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I just need to brag on my Hubs for a minute.

Just before Christmas, I met up with a friend and her two kids at a local hotel to look at their decorated Christmas trees. While there, I noticed our local Civic Center had decorated one to promote Cirque du Soleil, which would be preforming right after my birthday.

I came home and told Hubby that was all I wanted for my birthday. I showed him where to order to the tickets, showed him a clip of the show, and reminded him that this was the present for my birthday.

Two days later, I opened my Christmas presents. Check them out:

See it in front of my new Beautiful America calendar? Those would be my tickets to Cirque du Soleil. The tickets that Hubby bought at wrapped weeks before I even knew the show was coming to our area.

Oh he is good y’all.


…to your wife, who already thinks you’re pretty crazy.

“But if we ever try to have a third kid, and we had triplets, then we would have five kids! And where would we put them!?”

…to your wife when caring for your week old son.


“What do you mean ‘uh-oh’?”

“Well, I don’t think the table is a very good place to change him.”


“Because his head just went ‘THUNK!’.”

Exciting things have been going on around Longbrake Living!

I mean, exciting things besides having a baby.

We found out less than a week after Colton was born that Hubby passed his PE!!!

He is now a Professional Engineer, which means he can stamp and seal drawings. This basically means he can be the lead engineer on projects.

This has been four and a half years in the making (you have to work under a licensed PE for at least four years to even be eligible to take the test), so needless to say I’m quite proud of the Hubs.

Of course, what do you do to celebrate such an accomplishment with a five-day-old? Have your mom bake a cake and sing “Happy PE to you,” of course!

…when you’re supposed to have a baby any moment and call him at work.

“Hey! Guess what!!?”


“Oh, no, no baby. I just wanted to tell you I picked up our curtains!”

One night, as I was getting into bed and Hubby was preparing to stay up later because A.) I’m pregnant and like to sleep 10 hours a night, and B.) Hubby needed to study for his upcoming P.E., I asked him if he loved me more now or if he loved me more when he first married me.

He didn’t really understand what I was asking, so I clarified, “Did you love me more when getting married to me and everything was exciting and new, or did he love me more now, after he had really gotten to know me and we had settled into the everyday of life together.”

“I love you the same,” he told me. “I’ve always loved you more than anything else and I’ve always been willing to jump in front of a car for you. I can’t love you more than I did when I first married you because I’ve always you’d you that much and I always will love you that much.”

Um, wow. I seriously don’t deserve him.

Y’all, I have the best husband ever. Ever. He is too good to me.

Saturday, I had to be at work at 8 am, so Hubby got up at 6 AM to make me blueberry pancakes because, “Junie told me he wanted pancakes.” He then proceeded to work on dry-walling Junie’s room until after 7 PM, after which he went to the store to get me TUMS since I was having horrible heartburn. And then he heated up my dinner. To illustrate all his hard work, here’s what the room looked like before I went to work:

And here’s what it looked like after he called it quits:

The man is fabulous: he puts up with my tiredness and picks up my slack around the house, vacuuming re-heating dinner, putting away the dishes. He may not be a big talker or even very good at talking about his feelings, but he sure is good at showing how much he cares for me and our baby.

He’s yet to miss a doctor’s appointment, and I don’t think he intends to. He listens to me when my hormones are out of control, and usually, doesn’t give me a hard time. And y’all, he has never, not once complained about picking up my slack or my needing him to run to the grocery store. Not once.

He is incredible.

I know I might be a little biased, but seriously, could Hubby get any cuter? He wanted to make sure our wonder-pup had special Christmas and felt loved, even though we weren’t with her. And, even though, let’s be honest, they probably only gave the kennel owner, not us, props.

Its been a while since I bragged on Hubby here, so I decided today was the perfect day to do some extending bragging!

Generally around here, I’m the one who comes up with a crazy idea, and Hubby does the math and all the heavy lifting and building to make it happen. His levels of handiness far surpass what I ever imaged possible when I married him.

Since we moved into our house not quite two years ago, Hubby has built several pieces of furniture for our massive deck.

He built two of these Adirondack chairs and footrests.

And one large picnic table, which can hold three people on each side, if they like each other, and two on either end, if you pull up a chair.

So Hubby really is the brains and brawn behind any project here at Longbrake Living. What about you, who is the brains and/or brawn behind what you do?

Yesterday morning I was thinking about how nice it is to have a handy hubby! Of course, then I thought of all of the things that drive me nuts about having a man who likes to relax by playing with power tools. So, this week’s Top Ten list is split:

Top Five Reasons I Love Having a Handy Hubby

1. When I want to put my Christmas tree on a wall where there’s no outlet, Hubby says “piece of cake!” and a few hours later, I have a new outlet and my Christmas tree right where I wanted it!

2. I don’t have to call a professional every time something (like my dishwasher, dryer or microwave) doesn’t work just right.

3. Its super easy to brag on your Hubby when you can say, “Oh, Hubby made all our deck furniture!”

4. I can throw in my two cents whenever I want, and change the direction of a project if needed. Plus, Hubby doesn’t get offended if I stand and watch over his shoulder!

5. Picking out Christmas and birthday gifts is always easy; tool and Lowes or Home Depot gift cards are a guaranteed hit!

Top Five Reasons My Handy Hubby Drives Me Nuts!

1. Sometimes, its easier and faster to call the professionals.

2. The mess, it never seems to end, and our wonder-dog likes to roll around in shop sawdust. Yuck.

3. All the tools needed for soo many different projects can get expensive.

4. Having a super handy Hubby makes my ability to change light bulbs, hang pictures and re-cover chair cushions seem super uh-handy.

5. I HATE all the loud noises when I’m trying to read or watch TV.

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Hubby is my all-time favorite guy. A perfect mix of serious, sarcastic, laid-back, handy and nerdy, he is the perfect complement to me. I love his strong work-ethic and the way he always loves and supports me through everything. Some of Hubby's favorite things include: hiking, Virginia Tech football, woodworking, and his family. When I married him in July 2007, I had no idea what an amazing journey we were headed on, and how I could come to love him so much more each day.

Our oldest, Colton, is three years old. He is equal parts sassy and hysterical. He loves all things train, car, bus, truck, and machine related. He has a penchant for made-up words and loves to be the clown of his pre-school class. Our younger son, Nathan, was born this May. He is pure joy and full of smiles! He is such a blessing and a perfect fit for our family.