How Far Along: 38 weeks.

Size of Baby: Baby probably weighs close to seven pounds now. 

Gender: Girl!

Weight Gain: Closing in on 25 lbs. Not sure exactly how much. Math is hard yo.

Symptoms: Heartburn (maybe this baby will break the mold and have hair!?). Much more pelvic pain/pressure and low back pain than I had been experiencing, but again, nothing crazy.

Exercise: Not much at this point. Everything seems hard. But I am picking it up in the housework department, can that count?

Clothes: All maternity.

Cravings/Aversions: Craving cake. And frozen yogurt.

Movement: Pretty active. Baby girl seems to really like songs from Frozen and goes crazy for those.

Worries: None specifically.

Milestones: Full term! And we are officially in baby month!

Best Moment This Week: