So, last we left off, we learned that Flocke (Fake Locke) is actually the Smoke Monster, and Jacob’s long-time nemesis. He apparently knows Richard from way back when, telling him “its nice to see you out of those chains.” Meanwhile, back in the Temple where the Losties are making preparations to keep Flocke out, Sayid comes back from the dead after a failed attempt at healing him. Dun-dun-dun!

So this week, we learned:

  • Something did go wrong with Sayid’s healing, and the Others run all sorts of tests on Sayid, blowing ash over him, sending an electrical current through him, putting a hot poker on him. They won’t tell Sayid why they are doing this, only that it is a test that he passes, but Lennon says after Sayid leaves that he lied; Sayid actually failed the test.
  • They tell Jack Sayid is “infected.” They give him a green pill and tell him to give it to Sayid, saying it will only work if he takes it willingly. The Temple Keeper says giving Sayid the pill is a chance to redeem himself from what he did to Sayid and the others he hurt or killed. If he doesn’t give Sayid the medicine, the infection will spread.
  • Sayid says he trusts Jack, and will take the pill if he tells him to, but Jack won’t give it to him unless he knows what’s in it. “I don’t trust myself, how’m I supposed to trust you.”
  • Jack swallows the fill himself, and Dagon tells him the pill is poison.
  • Sawyer refuses to stay in the Temple, and shoots a man before he declares he is leaving and that no one should follow him.
  • The Temple Others want Sawyer brought back, and Kate says she can find him, bring him back and convince him to stay. Jin goes with her, but both have other agendas. Jin wants to find Sun, and Kate has no intention of returning to the Temple.
  • Sawyer was keeping a box under the floorboards of his and Juliet’s house with an engagement ring in it. Now, instead of asking Juliet to marry him, he throws the ring into the ocean (Oh! My hormones!)
  • Dagon says a darkness is growing in Sayid, and once it reaches his heart, everything Sayid once was, will be gone. Dagon says it happened to his sister, WHICH MEANS CLAIRE!!!!
  • When one of the Others tries to kill Jin, a very Rousseau-looking Claire kills the others.
  • Claire and Kate spend quite a lot of time together in the no-crash senario. Kate, after forcing Claire out of the cap and getting her handcuffs removed by a mechanic, returns to pick her up and take her to the house where Aaron’s adoptive parents are supposed to be waiting. Instead, Claire is told they can’t adopt him and Claire goes into labor. Kate stays with Claire throughout her labor where we see ETHAN(!!!!) who helps ease Claire’s anxieties. Claire helps hide Kate from the police, saying she thinks Kate is innocent.

But I still want to know:

  • How many times do I have to watch Juliet die and Sawyer loose it!? My crazy hormones just can’t take it!
  • The Temple Keeper, Dagon, says he was brought to the island like everyone else. Does this mean he came on the Black Rock, or that the island has some kind of pull on him, so that he was always drawn to it?
  • What exactly happened to Claire?
  • Why are the people who are eventually tied together on the island drawn together in the no-crash scenario? Are they always going to be tied together and then pulled back to the island? Is there no escaping it? If Ethan is showing up, and around Aaron too, does that it mean its the people who are important and the island itself isn’t as important as we all thought?

And I loved these moments and quotes:

  • “It’s the Others dude. They caught us…again.”
  • “No. I am not a zombie.”

This wasn’t really my favorite episode (I could have done with more Flocke and more Hurley), but it was worth to see Claire again and find out a little bit about what happened to her.