How far along?: 22 Weeks!

Total weight gain: No idea. I’m still sticking with 10.

Maternity clothes?: Yes. I think I have two, maybe three non-maternity tops that *might* fit me still though.

Sleep: Still pretty good. I’m still giving up my body pillow halfway through the night — its still comfortable for me to sleep without it.
Cravings: Gummy watermelons and Frosted Mini-Wheats.

Best moment this week: Hearing my aerobics instructor tell me that her boys (who Hubby coached in football) were dissapointed Junie wasn’t a girl because they “wanted a sister.” How cute are they!?

Movement: Yes! I am finally feeling movement and knowing its the babe, but haven’t found a pattern to it yet.

Gender: Blue and brown (to hide the dirt)

Labor Signs: None! Hopefully not for a long, long time.

Belly Button in or out?: Very much in, but starting to seem a little “stretched.”

What I miss: Today, not too much. I was missing soda, but then I bought Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper, and I am a happy girl.

Weekly Wisdom: Find a routine and ways to do things that work for you and don’t stress if that’s not what it used to be. Now, I do most of my cooking in my crockpot or on Saturday, because that’s what I have the time and energy for. This isn’t what I used to do, or what my ideal would be, but Hubby and I are still getting tasty, fairly nutritious meals, and that’s what matters.

Milestones: Junie has developed his sense of touch, and can even taste what I eat now!

Favorite Moments: Having a new maternity shirt arrive in the mail, trying it on, and seeing Hubby get excited because I really, really look pregnant to him now.

The black and white patterned seated is actually non-maternity! I wore it with one button right over my bump buttoned and was pretty pleased with the result. The black, gray and white cardigan is one of my favorite maternity purchases. I can wear it over long-sleeved shirts as just a jacket, but it also fits under my coat, so it can be another layer (which is soo needed with all the cold weather we’ve had!). I also love that I can wear it with pretty much anything.