Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday! I feel so much better today and I’m taking my own advice to make the most of this experience because I can’t change it and my being miserable and upset won’t help anything. A new day, a new outlook! And now, on to LOST!


Actually, “a new day, a new outlook” kind of describes last night’s episode. That and, “did you feel it?” I’m not sure I felt this episode, maybe it was a little existential for me, or maybe I was just tired, but even thought it wasn’t my favorite, I think it was super, super interesting.

We finally got to see the island catch up to some of our Losties, namely Charlie, Desmond and Daniel. These memories, flashes, or whatever you want to call them seem to be triggered by a near death experience, seeing a great love, or being in circumstances that mirror what happened on the island. Interestingly, Eloise Hawking/Widmore tries to keep Desmond from pursuing Penny, telling him he already has everything he’s every wanted — Charles Widmore’s approval. Does she mean this, or is she trying to interfere for other reasons? After all, if Ben was on the island, it stands to reason that Eloise and Charles were both there at some point.

Meanwhile, back on the island, Desmond has a change of heart and decides to do whatever Widmore needs him to in order to save the island after surviving another catestrophic electromagnetic event. Why the sudden change of heart? Does he realize that, like Eloise said, all he’s really wanted is to please Widmore? Or, is it because he realizes how empty life would be if he didn’t have Penny? I’m going to go with the later.

I’m excited to see what happens as side-flashes collide with post-crash life and how everything gets brought together. Tonight’s set-up for that was really, really interesting, though I can’t imagine where the writers are going with this one.

This week I’ve been thinking about Jacob’s “gifts” and how they impact the lives of those who recieve them. Richard can’t die, neither can Jack, Hurely can see and talk to the dead, Desmond survives electromagnetic events, and Charlie can see past what seems to be the present into an alternate reality. But are all these Jacob’s gifts? We haven’t seen him step into Charlie and Desmond’s lives, have we?

I also wonder if Charlie’s on-island death is the reason he can see what the post-crash reality is, even when he isn’t living in it.

Is anyone else totally stoked about next week’s Hurley episode!? I am! What did you think of last night’s episode? Any new thoughts, theories or questions?

Thanks for hanging with me through this completely random post.