Well, I missed two of Nathan’s monthly updates (I actually wrote them, but then wordpress ate them and I never re-wrote), but to sum up: he was cute, happy, conquered big brother-hood like a champ, and continued to delight everyone he met.

One of the funniest, yet most frustrating things Nathan does currently is to throw himself on the floor in front of the cabinet where we keep food pouches and cry when he’s hungry. I don’t understand why as I’m usually in the room with him and he knows how to sign eat. I suppose he has a flair for the dramatic, which I’m sure he doesn’t get from me.

He also knows the meaning of hot. If I am cooking, he walk over to the stove, say “hot-hot,” and then blow to try and cool the stove off. He loves to go outside and will climb into the umbrella stroller we keep by the door and declare “side! side!” until someone either takes him or sufficiently distracts him. Another favorite activity is to go to the basement to play choo-choos. I try to take him down when Colton is at school, and he plays really well by himself when I feed Jillian. It is so cute to watch him climb into a chair and sit in front of the train table moving his trains back and forth. He’s recently graduated to walking around the table, but conducting from the chair was so cute.

He is not nearly as verbal at this age as Colton was, but he is more into everything; climbing chairs, tables, onto the sofa, getting into pots and pans, and those sorts of things. He’s also very socially aware and really wants to do what everyone else does. He has given up bib wearing (he will either pull it off himself, or try to until he chokes), and prefers to stand in a chair at mealtimes rather than sit in his booster seat.

As always, Nathan is a happy, social little guy!