How Far Along: 36 weeks.

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a cantaloupe, weighing in around 6 pounds. Lengths vary at this point, but I’m guessing baby girl is around 19 inches, based on her brothers’ birth lengths.

Gender: Girl!

Weight Gain: Right around 21 lbs I think.

Symptoms: Tiredness, low cramping, and some contractions.

Exercise: I’ve petered on on this. Theoretically I’d like to get back on it, but I’m not optimistic at this point.

Clothes: All maternity.

Cravings/Aversions: Pumpkin cheesecake ice cream – yuuuuuuuum!

Movement: Slow and poking. Some of the movements have gotten quite painful!

Worries: Well, I thought there was a 30% chance my water had broken Thursday night. I kept an eye on the situation, didn’t see any other signs that my water had broken after the initial incident, but then started having cramping. I called, made the decision to go in, and while I was on the way there telling my mother “I’m sure its nothing,” I felt a gush, just like what I felt when my water had broken with Nathan and I was walking the halls of the hospital, but smaller. And the cramping intensified. When I finally got a room, got on the monitors, and saw the midwife, I was having fairly regular contractions and was pretty sure THIS. WAS. IT. The midwife did two tests at the same time to see if my water had broken because I wasn’t leaking. One came back negative, one came back positive, and I was having some bleeding. At this point, there was talk of a possible ultrasound and if they would stop my labor because I was about an hour and a half from being 36 weeks. Fortunately, the contractions didn’t become more regular, and seemed to decrease as time went on, and the third test for amniotic fluid came back negative. The final verdict was that I lost my plug, which was what triggered the cramping and accounts for the gush. I’ve still had some contractions off and on, which is highly annoying. Also, I’m taking all of this as a sure sign that I’ll go two weeks over my due date.

Milestones: Less than a month until my due date. Less. Than. A. Month. This baby will be here before we know it! Also, all of baby’s systems should be fully formed at this point, which means she stands a good chance of not needing extra support should she be born early.

Best Moment This Week: Hearing baby’s heartbeat on the monitor at the hospital. I don’t usually get all worked up about it, but with having a surprise pregnancy, I sometimes forget that this is really happening, so it was sweet to sit there and listen to confirmation that this other person exists and that I’ll meet her very soon.