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Not sure why this is only just now posting? I wrote it before his birthday, added the photos on his birthday, and thought I published it then. Oh well, here it is!


Today you are one year old! We’ve already celebrated your birthday with all your little friends, and you had a wonderful time with your friends. Eating cake, though, was not high on your favorites list. Today we took you to try frozen yogurt (you had wild strawberry with animal crackers), which I think you liked better much better. We also took you on your first bike ride for your birthday.It was hard to tell what you thought, but I think you had a good time.

Bike riding is exhausting!

You still drag your leg when you crawl, but man can you crawl fast! You’re also becoming more confident in your cruising and will do that as well as walk with assistance with one hand. You could stand on your own, but you aren’t at all inclined to do so. You do love getting around with your walker, and can practically run with that thing!

You are starting to get more independent too. You love to brush your hair and your teeth by yourself and are more and more content to play by yourself. Your new favorite game is to push the door to room closed, wait for me to knock and open it, then close it again as soon as you see me.

You had two big days recently – one at a local park and one in the baby splash area of a local pool. At the park your friend’s big brother had a great time sliding while holding you in his lap. You loved it too! You weren’t a huge fan of the splash area (it was indoors and very loud!), but you had a great time holding onto the wall and walking yourself around.

One Year Old!

It’s hard to believe you’re one already, but I do have to admit you’re becoming a very big boy! I love you bud!


Buddy, can you believe you are 11 months old!? Mama can’t!

You have gotten soo big in the past month. Last month you were just trying to figure out crawling, now you crawl everywhere! You don’t crawl on both knees though, but drag one leg underneath you. I can hear the distinctive sound of your crawl from anywhere in the house: the slap of your hands hitting the ground and then the swish of your leg dragging underneath you. You’ve also started pulling yourself up consistently and have really been enjoying cruising around your play table and all the furniture you can reach. I really think you prefer this to crawling!

Anything is good for pulling up!

Now that you’re crawling, you’ve found your favorite room in the house – the bathroom. You like playing with the shower curtain, pulling up on the tub, trying to get into the trash and playing with the plunger.

Your enjoyment and love of books has also greatly increased since last month. You love Pat the Bunny and know how to do all of the actions in the book. Of course, turning the pages is your favorite! You also enjoy Bubbles Bubbles, That’s Not my Puppy, and Where is Baby’s Belly Button?, you are especially enjoying lift-the-flap books.

This past month you also received your first kiss from your friend Jenna (in Barnes and Noble!) and stayed with your Nona and Popa while your Dad and I spent the night in a hotel. You were better for them than you are for us!

You are getting to be such a big boy buddy and I can’t believe your first birthday party is less than a month away!

Love you Buddy!



You are ten months old now! This past month you have had lots of firsts. First, your very first tooth came through, followed by your second about a week and a half later. You also went on your first vacation to Tennessee, where you figured out how to get yourself into a sitting position, went swimming for the first time, and went to your first aquarium. You’ve also learned how to pull yourself up on some things, but you still only have a few things you can successfully pull up on. You’ve also been trying to figure out how to crawl. You’ll get up on one knee and one foot, rock forward a few times, and then fall to your stomach. You’re trying so hard! The day before you turned ten months, you signed “more” for the very first time. So far, you’ve only done it once to indicate that you do want more, but you will sign it when I ask you to show me the sign for more, and just randomly.

This past month you’ve really started to enjoy books and will sit on the floor and “read” independently happily. When you read “That’s Not My Puppy,” you know all the places to touch to feel the different textures. You also really like to read your animal book; you turn the pages and smile and point to the different animals.

You still haven’t been sleeping well, and the past few days have been crying and screaming when I put you down for a nap. We lowered your bed, but you can still pull up and will stand there and cry, waiting for me to come get you. I think you are starting to remember that you need to sleep when I lay you down now.

Getting your picture this month was also a little tough – you were much more interested in launching yourself off your chair and playing with your bear than you were in smiling for the camera!

I love you lots and lots mister!



The past month has just flown by and you month birthday has snuck up on me! Honestly, I can’t believe you’re already 8 months old – I feel like you’re still 6 1/2 months old! But, since we’ve gone to two of your friends’ first birthday parties this month, I’m forced to face the fact that you are quickly approaching your first birthday.

You still aren’t crawling or anything yet, but you do manage to roll back and forth, which scoots you up enough to reach what you want. However, you’d still much prefer for me to get you whatever it is you want!

One of the things I’ve noticed about your personality, especially since so many of your friends are girls, is that you are a total boy. You love pillow fights, soft balls dropped on your face, being outside, and all those things just scream boy to me. You also love to squeal, but it’s never directed at anyone as an attempt at conversation. Random noises = total boy.

Most of the time you’re a good eater, but sometimes you get tired of eating something. That’s when I break out the puffs and try to get you to open your mouth for a puff but stick the spoon in as well. You realize what I’m doing about 50% of the time, and will grab my hand with one hand, and try to cover your mouth with your other hand to keep me from sticking the spoon in.

You love to chew on your books instead of reading them, and adore playing with pieces of paper. I let you play with a kid’s menu at the restaurant, and before I had even looked at a page of my menu, you had soaked the paper and gotten a chunk off in your mouth. Daddy had to pry your mouth open and I had to fish out the piece of soggy, blue paper while you screamed and the table of old ladies behind us stared on in horror.

You are such a happy, easy going baby bud. Everywhere we go people look and you and say, “Oh! He is so happy! Is he always that happy?” Even when you’re tired, as long as you have an adoring audience, you’re as happy as a clam. I love that about you; you make being your mom so much fun.

Looking forward to another month of fun!


Dear Buddy,

Today it happened. You’re more than half a month old. Where has the time gone – the past month has flown by!

In your sixth month, you saw your first Christmas. You had a wonderful time playing with all your wrapping and tissue paper. Even after Christmas, you still try to grab any piece of paper or napkin you can. Speaking of grabbing, when we went to your friend Jenna’s first birthday party yesterday, you grabbed a handful of my cupcake. Seems like you’ll have no problem diving right in five months from now.

Recently, you’ve started making “ba,” “wa,” and “ma” sounds, and when you “talk” you sound like you’re having a conversation with yourself. Even though you’ve figured out new sounds, your favorite thing to do is squeal. One day, you laid on your rug and squealed for twenty minutes straight. I love that you are such a happy guy and hope you’ll always be this way.

One of the funniest things you do is get excited for bedtime. Some nights, you fall asleep when we feed you your bottle, but as soon as we put you in your bed, you’re awake and thrilled to death, squealing in delight that you get to go to bed.

You are a delight buddy. You’re energy is also exhausting, but the delight outweighs that most of the time. I’m so excited for all of the new and exciting things your 7th month has in store!




Today you are six months old! We had to brave the snow to make it to your check-up today – your half-birthday brought us a good bit of snow and ice. It also meant that Daddy could stay home to help us celebrate.

This, like every month, has been a lot of fun. You are really getting good at sitting up and are starting to prefer sitting and playing on your playmat to laying down to play. You are also much more interactive than you used to be which makes playtime a lot more fun for me.

This month you’ve seen two snowfalls (I don’t think you’re a big fan) and had your first solid food! You’ve eaten sweet potato, banana, squash and peaches. The fruits are definitely your favorites and you open your mouth for them. You will eat your veggies, but I have to get them in your mouth first, and that can prove to be quite challenging some times!

Since before you were born I’ve suspected that you might be a strong-willed child and have a dominate personality. At the pediatrician today, you did NOT want to lay down for one of your oral vaccines. The nurse told me she has never seen a baby as young as you throw a fit quite like you did. Later, you rolled your eyes at her. You’re going to be a very interesting two-year old!

You’re an active little guy! You love to jump in your doorway jumper and will entertain yourself, jumping, for well over an hour. If I put you on the floor, you roll or pull your legs up to your face and turn to your side or kick. You are always moving, even in your sleep! It seems like you get frustrated when you’re on your tummy because you want to move and can’t, so I think crawling isn’t too far in our future.

I love you buddy and can’t wait to spend the next month exploring new foods, new places and new milestones with you!


Today you are five months old! Four months was a great age: you saw your first Halloween, learning to sit up, swinging in a “big boy” swing, jumping in your jumper, your first college football game, and learning to roll over. You’ve also been perfecting your scooting, or “head crawl.” You push your head and legs back and scoot – Daddy and I think you’re too funny when you do that.

Of course, the end of this month has also had some challenges – your sleeping habits and schedule needed a big change at the end of your fourth month, but with the help of some friends, I think we finally have a handle on it. For two nights you’ve been sleeping for almost 12 hours, and you’ve taken two good naps each day too. I’ve also dropped you to eating only 4 larger bottles a day, which made me really, really nervous. You’ve taken to it so well though, and I’m so thankful that it seems we’ve found a new routine that seems to work well for you.

You are still one of the happiest babies on the planet. You cry when you’re hungry, of course, but most of the time you just babble and smile and have a great time. You’re social too – you smile at just about anyone who will talk to you when we go out, but you especially love smiling at girls. Your social personality especially comes out when you stay in a nursery setting – you won’t sleep because you don’t want to miss something happening!

Oh, and you STILL won’t roll from your belly to your back if you know I’m around. I’ve seen you do it when you don’t think I’m watching, so I know you can, but when I’m there you just cry and cry until I turn you over. You really are too funny!

Love you bunches little guy!


Colton Ray,

Today you are four months old! I think this month is going to be one of my favorites. You have really started showing your personality in the last two weeks of your third month. You’re a happy baby – you squeal with delight (oh boy is it loud!) and have actually started laughing the other night. You were working on that laugh for a long time; you still aren’t great at laughing, sometimes it sounds like a cough, but you are great at expressing when you’re really happy. You aren’t a big crier either, but lately you’ve been crying to let me know if you aren’t happy with what we’re doing.

We spend a lot of our warm afternoons outside on our deck, looking at the trees. You get this great confused/really, really focused look on your face and look all around, checking everything out. It’s one of your favorite things to do! This past month you’ve been working on sitting up, and have started sitting in your booster seat for about 15 minutes at a time. You’ve gotten very good at picking up your toys from the tray on your seat. Oh, and you’ve also started dropping them too; things are about to get interesting around here.

Recently, you’ve become quite attached to your favorite nursery worker, our music minister’s wife, Mrs. Crider. Every time I pick you up, she’s holding you. Apparently, when you were playing on the floor, she went to take care of another baby, and you did not like that one little bit. You want to keep her all to yourself!

I love you buddy, and can’t wait to see what you learn this month, and listen to you perfect your laugh.




I can’t believe you’re already three months old! The days sometimes seem long, but the months are flying by!

You are such a sweet, fun baby, and I love being with you. This month, we’ve started going to Community Bible Study and you stay in the nursery. When I drop you off you’re asleep, and while you’re there you eat and play and fall asleep on the way home. It’s nice to have some time talking to other adults and some quiet time alone, but I miss you!

You love laying on your changing table, and will coo, babble and kick for a lot longer than I want to stand and watch you! This past month, you’ve really found your hands, and love chewing on them all the time. You also hold hands with yourself, so I think you’re getting ready to really grab onto and play with things. Just yesterday, you were pulling a lovey over your head and cooing.

You’re still a little boy, but you are growing! I know it won’t be too long before your 0-3 month clothes don’t fit, and as soon as we finish the last two packs of size one diapers, we’ll move you into size twos. And, even though you’re little, you seem so grown up! You can hold your head up for about 5 minutes when you’re on your stomach, do a lot of talking, and make throaty sounds that are almost a laugh. I’m just trying to enjoy every moment and milestone that comes, and remember to be thankful that I can be home to enjoy them!



Dear Coltie-Boy,

Today you are 2 months old! You are getting soo big, little guy. You’re talking a lot more, and starting to be interested in what’s going on around you. It seems like you try soo much harder to hit the toys on your play gym, and when I walk in the room and talk to you, you always look for me.

You’ve started sleeping from about 11 PM to 6 AM, and it is WONDERFUL! At the end of your first month, you are eating about 3.5 ounce bottles 6 times a day. I worry you aren’t eating enough, but you sure do let us know when you are over eating. You arch back and scream, or purse your lips and refuse to let the bottle pass.

In your second month, you’ve experienced lots of new things. You stayed in the church nursery twice during the service, where you spit up a lot, but seemed to enjoy watching all the older boys and girls play because you never slept! You went with me on a four hour car trip and were a great traveler.

This month I’ve noticed that you are not a fan of the vacuum cleaner. If I vacuum anywhere near you when you are awake, you scream your head off. You are very content to meet new people, which makes me glad. While you are still wearing 0-3 month clothing, you only have two pairs of shorts that fit you buddy. You just don’t have the butt or tummy to hold them up.

I love hanging out with you all day. You like it when I read to you, and your favorite books are “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” “Time for Bed,” and “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” Sometimes when I sing to you you’ll “sing” along, which is soo much fun! You give me some great smiles during the day, but you’ll rarely smile for the camera.

It’s been a great month buddy. I love you!


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