Last month, I talked about goals and such for January and the whole of 2016. Time to check in on my progress thus far!

Towards the goal of reading 100 books this year, I read eight books in January, which puts me on track to my goal, assuming I keep up the pace. I also read one non-fiction book, another part of my reading goal. A post a favorite books should be coming soon.

I sort of crashed and burned on writing scripture daily. I made it sixteen days – and that was with doubling up in an attempt to get caught up. But, February is a new month, and I’m not looking at it as the days I missed, but choosing to see that I’ve written down sixteen more passages of scripture than I did last year.

In terms of staying active, I ran just under twenty miles for the month, which I thought was an achievable goal since I only run at the gym and the kids have to be healthy, I have to be healthy, and the weather has to be good to get there, so consistency is a problem sometimes! I added in a few weight lifting days, and did cardio at home when we were snowed in, since I couldn’t run. My nutrition could use a little fine-tuning, but I’m feeling good about where I am right now!

For February, I plan on attempting to make my bed every day. I’ve been doing this fairly well for the last two weeks, but I’d like to take the month to focus on really making it a daily habit. Not only does our room look neater when I do, but I’ve also found it helps keep my room neater in general, as I can use the bed for various sorting projects during the day, but have to put them away before I go to bed! Definitely a good habit to cultivate and keep up.