How true! I love Hurley, and I think everyone who watches LOST should too! I know I’ve mentioned before that the further we got into last season, and the more we get into this season, the more I think Hurley is one of the biggest pieces to the puzzle that is LOST.

In last night’s episode, everyone really does love Hurley! At least, in the no-crash time line, and Miles’s dad even awards Hugo as Man of the Year. What I think is interesting about the no-crash time line, is that Hurley has interacted with the most Losties so far, even more than Desmond. I have a feeling this is significant.

For me, one of the best parts of last night was seeing Hurley and Libby reunited. They finally got to have their beach-front picnic, and when they kissed, it brought back Hurley’s island memories. Libby said she remembered Hurley and the island when she saw him on TV, but also remembered them both being in the mental institution. What role did that play in the return of their memories? Probably none; I’m probably over thinking this.

Other notable happenings included:

1. Illana getting blown up. I thought she was an interesting character, and would liked to have seen more about what role Jacob played in her life, but I can’t say that I’ll miss her.

2. A touching scene with Hurley at Libby’s grave, asking her to come visit him.

3. Desmond and Flocke see the boy in the jungle (WHO IS HE!?), and both Desmond and Flocke can see him. Wasn’t Richard unable to see him earlier, but Sawyer could? Does this mean Desmond is also a candidate? If he is, why didn’t Jacob ask Illana to protect him?

4. Flocke takes Desmond to a well, where compass needles would spin, and pushes him down it. BUT WHY? He obviously recognizes that Desmond is special and/or important, but we still have no idea what’s important about him. Is his importance connected to what he’s doing in the non-crash reality?

5. In possibly the greatest scene of the night, Desmond runs down Locke in the school parking lot! Locke’s face after getting hit reminds me a little bit of when they first crashed on the island — does this mean all of his memories are coming back? If they are, how does Desmond know what to do to every Lostie he’s encountered so far to trigger their memories? It seems to be something slightly different with each person, so how does he know? Is it just the fact that he has his memories or is this part of what makes him special?

6. Hurley has figured out what all the creepy whispers have been! They are the voices of the dead who are stuck on island because of their actions, like Michael. Interesting, but I still have questions about this. If they are dead, then why can everyone hear the whispers? Also, if they are on the island for the bad things they did, then why is Richard’s wife there?

7. Still no Rose and Bernard. Where are they? Will we get to see them again?

Everything clear as mud? Anything that stood out to you? Can you help me clear up any of my questions?