I cannot tell you how excited I was for the season premier of LOST! I was a little worried I’d have a hard time staying up for the whole thing, but I made it! I am seriously ready for some answers, especially what the deal with the light/dark thing is about, Jacob, Locke being dead but not dead, and Claire and Aaron. Also, a great deal of my note taking was done in ALL CAPS to show my shock and surprise and some of the things going on. I’m going to try to stay away from the caps lock key for this post.

That said, here’s what we learned this episode:

  • The bomb worked! Kind of. Flight 815 does land at LAX, but the Losties are also still on the island. Even Desmond makes it on the flight!
  • Ben really did kill Jacob! I wasn’t sure at the end of last season if it worked, but apparently it did.
  • Juliet is dead (sob!!) but she somehow knew the bomb worked.
  • Evidently, Jacobs not-so-friendly friend / the man pretending to be Locke is also the Smoke Monster.
  • You can keep the Smoke Monster from attacking you by drawing a circle and standing in it. If you get out of the circle, Smokey can eat you. It does look like the circle needs to be black sand or powder of some sort — gun powder?
  • Not-Locke tells Ben he wants the one thing the real Locke didn’t – to go home, which means the island isn’t actually his home.
  • Richard somehow knows Jacob and Smokey from way back when.
  • Sayid isn’t dead!

And what I still want to know:

  • How did Juliet know the bomb worked?
  • How exactly did the bomb work? And if it did work, why are the Losties still on the island?
  • Who is the man pretending to be Locke, besides the Smoke Monster of course?
  • Who are the Temple People? Are they the same as the Others? Jacob’s followers? How did a 815 survivor  become accepted by them?
  • What kind of bad things wold have happened if Sayid were dead? How much worse can things get?
  • What was Not-Locke referring to when he said  “Hello Richard. Its good to see you out of those chains.”
  • Why do things seem to be a little upside down on the alternate 815 flight? Jack is scared of flying instead of Rose and Hurley says he’s the luckiest guy on earth.
  • If alternate-Christian’s casket is missing, does that mean there are two Christian’s wandering around on the island somehow?
  • What kind of side-effects might there be to Sayid’s healing? Will he be like Ben?

And my current theory(ies):

  • When the bomb went off, it created an alternate universe/time stream where the 815 crash didn’t actually happen. However, for the crash to not happen, the crash had to happen so the Losties could go back in time and set the bomb off so the crash wouldn’t happen. So the crash can’t not happen unless the crash happened. Which is crazy, but makes sense when you’re watching Lost.
  • On a note completely unrelated to tonight’s episode — could Libby be Whidmore’s other child?

Random moments I liked / thoughts I had:

  • I adore Rose and Bernard. This is season will be sad, sad, sad if it doesn’t include a lot of them.)
  • “I think we went through time.” “How do you know that?” “White flash. Headache. Can’t hear. Happened to me before.” – Jin, Hurley, Jin
  • “Oh God, oh God. This is gross.” My thoughts exactly Hurley.
  • It was nice to see Boone Charlie and especially Claire again.
  • I’m so proud that Hurley is finally standing up to people!
  • Since last season, I have all about Sawyer and not as much about Jack. Sawyer saying he would kill Jack? Eh. I mean, I don’t want that to happen because I want the Losties to get off the island and for Sawyer and Juliet to live happily ever after, but if Jack died I don’t think I’d be overly upset.
  • “How could they know where he is? They didn’t loose your father, they just lost his body.” – John Locke (alternate)