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Several months ago, Hubby and I decided that, after our son is born, I won’t be returning to my old job.

I’ll have a new boss, one that I’ve yet to meet. I hope he and I get along and that we work well together!

Two weeks from now, I’ll pack up my personal photos and walk out of my office for the last time.

In the meantime though, I’m working to train a college student who’ll be taking my job for the summer. After the first week of August, there may or may not be someone to do my job. I really like the girl I’m training, and I think she’ll do a great job, but its tough trying to teach someone everything you learned in 2 years in a week and a half!

I’m finding I’m missing the time in my office alone, even though its always seemed difficult to come by and short-lived. I also used a lot of my lunch break for reading blogs, and now I think that will be a thing of the past.

I suppose though, I should get used to short-lived blogging time. I have a feeling my new boss might be even less understanding about it than my current one!

Walking past this, twice a day, everyday, on my way to my office.  

I don’t think it gets much better.

I know I’ve mentioned here before that I work as a Ministry Assistant to my church’s Student Pastor, but I don’t think I’ve ever talked in detail about what all that entails.

Among my many other duties keeping track of attendance and visitors, mailings, and event planning, I also spend a good amount of time designing our various publications. Since our Student Pastor first started here in September, we’ve greatly increased our publications, and I thought you might like to see something I recently finished.

With my boss’s arrival, we’ve made several changes to the structure of our ministry, as well as the general “feel,” and we hope that our brochure for visiting students and their parents captures that.

I am super, super excited about how it turned out! Now, before you go and get all impressed with me, I did have help on this project. Because I have no access to Photoshop, I had our wonderful graphics and media person recolor and change a few elements in the major inside graphic, as well as the front graphic, which were both purchased from istockphoto. However, the text, layout and photos were all selected by me.

Basically, the project was a collaboration between myself and the graphics person, which is another reason I love my job. The team effort is all kinds of fantastic.

I’ve been a little frustrated at work lately. Don’t get me wrong, I really, really like my job, but sometimes, working under and for someone is just a little frustrating. I was ready to pull my hair out Tuesday afternoon, when I received an e-mail from my boss.

A little background to this; if you don’t know, I am the Ministry Assistant to the Student Pastor at my church. We have several series planned for Wednesday nights in the coming months, one of which uses Crayola crayons as an illustration, the other of which uses Legos as an illustration. That’s about all I know about these two series.

Enter my e-mail:

Boss: Hey, contact Lego and Crayola and see what they can do for us for our upcoming series. We need to get on this!

Me: Okay, but what do we want? Is this something specific or just a copyright question?

Boss: Call them and find out.

Me (thinking): I can’t really find out what they can do if I don’t know what we need!

Me (thinking some more): Ah! He did mention at one point he wanted a giant crayon, maybe I can find one of those!

I manage to find a giant crayon (sold through Crayola’s Easton, PA store either in person or over the phone only), and get that information. Still nothing on Lego, except I remember he wants some kind of giant sculpture.

Me: What kind of sculpture do we want from Lego?

Boss: I don’t know, just find out what they can do.

Me: It would be good if we had some details to give them when we call, even if its just a few options, because they be able to do some things and not others. The more information we give them, the more they can give us.

Boss: Just call them figure out what they can do then we can figure it out.

Me: Oooookay.

Lego Company Guy: Hi, how are you?

Me: Fine thanks. I’m calling because my boss is planning a new sermon series for our students and wants to use a 4 ½ foot tall Lego sculpture as the illustration. I don’t know what he wants, but do y’all custom make Lego designs?

Lego Company Guy: Hold on one moment, let me see what we would need to do for you in this case.

Me: Okay.

Lego Company Guy: Okay, what you would need to do is go through our Model Donations Request department. That’s an e-mail address, and it takes about 5 business days to hear back. I know that’s a little inconvenient, but right now, that’s the process we currently have set up.

Me: That sounds great – thanks so much for your help!

Me: We have to contact Lego’s Model Donations Request people through e-mail and it will take at least 5 business days to hear back from them.

Boss: Oh, so we need to know what we want before we contact them?

 Me: Yes.

Aaaaah! I could have saved myself an hour of work if he had just listened to me in the first place! My job is to make what he wants happen, and I’m happy to do that, but sometimes I need just a little bit more information than he gives me to make that happen.

* Alternatly Titled: Why It’s Sometimes Hard to Post on Mondays.

dsc03859Oh yes, its true. Last week I caused 5 VERY IMPORTANT pieces of paper to be shredded.


Moving from a manilla envelope to a box really threw me off. How come no one tole me about the switch?


The saddest part? The pieces displayed aren’t all the pieces we managed to put together, just the most important/informative parts!

I don’t talk much about my job here, usually because there’s not much to talk about! I work as an Administrative Assistant to the Youth Pastor at my church. We have over 250 students on our roll, though not that many attend our Sunday and Wednesday night programs regularly.

We have a student in our youth group who came to camp with us last year, but hasn’t been to any of our events since then. Three years ago, her mother committed suicide while they were living with her grandparents. She doesn’t have a relationship with her father, so her grandparents became her legal guardians. Last year, she had a baby she chose to give up for adoption (I wish there was a better way to say that), but is still able to see once a month. I know she loved him, and that this was very difficult for her, especially because she has friends who had babies and were able to keep them, because they had parents.

Her grandparents are wonderful, strong Christians, and I know they love their granddaughter very, very much. A few months ago, their daughter ran away from home. After being missing for about two weeks, she returned home. Yesterday, I got an e-mail from her grandmother asking me to take her off our roll, telling me that “we were wasting money on printing and postage sending her things.”

I WANT this girl to know we care about her, that we love her, that we want her to come back, no matter what she’s done. I know this means her grandmother has given up hope that her granddaughter will come back to church, come back to God. And that, simply put makes me sad. It makes me profoundly sad for a girl and a family I hardly know, for people I can do nothing for.

A lady I work with is about to become a grandmother for the 6th time! This time, however, is different from all the rest. This time, her daughter will be staying with her before and after she gives birth.

Her son-in-law is in the Air Force and stationed in Germany, but right now he is deployed. So, Donna’s daughter decided to fly in to stay with her mother while her husband is away. As I’m sure you can imagine, Donna is not prepared to have a baby in her house! So, some friends of hers, as well as the work ladies, have gotten together to throw a “grandma shower” for her to help arm her with all the things you need in a house with a new baby!

Since Donna’s daughter will eventually go home to Germany, this is all about suppling them with the things they just can’t live without, so I have a feeling I’ll be buying some diapers, but I NEED to get something cute to go along with those diapers. Here’s what I’m currently loving.


These personalized baby spoons (by Lisa Leonard) are too, too cute! They aren’t silver, like a lot of baby spoons, but stainless steel, so they’d be great for everyday use. And, since Donna already knows the name of her new grandson, they’d be a cinch to personalize!



Check out these cute onsies from MunchkinMaking’s Etsy store! That whale is just too cute!


How cute would a gift like this be? Plus, it has some baby essentials, like socks, a hat and a blankie. Plus, Gymboree has some truly adorable mokey argyle things on sale right now.

Oh, and then there’s the tried-and-true diaper cake, which is a pretty way to gift diapers, and you can include some baby essentials, like pacifiers, baby lotion, baby powder, etc. Or, even better a “loaded” diaper! I can’t wait to get creative with my baby gift!

Now that I’ve got your ovaries all worked up, what’s your favorite gift to take to a baby shower?


You know its Friday (and your FRIED. Get it?) when:

* You need to run some mail through the mailing machine. So, you walk right past it, open up the toaster oven, and are ABOUT to put the mail in it when you realize, “this will not stamp and seal my mail!”

* You have a moment of panic because you can’t remember what half of 1600 is. Then you chill out because it is, obviously, 300.

* You some how manage to, when reloading paper for a double-sided print, load 2/3 in correctly but load the bottom 1/3 incorrectly where the second side prints ON TOP OF the first.

Yeah, I’m definetly ready for the weekend!

In other news, I stumbled upon this WONDERFUL photography blog today. Most of the time I haven’t spent at work screwing things up has been spent looking through all her old posts. I’m trying to come up with an event I need her to photograph, but I can’t think of anything!

1123233_34885599Dear Lord, help me to do my work well, to have the memory of an elephant, and by some miracle to be able to do five things at once – answer four telephones while typing a letter that “must go out today.” When the letter doesn’t get signed until tomorrow, please give me the strength to keep my mouth shut.

Dear Lord, never let me lose my patience, even when the boss has me searching files for hours for the report that is later discovered on his desk.

Give me the intelligence of a college professor, although my education is limited to a high school diploma and secretarial training.

Help me to read his mind, his handwriting, and carry out all instructions without explanation.

Let me always know exactly where my boss is and when he’ll be back, even though he never tells me these things.

And Lord, when the year ends, please give me the foresight not to throw out records that will be asked for in a couple of days even though I was told emphatically, “Destroy these — they are cluttering up the place.”

 I ask these blessings, dear Lord, in the name of secretaries everywhere. Amen.

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