At long last we get another episode featuring Jacob and the Man in Black. And boy oh boy was it a good one! I think this was the most answer-centric episode we’ve ever had on LOST! So, what did we learn?

  • Jacob and the Man in Black are, as many suspected for so long, brothers.
  • Their mother, Claudia was shipwrecked on the island, separated from the rest of the survivors, and gave birth to the boys. She was then promptly killed by the woman who calls herself their mother.
  • Mother is the reason Jacob and the Man in Black can’t kill each other — apparently she “made it” that way. She also made it so they will never die.
  • The Man in Black sees his dead mother a la Hurley, and she shows him the village of the rest of the survivors and tells him she is his real mother and he comes from across the sea.
  • The Mother blindfolds the boys and takes them to a light-filled waterfall, telling them that the light is what is inside every man, in small part. Apparently the light is life, death and rebirth — “the source, the heart of the island.” She tells him that if the light goes out at this source, it goes out everywhere.
  • The Man in Black leaves Jacob and his Mother and goes to live in the village with the other survivors, searching for a way off the island, though his mother tells him he will never be able to leave, no matter what anyone has told him.
  • The Man in Black is the brains behind the donkey wheel that moves the island. He also forged the knife that has been used in attempts to kill him and Jacob.
  • Jacob and the Man in Black’s mutual animosity begins when the Man in Black kills his mother for burning his village.
  • Enraged over his mother’s death, Jacob sends the Man in Black down into the light source, causing him to turn into the Black Smoke.
  • Jacob and his mother lived in the Losties caves, and lays the bodies of his brother and mother there — Adam and Eve.
  • Even though the Man in Black can take the form of his old body before he took Locke’s, he was didn’t have an actual physical body.

Whew! That was a lot of answers to many of the important questions we’ve had about Jacob and the Man in Black. However, in true LOST fashion, it also brings up more questions! Like “Mother” said, “every questions I answer will just lead to another question.”

  • Most annoyingly, what is the Man in Black’s real name!? Is he really just called Brother?
  • Similarly, who is Mother? How did she get to the island and how is it she just makes rules like Jacob and the Man in Black can’t kill each other?
  • What’s the deal with the game? The Man in Black made the rules for the board game, but he tells Jacob, “one day you can make up your own game and everyone else will have to follow your rules.” Does that mean the “rules” that the boy in the jungle is reminding the Man in Black of are Jacob’s? Or are they the rules Mother created?
  • Is the light source the place where the temple is built? Is the light supposed to give the pool its healing powers? If so, the light is tainted!
  • I’m not sure about how the light worked with the Man in Black. My guess is it stripped his soul from him, and that’s what the Black Smoke is. But, I wonder if it kept the good part of his soul and expelled the evil, creating a being that is completely evil with no hint of light or goodness.
  • Jacob has to drink wine as part of his pledge to protect the light — how will his replacement know to do this if Jacob is “dead”?
  • We know Jacob and the Man in Black can’t actually die, so is the boy he keeps seeing on the island a reborn Jacob?
  • Why is the game so important to the Man in Black?
  • Why did Mother thank the Man in Black for killing her?
  • Why can the Man in Black see dead people and not Jacob? Why can Hurley and Sawyer see some of them too, and not Richard or Jack?

And now for some totally random thoughts:

  • Does anyone else think the Boy in Black looked a little like Zack Effron?
  • I didn’t really like the flashback to the Losties in the cave. We totally would have got that the bodies were Adam and Eve without that. Frankly, my intelligence was insulted. Anyone think there was a greater purpose to that? Thoughts on what it might be?

I cannot believe we only one new episode until the finale!