As my Hubby said last night, “what’s up with this show not answering any questions!?” Right on Hubby, right on. I could do with a serious dose of INFORMATION. Also, I ask where is the Hurley love? There were some times tonight where a little Hurley scene could have done wonders. I’m always up for a bit of comic relief, plus, the more I watch this season, the more and more I am becoming convinced that Hurley is the key. In the end, will he turn out to be? Probably not, but I’ve got to have something to sink my teeth into.

This episode was all about one of my favorites — Sawyer! I was very relieved to find out he had just stayed in Claire’s camp with Jin, while everyone else was at the temple.

On the island, Sawyer seems back to his old ways — playing everyone to get want he wants — off the island. He tells Jin he’ll help him get off the island with Sun, tells Flocke he’ll do whatever he wants, Widmore that he’ll hand Flocke over to him, and Kate that he’s not with anyone. So, is he telling anyone the truth?

In the sideways flashes, Sawyer runs into the most Losties I think anyone has so far. He’s a cop, whose partner is Miles. Miles sets Sawyer up on a date with Charlotte, who works with his dad (the date ends disastrously as well). Charlie’s brother shows up at the police station to try and get him released, and he and Miles are hit by and eventually run down Kate in a alleyway.

I definitely saw the parallels in the “present” and “flashes” in last week’s episode, but I’m not sure I get tonight’s. Sawyer was a loner in each time period — refusing to tell Miles about Sawyer and his family background in the flashes and not being straightforward with anyone about his intentions on the island. However, in the flashes Sawyer tells Miles all about hunting down Anthony Cooper (aka Sawyer) and wanting to kill him. Does that mean we’re supposed to believe him when he tells Kate: “I’m gonna let them fight it out, and when they’ve got their hands full of each other, you and me are getting the hell off this island.” I don’t know if I believe it! As much as sad, depressed because Juliet is dead, Sawyer killed my crazy hormones, I can’t believe he’s gone back to his Kate-lust so quickly.

Things I want to know:

  • If Miles’ dad works for the museum and knows Charlotte, that means he got off the island as well. So what happened to Dharama in the side-flashes? Do things change as soon as Juliet detonates the bomb?
  • Sawyer saw Kate’s handcuffs in the elevator, and still helped her, even though he’s a cop. Why? Just pure attraction or is the island/Jacob/Smokey still working to pull everyone together?
  • Locke doesn’t tell anyone other than Sawyer he’s the Smoke Monster — why tell Sawyer? I don’t think Kate realizes Flocke really isn’t Locke either — does she?
  • What’s up with Sayid? If he and Claire both have the same crazy, then why hasn’t he gone off the deep end? It seems like Claire’s gone off her rocker, but Sayid has lost all personality. Does the “darkness” work differently in different people, or does Claire not have the darkness, she was just seriously emotionally manipulated?
  • Claire does apologize to Kate, and it seems genuine — does this confirm that she was just emotionally manipulated or does it show you can beat the island crazy?
  • Did Smokey kill those people on Hydra Island? I’m thinking yes.
  • When Flocke was talking to Kate about his mother, was he talking as if he really were John Locke (after all, his mother was pretty crazy), or about himself, whoever he is. I’d like to go with himself, just because I think it’s a nice parallel between his pre-island life and John’s.
  • Flocke also asks Kate “have you ever had an enemy? Someone you needed to hate?” Does Flocke hate Jacob and his followers because he has to? We’ve seen so much of light and dark, black and white, complete opposites, it makes me wonder if they have to battle each other because its just the way things are supposed to work.

What did you think? Any great theories from this week’s episode? Do you have high hopes, like me, for next week and finally getting some answers, even if they are only about Richard?