I’m late to the party…but Nathan is 14 months old! He continue to be the sweetest little boy in the world, and is developing a silly, fun little personality and has his own opinions (particularly about what he wants to eat). While I’m writing this he’s laying on his stomach, pushing himself backwards along the floor. 

He loves to be like everyone else. If everyone else is eating with a fork, you better give him one too. He’s actually quite good a self-feeding with a utensil! He also loves to climb anything and everything he can (and somethings he can’t); if he falls, he always manages to fall on his head. 

His favorite foods include yogurt, crackers, and any and all desserts. He also loves apple juice; if he sees a juice box he will shake with excitement until he gets to drink some. And he can take the little straw out and put it back in with ease; my future engineer has great fine motor skills!

Nathan drinks one bottle a day still, in the morning. We’re planning on cutting that soon, but I’m not sure what we’ll feed him, as he frequently has a 6-ounce bottle, yogurt, and some waffle. Or more! He also has two teeth and is walking more and more each day. He says several words: graham cracker (NOT to be confused with a regular cracker), down, outside, Mama, Dada, CoCo (for his brother — be still my heart), and uh-oh.