zombie.”

This wasn’t really my favorite episode (I could have done with more Flocke and more Hurley), but it was worth to see Claire again and find out a little bit about what happened to her.

I cannot tell you how excited I was for the season premier of LOST! I was a little worried I’d have a hard time staying up for the whole thing, but I made it! I am seriously ready for some answers, especially what the deal with the light/dark thing is about, Jacob, Locke being dead but not dead, and Claire and Aaron. Also, a great deal of my note taking was done in ALL CAPS to show my shock and surprise and some of the things going on. I’m going to try to stay away from the caps lock key for this post.

That said, here’s what we learned this episode:

  • The bomb worked! Kind of. Flight 815 does land at LAX, but the Losties are also still on the island. Even Desmond makes it on the flight!
  • Ben really did kill Jacob! I wasn’t sure at the end of last season if it worked, but apparently it did.
  • Juliet is dead (sob!!) but she somehow knew the bomb worked.
  • Evidently, Jacobs not-so-friendly friend / the man pretending to be Locke is also the Smoke Monster.
  • You can keep the Smoke Monster from attacking you by drawing a circle and standing in it. If you get out of the circle, Smokey can eat you. It does look like the circle needs to be black sand or powder of some sort — gun powder?
  • Not-Locke tells Ben he wants the one thing the real Locke didn’t – to go home, which means the island isn’t actually his home.
  • Richard somehow knows Jacob and Smokey from way back when.
  • Sayid isn’t dead!

And what I still want to know:

  • How did Juliet know the bomb worked?
  • How exactly did the bomb work? And if it did work, why are the Losties still on the island?
  • Who is the man pretending to be Locke, besides the Smoke Monster of course?
  • Who are the Temple People? Are they the same as the Others? Jacob’s followers? How did a 815 survivor  become accepted by them?
  • What kind of bad things wold have happened if Sayid were dead? How much worse can things get?
  • What was Not-Locke referring to when he said  “Hello Richard. Its good to see you out of those chains.”
  • Why do things seem to be a little upside down on the alternate 815 flight? Jack is scared of flying instead of Rose and Hurley says he’s the luckiest guy on earth.
  • If alternate-Christian’s casket is missing, does that mean there are two Christian’s wandering around on the island somehow?
  • What kind of side-effects might there be to Sayid’s healing? Will he be like Ben?

And my current theory(ies):

  • When the bomb went off, it created an alternate universe/time stream where the 815 crash didn’t actually happen. However, for the crash to not happen, the crash had to happen so the Losties could go back in time and set the bomb off so the crash wouldn’t happen. So the crash can’t not happen unless the crash happened. Which is crazy, but makes sense when you’re watching Lost.
  • On a note completely unrelated to tonight’s episode — could Libby be Whidmore’s other child?

Random moments I liked / thoughts I had:

  • I adore Rose and Bernard. This is season will be sad, sad, sad if it doesn’t include a lot of them.)
  • “I think we went through time.” “How do you know that?” “White flash. Headache. Can’t hear. Happened to me before.” – Jin, Hurley, Jin
  • “Oh God, oh God. This is gross.” My thoughts exactly Hurley.
  • It was nice to see Boone Charlie and especially Claire again.
  • I’m so proud that Hurley is finally standing up to people!
  • Since last season, I have all about Sawyer and not as much about Jack. Sawyer saying he would kill Jack? Eh. I mean, I don’t want that to happen because I want the Losties to get off the island and for Sawyer and Juliet to live happily ever after, but if Jack died I don’t think I’d be overly upset.
  • “How could they know where he is? They didn’t loose your father, they just lost his body.” – John Locke (alternate)

February 2nd should be THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE (so far). Not only is it the day we’re scheduled to find out if Junie is a boy or a girl, but it’s also the LOST premiere!!

And, if Junie decides to be modest and not show off the goods, and least I’ll still have something to get excited about and ease the pain of not knowing yet.

Can you think of something to make the day better?

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