Can I just say that watching Lost at night, during a wind and hail storm, in the dark, when I’m home alone is pretty creepy. There were a couple of times where I seriously thought someone was trying to come in, or that I would be rapped and killed and poor hubby would have to look and crime scene photos of me all bloody. Yeah, Lost can really mess with your mind.

Now, on to tonight’s episode!

I’m surprisingly kind of bummed about Charlotte’s death, but I have to say it was not at all un-expected. I mean really, who didn’t see that coming from the first episode this season? I was surprised to learn that when she was a child living with Dharma, Daniel told her if she ever came back to the island she would die. Or, at least someone who might have been Daniel told her.

I’m back to wanting to like Daniel, but I just don’t trust him. Maybe he found Charlotte as a girl and tried to warn her not to come back to the island to save her life. I’m just not sure. He still creeps me out, and so does his mother, Mrs. Hawking.

I love how things are coming full circle this season. For example, we see Jin lead Rousseau and her group to the radio tower, which later is one of the Losties’ clues to the mysteries of the island. Cool huh?

I also liked that the smoke monster was back this episode. Its been awhile since we’ve seen in since Ben has disarmed it, and I’m interested in learning more about how it works. For example, why does the monster make Rousseau’s friends sick? And what kind of illness makes you want to kill your baby’s mom? What did they know that we don’t?

I was excited to see my theory about how long people have been on the island based on the time between their nosebleeds confirmed tonight. I thought Charlotte would have had to have been on the island for 10 or more years, Miles about 4, we know Juliet has been there for about three, three and a half, and Sawyer and the rest of the Losties have been around for 108 days, plus however many days they’ve been time flashing. This seems to be about right based on what we learned about Charlotte’s past this episode. I hope we learn more about Miles next!

When Locke was down in the Orchid, I was surprised at how weak and screamy he was. I mean, he walked around the island with a freaking hole in his stomach and wasn’t as whiny! Also, Locke didn’t have to push the wheel as far to move the island as Ben did. I wonder if that means anything?

At the very end, Ben looked surprised that Desmond was there, and he also looked surprised that Desmond called Mrs. Hawking Daniel’s mom. I’m sure Ben knows about their connections, assuming there is one, but I wonder how Desmond’s surprise appearance is going to play out.