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You know those moms who say, “isn’t this this the cutest baby in the world? That’s MY baby!” like no one has ever had a baby to compare with the cuteness of theirs? Yeah, they always got on my nerves. I mean, everyone thinks their baby is cute, its just the right thing to do. But I like to think I’m not deluded by my love for my kid to think he’s really the cutest kid to ever walk the face of this earth.

So on that note, check out the cutest picture (so far) of the cutest kid to come out of womb (so far)!

And okay, even I am loathe to call this the cutest picture of him, but it is one of my favorites. My yard sale basket, his hand crocheted blanket and a white onesie make an excellent combination. And I just love how it looks like he’s contemplating some mystery of the universe.

If you read Colton’s blog, you’ve seen this picture already, and I do try to use that as an outlet to share his adorableness, but this one, I just couldn’t resist.

He may not be the world’s most adorable baby, but he’s my baby, and I think he’s pretty darn cute.

And that’s enough for me.


Last night, I decided to play around with my still new to me camera, using Glacier as my model. She’s not the best model, mostly because she doesn’t like to sit still for me, but eventually, she resigned herself to the torture. Of these photos I took, these were my favorites:


Cousins with their grandma (my grandma is her identical twin).

With two of my cousins.

With Dad.

Day  After Thanksgiving Shoot-Out


So my great friends Beth and Elliott have been married for just over a month, and they just back their professional wedding photos! They’re such a cute couple and I loved their photos so much, I just had to share some of my favorites with you!


Our bouquets and fabulously colored shoes!

I look a tad bit crazed, but I just love this picture!


The entire Bridal Party.


This is my favorite of all their photos! Too cute!

And the groom’s favorite. :o) I loved all the plays on their well-over a foot high difference!

So long weekends throw me out of wack. I love the extra relaxation, but I have a hard time getting back in the swing of things afterwards. Hence, the super-late update on what we did with the holiday weekend.

Friday night, we babysat for some friends of ours with an 11 month-old. They had only been out once since they had Baby, so we offered to babysit so they could spend some time together. Alone. With quiet. It was fun having a baby in the house, but we are so not baby-proof! We did have some fun toys; Baby especially enjoyed playing with our magazines, dog and stairs. Hubby did stair duty:

DSC04503I did diaper changes, feeding, and everything else. For only being away from the parents once before, Baby did surprisingly well. He didn’t cry when they left, but after about 2 1/2 hours, Baby had enough and had a small meltdown. But we lived, and our friends had a great night out!

Sunday I did yard work and managed to afflict myself with poison ivy again. Hopefully I caught it early enough that I won’t have to suffer with it for over a month like last time.

On Labor Day, we drove two hours south to ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail. We took a shuttle to the top of the mountain, and road the 17 miles down.

DSC04506What? You didn’t really think I would ride that far UPHILL, did you?

DSC04514Hubby was surprised at how fast I rode, because despite going downhill, I decided I needed to peddle most of the way.

DSC04509Thanks to my bullet-like speed, we made it down in just over 2 hours. I’ve only ever ridden on paved roads, and this was dirt and gravel, so it was quite a different sensation. My bike doesn’t have shocks, so I bumped along quite a bit. My “real” mountain bike experience made me feel very adventurous!

DSC04511The scenery was fabulous as well! This was a fun ride, and one I would definitely recommend to anyone in the Tennessee, North Carolina or Virginia area.

I grew up on an island whose climate can only be described as “sub-tropical.” In high school, we thought 70 degree weather ment it was too cold to go outside and run for P.E.

But, in 1989, it snowed.


Our 3-4 inch snowfall lives in infamy as “The Great Blizzard of  ’89.” It is the first and only recorded snowfall for our area. I was 4, a few months away from being five when it snowed and remember trying to make snow angels but hitting dirt. It was not a lot of snow, but it was enough to make a little snowman and for me to wear the entirely too-short snowsuit someone had given me for Christmas two years ago. Really, who gives a kid living in a sub-tropical climate a SNOW SUIT!? I remember we couldn’t drive anywhere because our area didn’t have any snow machines, nor did many people know how to drive in the snow. I also remember wearing two pairs of socks, the kind with the lace around the ankles, and being suprised to see ice forming around them! Because we didn’t have hills or sleds, my dad pulled my brother and I around the neighborhood on a set of roof-shingle samples.

Mom18MonthsMy mom at 18 months. Check out that mohawk!

We were out late last night at Hubby’s back-to-back softball games, so I thought today would be the perfect time to share my top ten favorite photos! In no particular order:

DSC00801A perfect summer night: a wedding, a concert, a quick dip in our school’s fountain.

DSC01115I love this photo of my brother and I with our grandparents. I love the candid-ness, and the richness of the colors.

DSC02215Favorite photo from our honeymoon.

IMGP0640My sophomore year roomie took this photo out of the window of our room. Yes — this is straight out of the camera! The sky really was this fantastic color, and I haven’t seen anything like it since!

LiketsoSmile.jpgMy sweet, sweet boy. Didn’t like to smile for the camera, but I finally caught him!

n26001268_31042300_313Kiss from my PopPop on my wedding day.

School yard-play time-4Favorite photo from my first trip to Africa (Kenya).

DSC01754Favorite photo of college girls — taken during dead week, a few days before we graduated!

DSC03818Current favorite photo of me and Hubby.


Favorite photo Hubby has taken, at a 4th of July fireworks display a month and a half before he proposed.


Love lists? Check out Oh!Amanda! for more, or to get in on the fun yourself!


This is another blury gem of my mom as a newborn! My grandfather is showing off his very first child! He and my grandmother would go on to have three more children; the last one was born on the very same day, eight years after the first was born. Isn’t he a proud new dad? My mom, however, is less than enthused about all the photo taking, it would seem.


This photo is of my dad and his older brother, Ray, on a family vacation to North Carolina. I love that their wearing matching clothing, and that the Indian is wearing his headress with jeans. Evidently, my grandparents recently went back to this same area and were disapointed to see there were a ton of casinos and no Indians and bears walking the streets.

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