Here’s where the rubber meets the road folks.

I like being pregnant, mainly because, aside from being tired, I feel totally normal.

On the flip side, while I know I’m pregnant, I don’t feel pregnant in the sense that I feel like the fact that I’m going to have a baby is real.

I’m attached to the idea of having a baby, but not this baby, if that makes sense. I guess a better way to put it is that I’m excited to have a baby, but I don’t feel like there’s really one there.

Maybe I’ll feel more attached to my baby, the one that’s cooking now and not just a figmant of my imagination when I feel movement and know its the baby moving. Or maybe it will happen when I find out if Junie is a boy or a girl. Or maybe it won’t happen until Junie’s here.

And I guess I’m okay with that, but I feel like I’m supposed to feel attached, like this is really happening. Everything I read about this stage of pregnancy says I should talk to the baby. But about what? What do you say to a person you can’t feel, see, hear or touch?

My in-laws have said (though not to me or Hubby) that they don’t feel “included” in my pregnancy. I talked to my mom about this and said, “how do you make someone feel involved in something you don’t even feel involved in yourself?”

I know this feeling will get better, but I find it a little disconcerting now. I was glad when another girl in my Sunday School class, pregnancy with her second, said she never really felt like it was real until she gave birth.


That said, things this week have gone really well. I’ve worked out 4 times so far, and even did some plank work yesterday, which I was glad to be able to do again.

I *think* I’m feeling some movement, though it is very infrequent and happens mostly during aerobics when I’m laying on the floor, resting between ab work, or when I first wake up in the morning. I guess Junie wants me to get moving!

I feel like, in some tops, I’m starting to look pregnant from the front, which is kind of exciting, and helps make things feel more real.

Yesterday and today I have the worst cramps in my left leg though. Sharp, stabbing pain that was so bad I wasn’t sure I could stand on my left leg long enough to get into bed. Here’s hoping those don’t stick around too long.

When I’ve gone to the store in the past two weeks, I’ve been able to park in Stork Parking. I LOVE THIS SPOT. Generally, I like to park between the entrance and exit to the stores (two separate doors), and this spot is right in between the two, and in the front of the store. It doesn’t get much better than that.