Yesterday morning I was thinking about how nice it is to have a handy hubby! Of course, then I thought of all of the things that drive me nuts about having a man who likes to relax by playing with power tools. So, this week’s Top Ten list is split:

Top Five Reasons I Love Having a Handy Hubby

1. When I want to put my Christmas tree on a wall where there’s no outlet, Hubby says “piece of cake!” and a few hours later, I have a new outlet and my Christmas tree right where I wanted it!

2. I don’t have to call a professional every time something (like my dishwasher, dryer or microwave) doesn’t work just right.

3. Its super easy to brag on your Hubby when you can say, “Oh, Hubby made all our deck furniture!”

4. I can throw in my two cents whenever I want, and change the direction of a project if needed. Plus, Hubby doesn’t get offended if I stand and watch over his shoulder!

5. Picking out Christmas and birthday gifts is always easy; tool and Lowes or Home Depot gift cards are a guaranteed hit!

Top Five Reasons My Handy Hubby Drives Me Nuts!

1. Sometimes, its easier and faster to call the professionals.

2. The mess, it never seems to end, and our wonder-dog likes to roll around in shop sawdust. Yuck.

3. All the tools needed for soo many different projects can get expensive.

4. Having a super handy Hubby makes my ability to change light bulbs, hang pictures and re-cover chair cushions seem super uh-handy.

5. I HATE all the loud noises when I’m trying to read or watch TV.