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27 weeks down, 13 to go!

All has gone well this week — while I still haven’t been sleeping as well as I did previously, I’m still not having to get up and go to the bathroom. I did have a dream this week where I had to go to the bathroom, so when I woke up I decided I should go to the bathroom. When I went though, I barely had to go! What’s up with that?

With all the warmer weather we’ve been having, I’m starting to worry that I won’t have enough spring/summer clothes. I’ve been looking around to see what I can find — I really need shirts that are either ruched on the side or have banding at the bottom — things that hang off my belly tend to make me look fat, not pregnant.

How adorable are these shorts? Hi, my name is Mary-Carolyn, and these shorts were made for me. They are the real waist style, which has me a little worried, but I think if I buy a size up from the ones I have now, I’ll be good to go.

Oh, here’s a fun milestone! I’ve finally broken down and bought bra extenders. I’m hoping they let me get some more life out of my bras, but they aren’t perfect and I’m definitely going to need new bras in the near future. I’m not sure I want to get nursing bras, since I don’t know if I’ll be able to nurse, but I might want to get one, so I have something if I am able to. Any nursing bra recommendations?

And, just for kicks, here’s a comparison picture of this week, and week 17.

Holy growing belly Batman!


How far along?: 26 weeks. That third trimester gets closer and closer every day.

Total weight gain: I’m hoping still 16!

Maternity clothes?: Yes please. Also, I am going up a size in some of these to hopefully accommodate more belly growth.

Sleep: Still pretty good. I have noticed I’m not sleeping as soundly as I was though. I sleep great from when I go to sleep to about 12 or 1, and then sleep well from whenever I fall back to sleep until about 6-ish. Not too bad, just not as good as it was.
Cravings: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.
Movement: Absolutely! He seems to move just a tad in the morning, and really likes 4 pm and 6 pm. He’ll also move some when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Gender: Little man.

Labor Signs: None, and it better stay that way for a while!

Belly Button in or out?: In, but it seems to be shallower and tighter. I’m now debating on whether or not my stomach will plug it closed!

What I miss: Nothing at this particular moment. Possibly bending down without having to make sure I’ve gone to the bathroom recently and planning my every move.

Weekly Wisdom: Focus on having a healthy lifestyle, and if you’re doing that, don’t dwell on how much weight you’ve gained!

Milestones: Hubby finally felt Junie move!!!!!!

Favorite Moments: Um, my husband finally felt his son move! I don’t think it gets better than that.

No weekly photo this week — I totally forgot to take them yesterday!

Week 25 is here!! I got an e-mil welcoming me to the third trimester earlier this week, and I freaked because I am sooo not ready for the third trimester! Luckily, I have three more weeks to hang out in the second. Whew!

Things are continuing to go well, and I have no real complaints. I am noticing that my belly is now making it a lot harder to bend over and that my center of gravity is really changing. In aerobics, if we do a lot of changing positions, its hard for me to keep up with the rest of the class and fast movements are becoming more difficult for me. This is not such a bad thing, as it means Junie is growing! I found out that I’ve gained 16 pounds so far. That’s more than I thought (or wished, rather), but according to my nurse I’m totally average.

I got to schedule my very first baby shower this week! It’s with the ladies I work with, and I’m super excited about it — I know its going to be a wonderful time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I want to get done before Junie comes. Here’s what I’m hoping to do:

  • Finish the nursery!
  • Clean and organize the basement and make an area to store baby things.
  • Freeze 7 meals and a few things to make meal-prep easier.
  • Organize the kitchen to make room for feeding baby supplies.
  • Slipcover the love seat in the den and make the room a baby-friendly place to play.
  • Stock my pantry with the quick, easy meal staples.

Junie is currently 1 pound, 10 ounces, which puts him about two days behind my due date. I’ve been feeling like he’ll come after my due date, so I finally have some evidence to support my claim! I love having ultra-sounds done and getting to see Junie. My favorite shots are of his feet. Here he is practicing his aim:

I didn’t feel this one, so I’m thinking he needs some more practice. Speaking of ultra sounds, Junie is not super cooperative during them. We had to redo our NT scan because he wouldn’t cooperate, and today’s ultra sound was a reschedule because they couldn’t see a part of his heart they needed to in the last ultra sound. We almost didn’t get this one either, but thanks to all the turning and side switching the tech had me do, we were able to force him into cooperation!

I’m now entering the 24th week of my pregnancy!

This week is a major milestone, as if Junie were born now, he has a chance of survival. Of course, we still want him cookin’ away and growing. While we want to meet him, we’re not THAT anxious too!

I’m enjoying feeling and looking pregnant, but without most of the general discomfort that comes with the end of pregnancy. I’m also feeling a lot more relaxed in general now that I can feel Junie move a bit more and there seems to be some regularity to his movements. Mostly he moves first thing in the morning and then around 6 PM. If I start to feel a little worried, I just wait for one of those times, and generally I feel him! Still nothing very strong, and still nothing Hubby can feel, but wonderful none the less.

Also, please note that I can no longer see my feet. I knew this would come super early since my feet are tiny, but gone at 24 weeks? Sadness. Also, the Ole Miss onesie was sent by one of my best friends who goes to law school there.

Recently I’ve been thinking about people’s attitude’s and outlook on pregnancy. A girl I grew up with is also pregnant, and a few weeks ahead of me and was complaining on Facebook that she hated when people asked her how she was feeling because she had to say “fine,” but she never really felt fine. She went on to say that her back was aching and her shoulders sore. Now, my general response to this question is also “fine,” but because I really do feel fine. Yes, my lower back often aches, and my neck and shoulders and usually sore, especially in the morning, from sleeping on my side, but all of that is totally normal. And totally minor, in my opinion. I feel like I want to enjoy as many pregnant moments as I can because I’ll never be pregnant with my first child, with this child again. And, for all I know, I may never be pregnant again. If I don’t enjoy it now, if I spend 9 months wanting to complain, then I feel like you miss out on some of the great things about being pregnant. I guess I just feel like some people feel like they are entitled and given a free pass to complain when they are pregnant when most of the time the blessings outweigh the not-so-great stuff. And there are things that are not so great, like shooting pain in your hip, but feeling your baby move, seeing him during an ultrasound, seeing your husband become a father and get excited picking out stuffed animals for your child, that outweighs back aches, leg cramps and pain, exhaustion, and forgetfulness.

Oh, and Hubby picking out stuffed animals (AKA Junie’s new “friends”), was super cute. He picked the dog and tiger, and I insisted on the bear. I think he’s too cute, but the tiger may be my favorite.

How far along?: 23 Weeks, almost six months.

Total weight gain: No idea. This week, I’m going to guess 12.

Maternity clothes?: Almost all the time! I still have one v-neck sweater that fits, fully buttoned that’s not maternity.

Sleep: Not too bad. Last night I woke up several times, mostly after every hour for a couple of hours. I’m hoping that was a fluke and I’ll get some good rest tonight.
Cravings: Peanut butter! I want anything with peanut butter, which, just my luck, I can’t have.
Movement: Starting to get more regular and more noticeable!

Gender: Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

Labor Signs: Still none!

Belly Button in or out?: Stretching, but still in.

What I miss: PEANUT BUTTER!!!

Weekly Wisdom: When making big, pregnancy-related decisions, pray and trust God that He can and will take care of the details, even when its scary.

Milestones: Junie has developed hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes, but its all white, like a little grandpa! His hair won’t settle on a color for a little bit longer.

Favorite Moments: Sitting with Hubby’s hand on my stomach, trying to see if he can feel Junie move (he can’t). After a while of no movement, he decided to poke my stomach, and Junie kicked back right where he had been poked!

Funny story: By now, I assume that all my youth parents know I’m pregnant. I did, after all, put it in our parent booklet and its starting to get a little noticable. We took a bunch of our students to a concert last night, and i was talking to one of the parents as we were waiting for all of the students to arrive, and she asked me why I wasn’t going. I told her that it was just a little too late for me to do right now. She said, “but its only until 10:30 or 11!!!” I told her that I used to be able to do that, but right now it was just pushing it. She looked at me in surprise and said, “You aren’t pregnant are you!?” Um yes, yes I am. Almost six months. She didn’t believe me until I took off my coat to show the bump. Which totally makes sense because I routinely tell people I’m pregnant when I’m not.

How far along?: 22 Weeks!

Total weight gain: No idea. I’m still sticking with 10.

Maternity clothes?: Yes. I think I have two, maybe three non-maternity tops that *might* fit me still though.

Sleep: Still pretty good. I’m still giving up my body pillow halfway through the night — its still comfortable for me to sleep without it.
Cravings: Gummy watermelons and Frosted Mini-Wheats.

Best moment this week: Hearing my aerobics instructor tell me that her boys (who Hubby coached in football) were dissapointed Junie wasn’t a girl because they “wanted a sister.” How cute are they!?

Movement: Yes! I am finally feeling movement and knowing its the babe, but haven’t found a pattern to it yet.

Gender: Blue and brown (to hide the dirt)

Labor Signs: None! Hopefully not for a long, long time.

Belly Button in or out?: Very much in, but starting to seem a little “stretched.”

What I miss: Today, not too much. I was missing soda, but then I bought Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper, and I am a happy girl.

Weekly Wisdom: Find a routine and ways to do things that work for you and don’t stress if that’s not what it used to be. Now, I do most of my cooking in my crockpot or on Saturday, because that’s what I have the time and energy for. This isn’t what I used to do, or what my ideal would be, but Hubby and I are still getting tasty, fairly nutritious meals, and that’s what matters.

Milestones: Junie has developed his sense of touch, and can even taste what I eat now!

Favorite Moments: Having a new maternity shirt arrive in the mail, trying it on, and seeing Hubby get excited because I really, really look pregnant to him now.

The black and white patterned seated is actually non-maternity! I wore it with one button right over my bump buttoned and was pretty pleased with the result. The black, gray and white cardigan is one of my favorite maternity purchases. I can wear it over long-sleeved shirts as just a jacket, but it also fits under my coat, so it can be another layer (which is soo needed with all the cold weather we’ve had!). I also love that I can wear it with pretty much anything.


Hubby and I are both super excited we’re having a boy! It was funny, because before our appointment, Hubby said, “I know its a girl. I’m so convinced I don’t even need them to look. I just know.” Both my parents thought it was a boy, and they were right!

Absolutely no doubt Junie is a boy!

How far along?: 21 weeks!

Total weight gain: I have no idea. 10 lbs maybe? They don’t give me an update at the doctor, and I like it that way. If there’s a problem, they’ll tell me, but otherwise, I’m not going to worry about it.

How big is Baby?: I don’t think they told me at our appointment, but I do know Junie weighs about 13 ounces and is in the 57th percentile for gestational age. Apparently, you want your baby to be between the 40th and 60th percentile — not too big, not too small, so they were happy with this.

Maternity clothes?: Mostly. I have one pair of non-maternity pants a friend gave me that are a couple of sizes bigger than I wore pre-pregnancy, and should fit for another week or two. I also have a couple of select pre-pregnancy tops that are still fitting okay, but just barely. Next week, I’m not sure they will – if how much I want to eat is any indication, we’re about to hit a growth spurt.

Stretch marks?: No new ones! Guess all that cocoa buttering is working!

Sleep?: Still pretty good. I sleep with a body pillow on my left side most of the might, then switch to my right with no body pillow for a couple of hours with a little bit of back laying thrown in to help relieve the pain in my hips. Don’t worry, I don’t lay on my back for more than a cumulative hour over the course of the evening.

Best moment this week?: Gender reveal day, cupcakes and a little bit of clothes buying!

Movement?: Not a whole lot. I felt some yesterday, one that seemed pretty strong, but none really today. What I feel is still pretty light, but they told me I should definitely feel movement and know its the baby by the end of 22 weeks.

Food cravings?: I stalked the ice cream man in the grocery store because he was getting ready to put out Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream and I had to have it, but other than that, nothing particular.

What I miss: Stomach sleeping.

What I’m looking forward to: Spilling the gender beans to friends and the rest of the family and registering with Hubby.

Milestone: Finding out that Junie is a boy!

This week you get me in my PJ’s. Last night was a late one, and I came home and immediately changed in to PJ’s, before taking my weekly photo. Oh well. Enjoy!

Today is our big 20-week ultrasound! You know, the one where maybe we can find out if Junie is a boy or a girl! I’m excited to find out, but to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be too bummed if we don’t. It just meas I’ll get to go back again sooner for another look, and I can’t complain about that!

In special honor of this day, here are reasons I would be excited if Junie were a boy or a girl:

If Junie were a boy:

1. FOOTBALL. My brother never played football growing up, but I think it would be oh-so-fun to have a little football player. Hubby could coach him!

2. I’ve always imagined boys to be “easier” than girls. I have no idea if its true or not, but at least if I had a boy, I wouldn’t have to worry about my total lack of hair doing skills.

3. Eventually having a teenager around to help with heavy lifting. And grass cutting.

4. Seeing his Daddy teach him to fix things, make thing, and be a man. Be still my heart.

5. I want a “Mama’s Boy.” Hubby has his Daddy’s Girl in our dog, and I want that! (but only for as long as its appropriate)

If Junie were a girl:

1. Have you seen today’s girl clothes? Too. Stinkin. Cute.!!!

2. Enrolling her in dance class. There isn’t much sweeter than a three year old ballerina.

3. Seeing Hubby with his “little princess.”

4. Someone to go shopping with!

5. Dolls, dollhouses, and Girl Scout cookies!

But, in all honestly, I just want Junie to be healthy! I know that no matter if Junie is a boy or a girl, he or she will be (and already is!) their own person. I may have a girl who’s into weight lifting or a boy who’s into dance. And I will still love them. I just want my child to be happy and feel good about who they are. If that’s true, then I think I’ll be happy.


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Week 20 — halfway there! OH. MY. Really? Halfway? I cannot believe it! Here’s what the bump is looking like these days:

Not too big of a change (if any) from last week, but when I got dressed yesterday, I felt HUGE. I think it was mostly the fact that the sweater didn’t “wrap around” my bump so to speak, and also the fact that it is all-over bigger than what I would normally wear, so I can wear it as I grow. Also, how cute are the bump/heart pictures? This shirt says “What’s Love” in the shape of a question mark. Its one of the three shirts designed for a new Wednesday night topic for our students at church (this one, designed by yours truly!). I couldn’t resist some photos when I put this on!

I’m still feeling really great; still tired, some soreness and heartburn, but nothing that makes me feel truly bad or super uncomfortable. The one thing looming large in my mind these days? FOOD.

Normally, I try to eat fairly healthy, but I’m not a huge veggie fan. Being pregnant, I know its super important to get lots of fruits and veggies, and lots of different variety in your diet. This is challenging for me since I’m a routine person even down to what I eat — I’ve eaten the same thing for lunch at work for over a year. So I’ve made a few small changes to my diet to try to get more fruits and veggies in and try to make sure I get a variety of foods. Here’s what I typically eat these days:


* 1 cup Multi-Grain Cheerios with skim milk OR Weight Control Quaker Oatmeal with dates (lots of antioxidants!)

* String Cheese

* Half a grapefruit

Morning Snack

* Banana


* Multi-Grain English Muffin with butter OR Chicken and Rice Soup OR Tuna

* Apple Sauce

* Grapes OR Clementines OR yogurt OR Carrots and Ranch Dressing

* Crackers OR pretzels

Afternoon Snack

* Yogurt OR Granola Bar


* This is where I try to get a lot of my veggies and variety so in a typical week, I might have: pot roast with potatoes, carrots, rice and salad; chicken pot pie with salad (LOTS of veggies!); fettucine alfredo with chicken and spinach and salad.  I do try to change dinner up quite a bit from week to week.

Post-Dinner Snack

* Ice cream. Different flavors, but always ice cream.

I also like making smoothies occasionally as a way to get more fruit, and things I typically wouldn’t eat plain, like blueberries. I’m a blueberry fan, but only in muffins, pancakes, or blended up.


Tuesday we go back to the doctor and will hopefully find out if Junie is a boy or a girl! Hubby and I have both finally decided that we’re leaning towards girl, so hopefully we’ll find out something concrete soon. I think I’m going to try to wait to announce here until Friday though. We shall see if I can hold it in though.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road folks.

I like being pregnant, mainly because, aside from being tired, I feel totally normal.

On the flip side, while I know I’m pregnant, I don’t feel pregnant in the sense that I feel like the fact that I’m going to have a baby is real.

I’m attached to the idea of having a baby, but not this baby, if that makes sense. I guess a better way to put it is that I’m excited to have a baby, but I don’t feel like there’s really one there.

Maybe I’ll feel more attached to my baby, the one that’s cooking now and not just a figmant of my imagination when I feel movement and know its the baby moving. Or maybe it will happen when I find out if Junie is a boy or a girl. Or maybe it won’t happen until Junie’s here.

And I guess I’m okay with that, but I feel like I’m supposed to feel attached, like this is really happening. Everything I read about this stage of pregnancy says I should talk to the baby. But about what? What do you say to a person you can’t feel, see, hear or touch?

My in-laws have said (though not to me or Hubby) that they don’t feel “included” in my pregnancy. I talked to my mom about this and said, “how do you make someone feel involved in something you don’t even feel involved in yourself?”

I know this feeling will get better, but I find it a little disconcerting now. I was glad when another girl in my Sunday School class, pregnancy with her second, said she never really felt like it was real until she gave birth.


That said, things this week have gone really well. I’ve worked out 4 times so far, and even did some plank work yesterday, which I was glad to be able to do again.

I *think* I’m feeling some movement, though it is very infrequent and happens mostly during aerobics when I’m laying on the floor, resting between ab work, or when I first wake up in the morning. I guess Junie wants me to get moving!

I feel like, in some tops, I’m starting to look pregnant from the front, which is kind of exciting, and helps make things feel more real.

Yesterday and today I have the worst cramps in my left leg though. Sharp, stabbing pain that was so bad I wasn’t sure I could stand on my left leg long enough to get into bed. Here’s hoping those don’t stick around too long.

When I’ve gone to the store in the past two weeks, I’ve been able to park in Stork Parking. I LOVE THIS SPOT. Generally, I like to park between the entrance and exit to the stores (two separate doors), and this spot is right in between the two, and in the front of the store. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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