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Yesterday morning, I woke up, rolled over and said to Hubby, “Today is a great day! I’ve been waiting for this day for over two, whole years!”

I forced Hubby out of bed before eight o’clock. We showered, had breakfast and then began to prepare for the great day ahead of us. Bookcases moved to another room and replaced with an entertainment cabinet, floors were vacuumed and furniture was tentatively rearranged.



Then, we got the call! Our brand new sofa would be arriving! I made Hubby sit with me and stare out the window so we could catch the truck the moment it arrived.

dsc03494Before I knew it, two wonderful men were unloading our sofa and placing it in our family room.

dsc03499Once we were happy with the placement, and the chaise and love-seat were locked together, we searched the house for the rest of the furniture we wanted in the room.


dsc03507I am in love with my new sofa, and my new room! There are a few things I want to tweak, like getting some dark chocolate brown pillows as well as some brighter green pillows for the sofa, but I am so enjoying spending time here now! The room is warm, cozy, and just seems lend itself to family time. Finally, two years later, my dream has come true!


Two weeks ago we FINALLY finished painting our family room!

Well, not really; we still have touch-up painting to do around the baseboards and fireplace moldings. The previous owners didn’t do the best job just painting the wall and not moldings, so we need to go back and touch that up, but the dark, depressing grey-green is now (almost) a thing of the past!


Our new sofa should be here by next week, and then the room will begin its final transformation! I can’t wait! I’m thinking chocolate curtins on the windows, a light, neutral rug and green accents.

With the arrival of our new sofa eminent (two weeks away!!), Hubby and I have started thinking about our “new” family room. There are two big ticket items currently on our wish-list: a 32 inch LCD TV and a new TV cabinet. We have a media cabinet that one of Hubby’s friends was replacing a few years ago that Hubby inherited, and for now, it works just fine. It has some shelves for storage and display and two covered areas to hide our junk. But, if we purchase a larger TV, our current unit can’t accommodate it. Our TV right now is 25 inches, and a 27 inch cabinet JUST BARELY might fit in. Hubby and I have been looking at traditional style armoire to house our potential new TV, but then we stumbled on this beauty:



Yes, those doors are hinged to open to 180 degrees and I am seriously in love. Hidden storage when you need it, display storage when you want it, hide the TV when you can’t stop watching and have to cut yourself off otherwise you’ll never go to work again. Gotta love it!

When we were preparing to pain our family room, I decided we should take our vent covers off so we could paint all their nooks and crannies. Our family room as four vents: 2 supply and 2 returns. Hubby had to use an exacto knife, screwdriver and hammer to remove the covers because of the copious coats of paint covering them. When was able to remove them (only making one hole in the wall!) this is what we found:

dsc03477That, right there, is FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS of dust, grime, hair, and general grossness. As far as we can tell, the returns haven’t been cleaned out since the house was built. So Hubby pulled out his new Shop-Vac, and pushed it as far down into the returns as he could to suck out all the junk.

dsc03480After the sucking, we went to Lowes to pick up new covers. This was necessary due to the gunk that was stuck to the back of the returns, and the 8 layers of paint covering them that made it impossible to remove the screws to attach them back to the wall. Hubby had to caulk the previous screw holes, because they had been completely stripped, making the holes too big for the screws. But we eventually got them covered, and now have four brand-spankin’ new vent covers. It *almost* looks like we have new duct work! Now we just have to remove, clean out and replace the rest of the ones in the house. OH boy!

Help! Now that we’ve returned from our Christmas vacation and I’ve mostly de-Christmased the house, we’re getting ready to paint our living room. We tried a color before we left, but thought it was too light. At my parents, we armed our selves with my dad’s fandex, and narrowed our choices down to three. I went to Lowes and picked up samples today, but I’m still not sure what I like. dsc03449

When looking at the fandex, Hubby and I both preferred the top color, which has a hint of green in it. But now, looking at the painted samples, I’m afraid both the top and bottom colors are too light. I want a color that has golden/yellow undertones to coordinate with our kitchen and dining room, since you see both rooms from the family room, but I’m afraid the middle color is too close to the colors we’ve already chosen. In light of that, I think the last color is the best choice, because its golden without being too close to our other colors and isn’t too light. But I just don’t know! Any ideas!


In eager anticipation of the arrival of our new sofa, Hubby and I have decided to flip our main living space (the family room) over to our front room. So, we’ll be spending at least one weekend painting our dark green room to a light shade of tan with some gold undertones. I have been wanting to paint our small rooms (all of which were once dark, light-sucking colors) much lighter. Our kitchen is yellow and our dining room is a golden color, so this will really open up the space and tie everything together, I hope!

One of my other plans is to create a wall honoring and celebrating our families. I have asked for copies of old family photos for Christmas, and have been building up a collection of silver and black frames. My mother has a wonderful picture of my great-great grandmother as well as one of her mother as a baby I can’t wait to frame! I hope when I’m finished, it will look something like this — eclectic, but elegant, only on a smaller scale. I wish I had this much space!

gasl_family_photos_06Image from

* Sung to the tune of “Oh Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel.”

Sunday, Hubby and I bought a new sofa! This is our first major furniture purchase since we got married a year and a half ago. Ours is a custom order, so it won’t arrive until late January or early February, but when it does, it should look something like this, only in a darker shade of khaki.


I never, in a million years, thought I would purchase any sort of sectional sofa! But, when I looked at how we wanted to set up our room, this seemed to make the most sense. Our TV will be on the wall perpendicular to our fireplace, and I really wanted the fireplace to remain the focal point, and also have the option of facing the fire for those nights I want to curl up with Hubby. So a sectional it was! But then, the smallest sectional available didn’t quite fit our space. Well, it fit, but if you wanted to walk and had wider hips, well, you might not make it into the dining room!

So, we went with the sofa/chaise combo. Enough room for Hubby and I to both stretch out our legs AT THE SAME TIME! We’ve been living with a love-seat, and if one of us wanted to stretch out, our legs had to be on the other person. Soon, we will actually be able to LAY DOWN. Be still my beating heart.

Still, I worry the sofa won’t be what I want. Not because I think I won’t like it, but because we spent so much money and we can’t return it if we don’t like. Knowing you don’t have the ability to change your mind makes me a lot more nervous that I will want to change my mind.

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