How Far Along: 38 weeks.

Size of Baby: Baby probably weighs close to seven pounds now. 

Gender: Girl!

Weight Gain: Closing in on 25 lbs. Not sure exactly how much. Math is hard yo.

Symptoms: Heartburn (maybe this baby will break the mold and have hair!?). Much more pelvic pain/pressure and low back pain than I had been experiencing, but again, nothing crazy.

Exercise: Not much at this point. Everything seems hard. But I am picking it up in the housework department, can that count?

Clothes: All maternity.

Cravings/Aversions: Craving cake. And frozen yogurt.

Movement: Pretty active. Baby girl seems to really like songs from Frozen and goes crazy for those.

Worries: None specifically.

Milestones: Full term! And we are officially in baby month!

Best Moment This Week:

How Far Along: 36 weeks.

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a cantaloupe, weighing in around 6 pounds. Lengths vary at this point, but I’m guessing baby girl is around 19 inches, based on her brothers’ birth lengths.

Gender: Girl!

Weight Gain: Right around 21 lbs I think.

Symptoms: Tiredness, low cramping, and some contractions.

Exercise: I’ve petered on on this. Theoretically I’d like to get back on it, but I’m not optimistic at this point.

Clothes: All maternity.

Cravings/Aversions: Pumpkin cheesecake ice cream – yuuuuuuuum!

Movement: Slow and poking. Some of the movements have gotten quite painful!

Worries: Well, I thought there was a 30% chance my water had broken Thursday night. I kept an eye on the situation, didn’t see any other signs that my water had broken after the initial incident, but then started having cramping. I called, made the decision to go in, and while I was on the way there telling my mother “I’m sure its nothing,” I felt a gush, just like what I felt when my water had broken with Nathan and I was walking the halls of the hospital, but smaller. And the cramping intensified. When I finally got a room, got on the monitors, and saw the midwife, I was having fairly regular contractions and was pretty sure THIS. WAS. IT. The midwife did two tests at the same time to see if my water had broken because I wasn’t leaking. One came back negative, one came back positive, and I was having some bleeding. At this point, there was talk of a possible ultrasound and if they would stop my labor because I was about an hour and a half from being 36 weeks. Fortunately, the contractions didn’t become more regular, and seemed to decrease as time went on, and the third test for amniotic fluid came back negative. The final verdict was that I lost my plug, which was what triggered the cramping and accounts for the gush. I’ve still had some contractions off and on, which is highly annoying. Also, I’m taking all of this as a sure sign that I’ll go two weeks over my due date.

Milestones: Less than a month until my due date. Less. Than. A. Month. This baby will be here before we know it! Also, all of baby’s systems should be fully formed at this point, which means she stands a good chance of not needing extra support should she be born early.

Best Moment This Week: Hearing baby’s heartbeat on the monitor at the hospital. I don’t usually get all worked up about it, but with having a surprise pregnancy, I sometimes forget that this is really happening, so it was sweet to sit there and listen to confirmation that this other person exists and that I’ll meet her very soon.



How Far Along: 34 weeks.

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a pineapple, weighing in at about 4.5 lbs.

Gender: Girl! 

Weight Gain: Just under 20 lbs I think. I might end up just over my 25 lb “goal,” but that’ll be okay. 

Symptoms: Nothing too bad. Starting to experience the “end of the road” tiredness and having some heartburn at night, but nothing really to complain about. 

Exercise: Some run/walking and walks with the kids. Nothing crazy and slowing down with my activity level in general due to my increased tiredness. 

Clothes: All maternity.

Cravings/Aversions: Cereal.

Movement: Movement patterns changed this past week, but lately have been back to where they were, thanks to the slight increase of sugar in my diet. 

Worries: I mentioned the change in movement to my midwife just because it was such a 180 from what it had been (morning was her most active time, and for several days I didn’t feel her move in the morning AT ALL. She still moved, just not then.) So I had a quick NST and all looked well (after I ate, of course. Apparently this child was hungry), so no real worries there now. And, I found out I can take the boys with me to the hospital when I go into labor so long as I have a second person with me and someone else to come get them. Whew! Now I don’t have to worry because no matter what happens I won’t have to leave my kids at home alone. 

Milestones: I can now say I’m having a baby NEXT MONTH. Holy. Cow.

Best Moment This Week: Ordering one of baby’s first outfits, with her monogram on it. Eeeep!

How Far Along: 32 weeks. Umm….holy cow!

Size of Baby: Baby weighs in around 4 pounds or so, and is about 19 inches long.

Gender: Girl – sugar and spice, probably a lot of spice!

Weight Gain: 18 pounds. 7 more pounds till I hit my “target” weight. 8 weeks of pregnancy left…I can do it!

Symptoms: Some hip pain, but I’ve been seeing a chiropractor, so on the whole my usual pregnancy-pain complaints are really few and far between. 

Exercise: Slowed down a little this week due to life-craziness, mostly walking with the kids. I think I’m going to hang up my running hat and stick with walking until this baby comes. My last run/walk left me feeling pretty gross and tired for two days, so I’m thinking walking is in order, and perfectly okay. 

Clothes: All maternity.

Cravings/Aversions: Ice cream. And fruit. I am eating peaches and blueberries like I’ll never eat them again. 

Movement: Still pretty consistent. Getting into bigger movements, like rolls or pushing various appendages out. 

Worries: Baby was head down at my last appointment, so I’m not worried about that. But, I am starting to stress about not knowing anyone to watch my other kids while I have this baby. Sure, we have some people who could drive and take care of the kids, but that’s looking at an hour and a half. So, we need to at least find someone who will watch them for a few hours until someone else can come…

Milestones: Baby is almost at her birth length, and is continuing to gain weight and work on practice breathing and swallowing. Also, less than two months left until we have a baby!

Best Moment This Week: We are finally starting on some preparations for this baby. We ordered a crib, mattress, and dresser (for Nathan’s clothes in the closet), and the crib has come! Its not put together, its sitting right in our entry area, but we have it. 


How Far Along: 30 weeks.

Size of Baby: Baby girl probably weighs somewhere around 3 pounds or more!

Gender: Girl – sugar and spice, probably a lot of spice!

Weight Gain: 16 pounds. I’m still about 4 pounds behind where I was with Nathan, and considering I started this pregnancy 4ish pounds heavier than I did with Nathan, that’s pretty good. I’d like to have a weight gain of 20 pounds, in an ideal world, but I don’t think that will happen now. I’d be super pleased with 25, which I think will be doable if I stay on top of diet and exercise. 

Symptoms: More hip and lower back pain. Nothing unusual, but still not too much fun. 

Exercise: I hit up the gym twice for some interval runs, which were tough going. I also did some morning walking with the boys and dog, and an evening walk with the whole family. The morning walks aren’t great exercise per se, but are better than nothing! 

Clothes: All maternity.

Cravings/Aversions: Anything sweet. As usual. And I kind of want to eat all the time, so I’m trying to remember not to eat unless I am truly hungry

Movement: Still pretty consistent. Getting into bigger movements, like rolls or pushing various appendages out. 

Worries: That baby isn’t head down. I still think she’s sideways a lot of the time based on movements, but I’m pretty awful at knowing how baby is positioned, so there’s a very good chance I’m wrong. Plus, there is still time for her to move. 

Milestones: I always feel like 30 weeks is getting super close to having a baby. There’s still over two months left, but for some reason this always feels like things are coming super quickly. Also, with my due date, we now only have one FULL month left until baby comes. Wowzer! 

Best Moment This Week: I ordered two new shirts from Ingrid and Isabel, what I would consider “high end” and way out of my budget usually. But they had a $15 shirt sale, 10% off if you liked their Facebook page, and they have free shipping both ways. They came this week, and they are SO comfy. I love that I have two things that should fit me through the end of my pregnancy and that I don’t feel like I weigh 60 pounds more than I actually do.

While I’ve talked a good bit about this pregnancy here on the blog, I don’t think I’ve every explicitly said that this pregnancy was a huge, gigantic surprise (I mean, I figure that goes without saying when you get pregnant while your baby is seven months old, but still, surprise). So, I thought I would share how we found out about our super surprise baby, since it was a pretty crazy few days in our lives.

To start with, I never had a cycle while pumping; my cycle started again right at the beginning of January (one day into my first Whole30, which I do not recommend). So, when February 1st rolled around with no cycle, I wasn’t terribly worried. “It takes awhile for these things to get back to normal,” I told myself, “I feel like it will start any day now,” I thought, and I continued with my life, never suspecting a thing. I bought some new, tight, skinny jeans for my post-Whole30 body.

Fast-forward to Feb. 6th – still nothing. Meanwhile, I’ve been sick for a week, so I go to the doctor who prescribes an antibiotic (and eye drops because I also managed to magically get PINK EYE when neither of my children, who I took with me to the doctor, had pink eye). While at the pharmacy picking up my prescription I figure I might as well buy a pregnancy test just to confirm I’m not pregnant so I can happily take my antibiotics with peace of mind. Because, surely, I am not pregnant.So, we can all imagine my surprise when my supposed to be negative pregnancy test turns out to be very, very darkly positive.

So I did what any rational woman would do when faced with a positive pregnancy test, a sleeping eight-month old, and a three year old watching TV. I freaked out. I called my husband and said, “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!?” “We aren’t doing anything,” he said. “That’s not what I meant! I meant, what am I doing to DO?” And we both freaked out a lot; I needed to talk to someone who wouldn’t freak out, so I asked him if I could call my mom.  Blessedly, she did not freak out.

And, the next day, my husband lost his job.

Of course, we know that this story has a happy ending. My husband received several job offers, selected one, and started before February was even over. And our baby is healthy, growing well, and is a girl, which was statistically unlikely. And we are excited for her arrival!

I never would have planned this. And, while I know plenty of people have unexpected pregnancies, I declared a few months before this that I would never experience one because my husband was “too cautious and terrified of that happening.” I’m pretty sure I was on God’s Comedy Channel with that one. Its been an interesting time to be sure, but its been one that’s brought me a new life verse (at least for this season of my life): Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the Lord’s purpose that prevails. -Proverbs 19:21


I’m late to the party…but Nathan is 14 months old! He continue to be the sweetest little boy in the world, and is developing a silly, fun little personality and has his own opinions (particularly about what he wants to eat). While I’m writing this he’s laying on his stomach, pushing himself backwards along the floor. 

He loves to be like everyone else. If everyone else is eating with a fork, you better give him one too. He’s actually quite good a self-feeding with a utensil! He also loves to climb anything and everything he can (and somethings he can’t); if he falls, he always manages to fall on his head. 

His favorite foods include yogurt, crackers, and any and all desserts. He also loves apple juice; if he sees a juice box he will shake with excitement until he gets to drink some. And he can take the little straw out and put it back in with ease; my future engineer has great fine motor skills!

Nathan drinks one bottle a day still, in the morning. We’re planning on cutting that soon, but I’m not sure what we’ll feed him, as he frequently has a 6-ounce bottle, yogurt, and some waffle. Or more! He also has two teeth and is walking more and more each day. He says several words: graham cracker (NOT to be confused with a regular cracker), down, outside, Mama, Dada, CoCo (for his brother — be still my heart), and uh-oh.

How Far Along: 28 weeks…a whole month has gone by…I’m an awesome blogger!

Size of Baby: Baby girl is about 2.5 pounds and 16 inches long. Both boys were 19.5 inches long at birth – not much more to grow! 

Gender: Baby Girl!

Weight Gain: 15 pounds. I think. Not too shabby. But will be up next week I know. 

Symptoms: I have been struggling with headaches, but my new midwife suggested I try to practice more “self-care,” which I have been trying to do, and that is seeming to help. Moving was hard on me, but trying to get in more rest and not worrying about unpacking at this point also seems to be helping me recover from that. Otherwise, just the general back pain and tiredness. 

Exercise: None leading up to or post move. However, we are trying to get set up at the local Y here, so hopefully I’ll be able to go later in the week. They don’t have a track, and I hate running on a treadmill, so I might just be walking, but that will be good. 

Clothes: All maternity.

Cravings/Aversions: Craving anything I didn’t cook. 

Movement: Very consistent. Sometimes I’ll think its been awhile since I’ve felt anything, but I always seem to feel some movement shortly after that.

Worries: C has a cough and has developed breathing issues to go along with that. We managed to get a refill on his inhaler yesterday, which has helped, but I’m still worried because we don’t have a doctor here yet to take him to should the situation worsen. I’m also slightly worried that the new hospital where I will deliver only has a rooming-in policy. I am a fan of sending my babies to the nursery SOME. Particularly at night. With Nathan, I sent him, asked them to bring him to me to eat in two hours, set an alarm, and if they didn’t bring him, we went and got him. I don’t think it affected breastfeeding because I was adamant about feeding him that frequently, it just helped us get better sleep. 

Milestones: Third trimester! Holy. Cow. Baby is now blinking, hiccuping, and practice breathing. 

Best Moment This Week: My parents came to help us move in and my mom brought a box of my old baby clothes with her. It also included some things my parents wore. It was so fun to go through them and pull out a few things for baby girl to wear too. 

Nathan is 13 months old! I really do feel like he is a tiny baby, but toddler-hood is fast approaching!

Like his father, Nathan is not a man of many words. He says: dada, mama, bye-bye, and uh-oh. He sometimes just uses mama for all people he likes (who give him food), which includes his dada. He signs eat and can also sign more, but usually just uses eat.

I’m shocked that Nathan isn’t walking yet. He has taken has many as three steps at a time on multiple occasions over the past month, but it just too uncertain to take more, and isn’t interested enough or confident enough to try walking consistently. He will walk holding onto someone’s hand, so I’m trying to be more conscious about walking with him. He does cruise quite a bit, so I feel like we’re on the right track for walking and that it will happen soon. 

While he doesn’t walk, he loves to climb! He has climbed our stairs, climbed into the train table drawer, climbs onto Colton’s bed, climbs in and out of his rocking chair, and can climb onto the bottom rung of our dining chairs and stand there. He also loves to jump on the sofa or in his bed, and will “jump” from sitting to my arms in the pool. He is our family’s little daredevil!

Nathan is down to two bottles a day: one in the morning and one at night. He’s only really interested in his morning bottle, so we will probably drop the night time bottle soon. Dropping his two day-time bottles was super easy. Finding solids for him to eat is not as easy. With only two teeth, there’s not much he can eat, and he already has some opinions about what he’d like to eat. Generally he eats any bread item, cheese – but only if its melted onto a bread item, banana, any crackers, one to two peanut butter crackers, yogurt, thinly sliced apple, and occasionally strawberries. He’s not a fan of pieces of cheese, any meat, or raw veggies. I end up giving him lots of baby food pouches, though I do try to only give them after I’ve offered at least some table foods. He does also love cake and ice cream! 

He is still so sweet and loves to be with people. And he loves to play! He has such a good time in our church nursery that he frequently has little interest in eating while there, and a nap is out of the question. When we get him home he’s exhausted and starving and is a mess! 

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby weighs about a pound and a half and is the size of an ear of corn. Baby is also now growing at a rate of 6 ounces a week!

Gender: Completely confirmed girl!

Weight Gain: 11 pounds. 

Symptoms: Still feeling pretty good, but it is getting HOT and that is not agreeing with me too much (mostly because I have to drink sooooo much water).

Exercise: None this week. I’m getting ready for a freezer cooking session this weekend, and that combined with a trip to our soon-to-be new town to check out preschools has pretty much consumed my life this week.

Clothes: All maternity.

Cravings/Aversions: Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream, frequently indulged.

Movement: Very consistent. Sometimes I’ll think its been awhile since I’ve felt anything, but I always seem to feel some movement shortly after that.

Worries: Moving. Which isn’t really pregnancy related, but the move is imminent, and I’m starting to freak out a little.

Milestones: Viability!!! I love this milestone; while I know so much can happen between now and delivery and that nothing is a guarantee, this milestone always makes me feel like we’re really having a baby, one that will come home and live with us and need stuff (like a crib!).

Best Moment This Week: Nothing particular comes to mind from this week. I’m just enjoying browsing girls’ clothes (so many choices, so overwhelming!) and looking at what we already have. We also ordered bedding a little while ago (we agreed on something and it was on super sale at Pottery Barn Kids, so we got a bumper, pillow insert, monogramed pillow case, and crib skirt shipped to us for what a bedding set from Target would cost. I do need two crib sheets, but I plan on picking those up from Target, which will be pretty inexpensive.), which came maybe two weeks ago, and I love it! It makes me wish we had a place to live and a bed for this child so I could set it up. But I know I have plenty of time for that.


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