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A few days before I gave birth (a year ago tomorrow!), I looked like this:

Then, eleven days after giving birth, I looked like this:

Oh my, I was so squishy!

Now, just a little less than a year after giving birth, I look like this (taken the day after Colton’s party):
I’m pleased! For comparison sake, here’s a never-before-seen photo of my abs the day I found out I was pregnant (at about 8 weeks).

Aaaah, flat(ish) abs! Also, the insane cropping is for decency's sake. The internet does not need to see my bra.

I obviously had flatter abs before I gave birth, but for right now, I’m pleased with where my body is. I’ve made my peace with the belly pooch and have said goodbye to the idea of ever having a totally flat stomach.

Still, I’m about 5 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight and a little more than 5 from where I’d really like to be. However, while I’ve worked out in fits and starts over the past year, I haven’t really been doing anything consistently, which makes me even more pleased with my progress. I am wanting to start exercising with regularity, and have started doing some stroller aerobics with two other friends three times a week.

Because I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in before I was pregnant, I’m not expecting to be in that kind of shape again anytime soon simply because I don’t have the kind of time to do what I used to do. I know it’s not ideal, but I’ve made my peace with not being in fantastic shape for a while (though I hope to get back there someday!). Also, I recently realized one of the reasons I was unhappy with what I look like now, is because my body has been constantly changing for the past 19 months and I honestly don’t remember what I used to look like!

Sure, I looked good before I carried another human around inside me, but I didn’t have a super model body. And I knew that, but it was hard to visualize what I really looked like and how that compares to where I am, so this post has been enlightening to put together!

And, while its taken almost a year to get mostly back to normal, my body has done it on it’s own, even without breastfeeding. It’s been a slow process, but it has happened. I’ve been doing some of it, watching what I eat, eating small-ish portions, trying to at least walk regularly, but I’ve not been doing anything specific to focus on getting back to my former body shape.

Bodies are amazing.


I’m popping back in to let you all know that I happened to spot my favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans in a drawer while putting clothes away today. As soon as I saw them, I thought, “my size 6 jeans from Old Navy are getting a little big. I wonder if these will fit?” I took off my size 6’s and held them up to my pre-pregnancy jeans. Hmm…those 4p’s are looking quite small in comparison. I prepped myself for them not to fit, pulled them on and…



The day after Colton’s 9 month birthday, I’m back in my all time favorite jeans. YES!

Except, I just noticed the center part of my button popped out. Oh well, I’m sure no one will notice.

This morning I’m wishing I had a little more variety in the size department in my closet. I’m looking for a dress to wear to a wedding this weekend and I would really love to a.) not wear my black maternity dress, and b.) have a non-maternity dress in my closet that doesn’t make me think “well, this doesn’t look horrible.”

Really, I know I’m more critical of how I look than anyone else is. In fact, most people I’ve talked to, including family members, think I’ve lost all of my weight.

I’m not totally sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, it’s nice to have people think I look good, but on the other, I feel slightly offended people think I looked like this before I was pregnant.

Honestly, I don’t feel that bad about my post-pregnancy body. I’m closing in on my pre-pregnancy weight and size, and in terms of body shape, I’m proportioned in almost exactly the same way. The parts of my body that aren’t so hot now, weren’t so hot before I was pregnant. I just genuinely wish I had a size 6 dress hanging in my¬† closet.

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