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Our new office area, leading into our new bathroom.

I haven’t done an upstairs reno post in a while, mainly because other than one contractor driving me NUTS, not much has been happening. Last we saw, we had everything framed out and had passed inspection. The next step was for our wall guys to come back drywall, mud, and hang doors and trim. We were told that process would take 3-4 days.

And three weeks later, we’re still waiting for all of that to be finished.

Now, the first two days they were supposed to be working there was either a high chance of severe rain or it was actually raining. Since they had to bring the drywall into the house in order to start working, and it would get wet in the rain, they didn’t come. This was also during my miscarriage, so I was a little pleased they weren’t coming so I could have a few days of peace. So that was okay.

The drywall hanging went pretty quickly, but the mudding. Ugh. They would come and work for three hours, then leave for the day because they “couldn’t do any more work until the mud dried.” I have mudded before, so I know the mud has to dry between coats, but when I would head upstairs to look at their work, I would see large areas that had no mud on them.

Vanity area, almost ready to go.

I don’t know if they had other jobs to work on, and if so, that’s fine, but let me know! If we had known they were only working part of the day we could have brought our plumber in to work on tiling while they were gone. Also, they would routinely show up late. Which, if you can’t come to my house until 10, is fine. But please let me know so I don’t sit around waiting for you for two hours when I could be taking my toddler to the park.

Coping the molding to the ceiling is apparently causing quite the hold-up.

Now, the guys that are doing the work are actually really nice people. When they arrive, they are polite to me, nice to my dog and son, and I have no complaints about the work they accomplish. It’s just slow. As in, triple or quadruple the time-line slow. And messy. As in, dust, nails and trash everywhere. And I live here. With my toddler. And my dog. We do not like nails in our feet.

We are now on day four of door hanging, which was supposed to be 90% done on Thursday. Yeah, that job is still nowhere near 90% done, and I’ll be surprised if it is 90% done by the end of the day today.

Our storage closet doors are hung, but not finished.

Now, if these guys were the only ones working, it wouldn’t be a problem aside from just being irritating. But, our plumber and electrician don’t get paid anything until they finish their entire jobs, which they haven’t been able to finish because these guys are taking so long. And I feel bad for them.

I have a closet door that closes!

So, we’ve told the wall guys they can work today, get as far along as they can, and if they don’t finish, they can come back after the plumber and electrician finish. That actually seems to be agreeable to everyone, which I am thankful for.

One thing we have learned, is always hire guys who don’t expect any money until the entire job is complete – this motivates them to get it done. Our wall guys get paid incrementally, so they’ve already been paid for some of the work they’ve done. Of course, they won’t get paid for this part of the job until they finish, but I think having to complete the job to get any money would have really hurried things along. In fact, today they have accomplished more than they did in the last two days combined. This is working, and is advice that came straight from our plumber and electrician, who I middle school pink, puffy heart love.


We found out yesterday that we passed our inspection with flying colors. That means we should be well on our way towards tile floor and completed walls.

So, here’s the view from our new bedroom door:

This little area will eventually be home to one long desk for computing and crafting. We still have to decide on the filing cabinets to use, but eventually they’ll be here, along with some bookcases (on top of the storage cabinets) to make more use of the area under the slopped ceilings.

My new closet almost has walls and will soon have a recessed light. I might be most excited to get this space finished and plan out how the storage in this area will work. There’s a tiny nook in the back of the closet that’s fairly deep, so we need to figure out how to best utilize the space. Maybe some pull-out shoe storage?

Our little vanity area has given us a bit of a headache in the last couple of days. See the two framed out squares? They were supposed to house our oval, recessed medicine cabinets. The cabinets fit, but there was no room for a the two light fixtures closest to the wall. Hubby spent a long time trying to figure out how to make the medicine cabinets work, and we determined there was no way for them to work and have three light fixtures in the space. I really, really wanted to have the three light fixtures AND oval mirrors, so the best compromise was to loose the extra storage of the medicine cabinets and go with slightly smaller wall-mounted mirrors. That we still have to get. But at least we have a solution I can live with!

And here’s the new doorway to our bedroom and Hubs’ closet, framed out and ready for drywall. I’m hoping to eventually replace the fan. I really like having a fan in my bedroom, so I wouldn’t change that aspect, but I think we can fit slightly bigger blades in the ceiling space, and I’d really prefer a darker fan.

I have one big question though. When we’re ready for paint, do I leave the ceiling white, or paint it the same as the wall color? I’ve seen rooms with slopped ceilings painted both ways, and I like them both ways in photos, but I’m not sure what I’d like best long-term in my own space. Thoughts?

When Caroline left after her visit in February, our upstairs looked like this:

The guest bedroom will soon become part bathroom and part walk-in closet.

This part of the bathroom (yes, it's a full 3-piece bath, Caroline probably had to stand on the toilet to get this picture because it is TINY) looked boring, but clean.

A week later, Hubs had finished pulling off baseboards and he and I (along with the help of a strong friend), and cleared everything out, leaving a blank slate.

On Monday, our plumber came and started demo! After one day of work, our upstairs looked a little worse for the wear. Still, I was excited to get a project we’ve talked and dreamed about for the past four years finally get underway. It was also great to get an even better picture of what our space will look like when we’re finished.

See the areas where we still have hardwoods on the left-hand side of the photo? That will eventually be my walk-in closet! I currently have a three-foot closet, so I’m super excited to have so much space.

We’re also getting a good idea of what our shower is going to look like. It won’t be huge, but it will be a good size for a walk-in shower, I think. Since our ceilings are slopped and to maximize our shower head height, our shower head isn’t going to be centered with our floor drain. It’s only an inch or two, so I think it will hardly be noticeable.

I’ve been really happy with our plumber. He’s nice, but not overly talkative. He treats me like I know what’s going on when it comes to measurements and plumbing, but explains and shows things in a simple to understand way when I need it without being condescending. He’s also been doing a speedy job!

The framers have been a little iffy, but I like the guys who are doing the actual work, and their supervisor comes a couple of times a day to check on them. There have been some issues that have come up with them that I think shouldn’t have (in terms of the work, not as people – they are nice people, even my dog likes them!), and the work isn’t as speedy as I would have hoped, but they should be finished with the framing by Thursday. I can’t wait because the short naps caused by loudness of framing. Plumbing and electric are not always quiet, but they sure aren’t as loud as framing!

All in all, work is moving along. When we first started I thought, “everything is going to be so huge! Our bathroom will be giant!” But, now that walls are going up, I can see that things are not going to be so giant. We’ll have a lot more space than we’ve had, but giant it will not be. Still, I can’t believe we’ll be moving upstairs in just a few months!

We’re starting to finalize our decisions for our upstairs remodel, and I couldn’t be more excited. The design and decision process has been an interesting one, to say the least. The Husband and I have very different concerns and areas of focus when it comes to this project (and life in general). I want the end result to look fabulous regardless of cost, and he wants all of the stuff you don’t see (wiring, plumbing, etc) to meet his standard, for the least possible amount of money.

I really want this project to be fun and not be a source contention between the Hubs and I. Since we focus on two vastly different aspects of projects, they tend to be. Something Kim said in a post about her bathroom remodel has been stuck in my head (Kim, I have looked everywhere for this little gem you said, and I can’t find it! I know I’m not making it up!) Anyway, the gist of what she said was, “you don’t have to have your dream everything to have a bathroom you love.”

And y’all, I want plumbing that works. So, I’ve been trying to be zen and compromising about some elements. And practical too. My dream vanity for the space?


I love the simple lines of it, the more furniture-like feet at the bottom, the arch, and pretty much everything about it. At $1229, it’s quite pricey, which didn’t make Hubs happy. So, I set off in search of something I could be happy with at Lowes, our favorite big-box store, and found:


I don’t love it, but it has nice simple lines, an arch in the toe-kick, is solid wood with dovetail construction, and drawers. The drawers are a great bonus for me, since I think they’ll make keeping all our things organized much easier. And with an awesome marble top and the right hardware, I think it will end up looking great, for half the price of my “dream” vanity.

And our tile. My vision was for white subway tile on the walls and some sort of hex tile on the floors. Our plumber/tiler showed us some vintage-style tiles he had leftover from another project, and offered to give us the leftover tiles for free. They’re not totally square, and are so much more awesome than the slightly less expensive, perfectly square tiles available at Lowes. These tiles, made by Florida Tile, are made in the USA and sold through a local small business. Plus, we would only need the tiles for our wainscoting, there were enough leftover tiles for the entire shower. Decision made. We would spend a little more on those tiles.

The same local tile store and three great selections for the floor: and octagon and dot (where the dot is a square), penny rounds, and a one-inch hex tile. The tiny hex tile was my favorite, but way over budget. The octagon and dot was my husband’s favorite, and the least expensive of the three options. But, Lowes sold a similar tile, which would save us at least $200.

We talked it over with our plumber/tiler, and decided this would be a good option for us. After all, $200 would cover the cost of one faucet and one medicine cabinet. It  might not be my dream tile, but I think with a nice gray grout, it will wonderful, and I’ll be happy with it for years to come.

I’m starting to be able to see this come together, and I can’t wait. It may not have every element I’ve dreamed of, but I think it’s going to be even better than I dreamed it could be.


I’ve mentioned here and there on the blog that we plan to renovate our upstairs. In fact, that’s been the plan since we put our first offer in our home. It’s only taken us three years to be at cusp of making that plan a reality.

Our house is an 1800 (finished) square foot Cape Cod with an unfinished basement. Downstairs, we have a kitchen, dining room, living room, den, two bedrooms and a full bath with shower. The upstairs was listed at two bedrooms and a full bath, but the door from the stairs opens directly into one “bedroom” and the bath is directly off of the other bedroom, which makes the layout a little impractical for a two bedroom space. The tiny bath has a claw foot tub I adore, but is impractical in a space for adults who mostly shower, especially since the bathroom can only hold one adult at a time, unless one of them is standing in the tub.

The plan is to take the space from two technical bedrooms into a master suite, complete with shower, double sinks, and walk-in closet. Since I’ve been using part of the space for sewing and other projects, we also decided to include an office area. Thankfully, my father the architect is along for the ride, or this project would be super overwhelming.

Immediately after we moved in, my dad drew up a plan for the eventual renovation. It was awesome! But, we had just purchased a house and had no money. Then we had a kid. We still didn’t have a ton of money, but we realized we needed to re-do the upstairs to make the house work for us for as long as we planned to stay here. The time we spent living in the space was really an asset in terms of drawing up plans, because we realized we needed to tweak them so we had less closet space and some office/crafting space. The space will still be a bit “quirky” and door-heavy, but I will have a walk-in closet! And my own sink! And more storage space!

In terms of style, this was my most favorite inspiration picture:


There’s not a gosh-darned thing I don’t love about this space. Obviously, my space is not going to end up looking like this, but it’s just inspiration. The plan for our space? White subway tile for the shower and walls, white hex tile for the floors and a white vanity.

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