Its been a while since I bragged on Hubby here, so I decided today was the perfect day to do some extending bragging!

Generally around here, I’m the one who comes up with a crazy idea, and Hubby does the math and all the heavy lifting and building to make it happen. His levels of handiness far surpass what I ever imaged possible when I married him.

Since we moved into our house not quite two years ago, Hubby has built several pieces of furniture for our massive deck.

He built two of these Adirondack chairs and footrests.

And one large picnic table, which can hold three people on each side, if they like each other, and two on either end, if you pull up a chair.

So Hubby really is the brains and brawn behind any project here at Longbrake Living. What about you, who is the brains and/or brawn behind what you do?