One night, as I was getting into bed and Hubby was preparing to stay up later because A.) I’m pregnant and like to sleep 10 hours a night, and B.) Hubby needed to study for his upcoming P.E., I asked him if he loved me more now or if he loved me more when he first married me.

He didn’t really understand what I was asking, so I clarified, “Did you love me more when getting married to me and everything was exciting and new, or did he love me more now, after he had really gotten to know me and we had settled into the everyday of life together.”

“I love you the same,” he told me. “I’ve always loved you more than anything else and I’ve always been willing to jump in front of a car for you. I can’t love you more than I did when I first married you because I’ve always you’d you that much and I always will love you that much.”

Um, wow. I seriously don’t deserve him.