When we left off after last week’s episode, “What Kate Did,” we got our first glimpse of Claire, on the island, looking very Rousseau-like. This week’s episode starts out with a view of the island from Smokey’s point of view, which was a little creepy. Still, I have high hopes for this episode, because I love all things Locke/Flocke. Answers are on their way!

What We Learned:

  • In the no-crash world, Locke was sent to Australia for a conference, which he doesn’t attend. Instead, he tells his boss he was doing something “personal,” and is fired.
  • In the no-crash world, Locke is planning his wedding to Helen, and seems to have a good relationship with his father, as Helen talks about bringing him with them if they decide to elope.
  • Hurley owns Locke’s company, as well as another temp agency. What doesn’t he own!?
  • Flocke keeps seeing a blond boy on the island; first when he’s talking to Richard, and again with Sawyer. Richard can’t see the boy, but Sawyer can. He tells Locke, “You know the rules. You can’t kill him.”
  • Sawyer is the only one who knows immediately that Flocke isn’t Locke, because “Locke was scared, even when he was pretending he wasn’t.”
  • According to Illana, Smokey is stuck as Locke and can’t take any other form.
  • Flocke claims he was once just a man, like Sawyer, but that he is trapped and has been trapped for so long that he can’t remember what it was like to be free.
  • Flocke takes Sawyer to a cave halfway down a sheer cliff face where we see a scale – one side holding a white rock, the other holding a black rock. Flocke throws the white rock into the ocean. But, Flocke says the real reason he took Saywer to the cave was to show him the reason everyone is on the island — their names on written on the cave’s ceiling.
  • The following names are not crossed out and have numbers written next to them: Jack (23) or Hugo (8) or Sayid (16) or (42) Kwon or (4) Locke or (15) Sawyer.
  • A candidate is someone Jacob hoped would take over his job as “protector” of the island, though Flocke claims the island is just an island and doesn’t need protecting.
  • Sawyer and Flocke decide to leave the island together.

What I Still Want to Know:

  • Really! How many times to I have to watch Juliet die!? I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!
  • Does the blond boy remind anyone else of Jacob?
  • If Richard doesn’t know what a candidate is, does that mean he never was one? Was he one and Jacob eliminated him for some reason? Can you still be alive once you’ve been eliminated as a candidate?
  • Why won’t Ben tell anyone he killed Jacob? Did he realize Jacob truly was one of the good guys?
  • Why is Richard so scared of Flocke? What does he know that we and the Losties, especially Sawyer don’t?
  • What’s up with the numbers next to people’s names? Do they have something to do with the hatch numbers?
  • How can Sawyer and Flocke get off the island? There’s no boat, no sub, no nothing. Is Flocke, who’s trapped, even able to leave the island?
  • Is the Temple List the same as the Candidate list? If Kate isn’t on either list, does that mean she’s not destined to be on the island? We know Jacob interfered in her life though, so did he just decide she wasn’t worthy? Did everyone else on the plane just end up on the island because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time?

What I Loved:

  • “Richard, I’m sorry I hit you in the throat and drug you from the beach, but I had to do something.” – Locke
  • “Here’s to bein’ dead.” – Sawyer.
  • Loved the temp agency lady and finally getting to see Rose some more. Soo sad she has cancer in the no-crash world.
  • “Weirdest damn funeral I’ve ever been to.” Lapidis.
  • “Fear not, I will make a new pot!”– Ben. European history teacher Ben reminds me of one of my college Creative Writing professors.

Random Thoughts I Had:

  • Very interesting parallel between no-crash Locke and Flocke, where Flocke tells the blond boy “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” While Locke tells Helen when talking about his walk-about “They couldn’t tell me what I can’t do.” No idea what it means, but I think its interesting. Any ideas?
  • I like the new, softer Ben who says John Locke was a far better man than he was that he was sorry he killed him. I always kind of liked Ben, even when he was creepy.
  • I am not a fan of the new, drunk, depressed Sawyer. I mean, I am still his fan, but I miss 70’s Dharma James.
  • I have a feeling the no-crash Losties are still going to end up on the island. With all the island people and Losties popping up in tonight’s episode, I think its inevitable, and kind of proves Flocke’s point about those Jacob chooses being always drawn to the island.