Okay, I have a new theory this week! So much has been made about Jacob being “good” and Flocke being “bad,” using their light and dark persona to back it up. But, if we go back to what Locke said to Walt in the first season “there are two sides, one light and one dark,” but nothing is ever said about one side being “good” or “bad.” What if Jacob and Flocke are both bad or both good or neither? What if dark and light refer to the elements each has the ability to manipulate? We see Flocke manipulating a dark matter in the Smoke Monster, and we learned last episode that Jacob manipulated light waves to spy on potential candidates. I thought this was super profound, but now that I’ve typed it up, it seems rather obvious. Oh well, on to tonight’s episode!

Interesting! Almost right away, Dogen tells Sayid that in every man is a scale, “one side of the scale there is good and on the other there is evil.” Apparently their torture device can tell which way the scale is tipped. Dogen also claims that Flocke is evil incarnate, which would seem to refute my theory, BUT I have added to that theory in light of tonight’s information!

What if what we’re seeing are two sides of the same person manifested in physical forms. All of their “good” is seen in Jacob, and all of their “bad” is seen in the Smoke Monster. What we could be seeing here are the two sides of Christian Shepherd, because I know a whole lot just has to go back to him. (Side note: does anyone remember which way the scale in the cave was tipped?)

Also interesting to note that we don’t really know what “good” and “bad” are in this situation. Are they definable by our normal standards, or are those standards for what is good somehow different on the island?

Enough of my theories, here are a few random thoughts for the night:

  • Poor Sayid can’t even win in the Sideways Flashes — he still doesn’t get to be with Nadia.
  • Sayid also meets (and kills) Keemey and then finds Jin hidden the fridge during his encounter with his brother’s extortionists. He also passes Jack in the hospital his brother was taken to. I’m loving all these side-ways run-ins!
  • According to Miles, Sayid really was dead for 2 hours, so the temple didn’t bring him back. Then what did?
  • Sayid attempts to kill Flocke, but because Flocke managed to speak before Sayid stabbed a dagger in his chest, it doesn’t work. Why would that work? Why can’t Flocke speak for it work? When are we going to get some answers about him!?
  • Kate actually returns to the temple, finds Claire and tells her she has been raising Aaron. Claire is pissed off, but Kate doesn’t seem to notice. When the Smoke Monster blows through the room, Kate is knocked over, almost into the hole with Claire, and now seems to be caught up in being on Smokie’s “side.”
  • Sayid kills Dogen (we hardly knew ye), letting in the Smoke Monster. Now everyone, including Ben, know Sayid has gone to the dark side. (Poor Ben, I like him more and more this season. Looks like next episode some not-so-good things will happen to him.)
  • Illana saves Miles, Lapidus and Sun from the Smoke Monster and Sun finds out that Jin is alive and was in the temple! We’re getting closer to a reunion!
  • Oh, and the Smoke Monster killed everyone in the temple.

EDITED TO ADD: One of the things I noticed when re-watching The Lighthouse, was that the mirror, when turned to the “Kwon” degree, reflected the temple where Jin and Sun got married. This is where Jacob showed up and talked to them. So, why would Jacob need to see the place where he already was? What if Jacob is using the cave and Smokey has been using the lighthouse? Possible, or not?