I’m now entering the 24th week of my pregnancy!

This week is a major milestone, as if Junie were born now, he has a chance of survival. Of course, we still want him cookin’ away and growing. While we want to meet him, we’re not THAT anxious too!

I’m enjoying feeling and looking pregnant, but without most of the general discomfort that comes with the end of pregnancy. I’m also feeling a lot more relaxed in general now that I can feel Junie move a bit more and there seems to be some regularity to his movements. Mostly he moves first thing in the morning and then around 6 PM. If I start to feel a little worried, I just wait for one of those times, and generally I feel him! Still nothing very strong, and still nothing Hubby can feel, but wonderful none the less.

Also, please note that I can no longer see my feet. I knew this would come super early since my feet are tiny, but gone at 24 weeks? Sadness. Also, the Ole Miss onesie was sent by one of my best friends who goes to law school there.

Recently I’ve been thinking about people’s attitude’s and outlook on pregnancy. A girl I grew up with is also pregnant, and a few weeks ahead of me and was complaining on Facebook that she hated when people asked her how she was feeling because she had to say “fine,” but she never really felt fine. She went on to say that her back was aching and her shoulders sore. Now, my general response to this question is also “fine,” but because I really do feel fine. Yes, my lower back often aches, and my neck and shoulders and usually sore, especially in the morning, from sleeping on my side, but all of that is totally normal. And totally minor, in my opinion. I feel like I want to enjoy as many pregnant moments as I can because I’ll never be pregnant with my first child, with this child again. And, for all I know, I may never be pregnant again. If I don’t enjoy it now, if I spend 9 months wanting to complain, then I feel like you miss out on some of the great things about being pregnant. I guess I just feel like some people feel like they are entitled and given a free pass to complain when they are pregnant when most of the time the blessings outweigh the not-so-great stuff. And there are things that are not so great, like shooting pain in your hip, but feeling your baby move, seeing him during an ultrasound, seeing your husband become a father and get excited picking out stuffed animals for your child, that outweighs back aches, leg cramps and pain, exhaustion, and forgetfulness.

Oh, and Hubby picking out stuffed animals (AKA Junie’s new “friends”), was super cute. He picked the dog and tiger, and I insisted on the bear. I think he’s too cute, but the tiger may be my favorite.