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Recently, Hubby and I weren’t agreeing on a decision we had to make where there was no ability to compromise. I, of course, wanted my way and Hubby wanted his. I tried my powers of persuasion. Nothing. I tried arguing — he still didn’t budge. Finally, I got MAD. “Why are we even talking about this!? We’re just going to end up doing EXACTLY what you want and its not FAIR!”

Well, that little outburst ended our “discussion,” and we put aside for a little while. In the interium, I thought about it and prayed about the situation, asking that we would seek God’s will in the situation. Y’all, I really, REALLY wanted God’s will to be my way. Imagine my suprise when Hubby asked me about the situation and how I was feeling about it a few days later. I could not believe the words that came out of my mouth. I explained that I still felt the same way about the situation, but that I had decided I respected Hubby’s role as the head of the family and would honor and be content with any decision he made.

Yes, those words really did come out of my mouth, and I bet I’m just as shocked as you are. What happened next was suprising. No, Hubby to agree to handle the decision my way, but he said he was more comfortable and confident in the decision he did make


wfmwbannerkristenYou’ve heard it here all this week — I am SICK. And while I have been practically on my death bed here on the sofa (there’s a lovely butt imprint at my “spot”), Hubby had been taking care of me. This has included several runs to the grocery store, phone calls, schlepping my stuff to church, cooking my meals, cleaning the kitchen, and yes, cleaning my puke. Let’s just say it hasn’t been a stellar weekend for him (or me either, but I’m trying to make this post not about me).

I was out of town last weekend, we were both around, but working Monday, and early Tuesday morning Hubby left to go out of town for work and returned on Friday, which marked the beginning of my illness. Yeah, we haven’t seen much of each other in a week and a half.

Hubby asked me last night, after flipping through our couple’s Bible study (Dream Team), if I thought our marriage had “hit a rut.” I responded with a hasty no, but Hubby stated, “well, this past week has been pretty boring.” I conceded to that, but I thought that the past week was a pretty poor barometer of our marriage. Hubby agreed, and I continued getting ready for bed.

But, as I’ve thought about it, I can see how easy it would be to fall into thinking that you’re just having an “off week.” Then, an “off week” becomes “that’s just how we are,” and before you know it, you have a stagnant, boring marriage.

I spent a TON of time with Hubby this weekend, but I didn’t talk to him, I didn’t consider his needs. To be honest, it would be easy to live this way most of the time because it doesn’t take any effort. I know this doesn’t come as a shock to anyone who’s been married several years, but this was the very first time I’ve really the reality of what a lack of effort can do to a marriage. So, what works for me this week is remembering, each day, to put effort into serving, loving, and communicating with my Hubby.

To learn more about what works for others, Check out We Are THAT Family.

I went out of town this past weekend and left Hubby to himself. We were looking forward to a TV-free week to enjoy spending time with each other. This afternoon, Hubby was asked to go to DC for work, and will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning. He expects to be gone until late Thursday or Friday.

I’m glad Hubby has a great job and enjoys what he does. I’m also glad his company trusts his work enough to send him on field work like this, but I wish it didn’t have to be this week!

Wednesday was Hubby’s birthday! Happy 26th honey! Because his birthday was in the middle of the week, and because I’m going out of town this weekend, we celebrated with Hubby’s family (parents, brother and sister-in-law) Saturday.

Hubby’s family all went in together and bought him a three burner gas grill! He’s wanted one for a while now, so he is really excited. I can’t wait to grill kabobs, veggies, hamburgers, and, of course, steaks! Is it spring yet?

I got Hubby our new media cabinet and Indian Jones and the Last Crusade. And I made him a cake. His request was for “chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.” So I made him this cake, but used dark chocolate cocoa. Its a tasty, moist and easy cake — I liked it better than the cake I made last year, which required melting chocolate and all kinds of stuff.

dsc03644I had a hard time splitting the two layers in half, so I’m obviously not going to be invited to the Food Network anytime soon. Good thing life’s not all about looks, right? And icing hides a multitude of sins.

dsc03645See? You can’t tell where the giant crack in the top layer is, can you? Gotta love a rich, chocolaty icing!

One of my favorite projects we’ve done over the past year has been a project I had NOTHING to do with. Maybe that’s why I enjoy it soo much!

Hubby began this project before we moved into our house, but it was slow going as he had to drive 30 minutes to his parents to work when I was working Saturday’s at Ann Taylor LOFT.

What was he working on? Adirondack chairs!

He found plans for a chair and footstool online, and worked hard to create two chairs from scratch. This fall, he had finally finished all four pieces, and stained them. Now we have two oversized adirondack chairs and footstools on our deck!


Thanks Hubby! I love my relaxing spot to sit and watch Glacier, eat, and curl up and read a book! Can you see that the arms and nice and wide to accomodate arms AND a glass of lemonade?

Last night, I bet Hubby $10 that I could do more crunches than him. At first, he seemed reluctant to take me up on my bet. I must note that I had just watched him poop out at about 20 crunches, and thought I could beat him easily.

He eventually took me up on the bet, and I told him he had to go first. He began crunching, and I began counting. When I got to 35 I was worried that my chances of winning had slipped away. 40…50, but then his pace started slowing. By 58 he had taken a rest, so I decided to cut him off.

I had done 25 crunches earlier, and thought that was my maximum, so I was worried I was going down, but gave it a shot anyway. I was hurting at 30, but kept going and soon started to find my crunching stride. Oh yeah, my little ab muscles carried me all the way to 60 crunches!

Now, I’ll definitely push myself harder int he gym. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition with your husband to keep your work out into high gear!

When I read other people’s blogs, I love for them to have a side bar or some other page where I can read little bios about their Hubby, kids, pets, etc. that way, I know who everyone is! So, I thought I make a nice little page like that for my blog. Hubby gets to be featured first, because I like him best!


Hubby giving his carefully practiced speech at his brother’s wedding this summer.

Interestingly enough, though, is that Hubby doesn’t read my blog. He knows I have one, but I won’t tell him the address yet. I don’t know how I feel about him reading it, but he wants to be able to so he can get gift ideas and figure out what kind of thoughtful things I want him to do for me. Maybe I should send him the link!

When Hubby was born, his older brother thought (for some reason I cannot fathom) he was going to have a duck for a brother. He was quite disappointed to discover he had a baby and not a duck. I’ve tried to capitalize on this by coming up with the endearing nickname of “Ducky,” but it hasn’t stuck.

Our dog loves Hubby, Hubby loves our dog, even though I was the one who really, REALLY wanted a dog. One night, I mentioned that we really should get a nail clipper for the dog since her nails were getting long, and Hubby said, “Oh, I’ve already got one. I’ve been clipping her nails for a while now.” He’s totally in love with her, but he might not admit it.

He’s super, super handy. Since we’ve moved in to our house, Hubby has: installed a new light switch in the kitchen, installed new grounded electrical outlets in the kitchen and living room, demolished kitchen cabinets, built two Adirondack chairs and footstools (FROM SCRATCH), created and installed a closet organizer for me (again, FROM SCRATCH, with just a big pile of wood and some nails), helped me paint the kitchen and dining room, installed more insulation in our attic, and probably some other awesome stuff I can’t remember!

Hubby cooks pancakes every weekend. He makes them from scratch, and in vary flavors from buttermilk, to pumpkin to banana. Yum! Once, he even brought them to be in bed! Now that’s true love.

Just a 20-something girl living on the East Coast, trying to figure out life. I'm a wife and mom to two. I'm trying to rediscover my love for long walks, yoga and pilates. But not hiking. I still don't like hills. I was raised at the beach, but I don't like the beach. I like to look at it, but I don't like to swim in it, I'd prefer a pool, thanks. I'm just trying to become the best person I can be -- the woman God wants me to be. That's easier said than done!

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Hubby is my all-time favorite guy. A perfect mix of serious, sarcastic, laid-back, handy and nerdy, he is the perfect complement to me. I love his strong work-ethic and the way he always loves and supports me through everything. Some of Hubby's favorite things include: hiking, Virginia Tech football, woodworking, and his family. When I married him in July 2007, I had no idea what an amazing journey we were headed on, and how I could come to love him so much more each day.

Our oldest, Colton, is three years old. He is equal parts sassy and hysterical. He loves all things train, car, bus, truck, and machine related. He has a penchant for made-up words and loves to be the clown of his pre-school class. Our younger son, Nathan, was born this May. He is pure joy and full of smiles! He is such a blessing and a perfect fit for our family.