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This past weekend, my family met up with Caroline and Joseph for a fall photo shoot. We met at a park in Buena Vista (note: do not pronounce Buena as you would in Spanish, no, you must pronounce it Boona, because we are rednecks.), and drove down a long, twisty road to a sweet little waterfall. Hubby was glad we had already met up with Caroline, because otherwise he said he would have worried we were driving to meet some creepy child-nappers with guns who would steal Colton and leave us for dead. Good to know I’m not the only one with an over-active imagination.

Anyway, Caroline sent me the link to look at all 800,000 (I kid, but it was a lot) pictures, and now I am compelled to share with you some of my favorites (not already posted on Caroline’s blog):

I love him.

This is a framer. I love the rushing water, and Colton’s expression is classic him; he makes this face all the time.

Colton’s face is a little fuzzy here, and he looks annoyed, but I love absolutely everything about this picture. Everything.

Why won’t you people feed me?

I have no idea what was so funny, but I love this picture. I wanted something just like this, that felt just like a regular moment out of everyday life, and this is it.

We were trying to curl our toes like Colton. I’m not too good at it.

Look Mom, a leaf!

This is my child. I think this photo totally captures him and his personality.

Thanks again Caroline for taking these photos for us! We love them and I can’t wait to get some up on our walls! We’re doing this every three months right? I mean, we need Christmas photos, 9 month photos, 1st birthday photos…But really, we had a great time. Thanks again!


Recently, Colton had some 3 month portraits taken. I’ve only seen a few on the photographer’s camera so far, but I think the boy was having a cute day.

But Caroline is doing family photos for us in just a little while. I’m super, super excited. I don’t think I’ve told her how stoked I am for this (Caroline, I can hardly contain my excitement!), but I just might keel over thinking about the fun that will no doubt be had. And the pictures will be awesome!

Yes my kid is cute, and even though I’m not 100% happy with the stomach regions of my body, I don’t want to have 99 thousand pictures of my kid and no pictures of me. I want to capture our family; I want to remember not just what we looked like, but what our lives were like. Which is why I’m excited to have a casual family photo.

Only, in his portrait, Colton only wore a diaper. Now I have to choose outfits for three people. I’m fairly sure I want Colton to wear this plaid, western style onepiece:

He’s got a brown onesie underneath in this picture, but I’m thinking of having him wear a white one, if needed. The white one fits a little tighter and I think it will just look a little crisper. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but the plaid has a little maroon stripe running through it.

To play off of that, I’m thinking of wearing this top in maroon (sorry, no picture online), along with a pair of trouser cut jeans.

But then what will Hubby wear? He has maroon dress shirts, but I think that would be a bit too much maroon if I did wear maroon, and it’s also a little too dressy. He has a green polo, and I thought that would work, along with jeans and maybe his brown leather jacket.

If we aren’t into maroon, I could wear a gray t-shirt, purple cardigan, and purple/gray scarf. Or a green shirt and purple cardigan. Or a purple or green shirt with a gray, striped cardigan. Or I could wear a gray top with flower embellishment at the neckline. (This basically encompasses everything I own that fits. The jeans will be a stretch though.) Should I look for something else for me? Will what I have work?

What about Hubby? Is green no good? His only other knit polo is blue, yellow and gray striped. He has a dark green henley t-shirt, and an orange and white plaid, button down t-shirt (the plaid is very, very small, so it should read pretty neutral). Oh, and he also has an orange and gray striped long-sleeved polo.

So, to sum up, I’m pretty sure what I want Colton to wear, but am not sure about Hubby and me. HELP! Also, if you don’t think Colton’s outfit is the way to go, let me know. I am in need of any and all suggetions!

You know those moms who say, “isn’t this this the cutest baby in the world? That’s MY baby!” like no one has ever had a baby to compare with the cuteness of theirs? Yeah, they always got on my nerves. I mean, everyone thinks their baby is cute, its just the right thing to do. But I like to think I’m not deluded by my love for my kid to think he’s really the cutest kid to ever walk the face of this earth.

So on that note, check out the cutest picture (so far) of the cutest kid to come out of womb (so far)!

And okay, even I am loathe to call this the cutest picture of him, but it is one of my favorites. My yard sale basket, his hand crocheted blanket and a white onesie make an excellent combination. And I just love how it looks like he’s contemplating some mystery of the universe.

If you read Colton’s blog, you’ve seen this picture already, and I do try to use that as an outlet to share his adorableness, but this one, I just couldn’t resist.

He may not be the world’s most adorable baby, but he’s my baby, and I think he’s pretty darn cute.

And that’s enough for me.

Last night, I decided to play around with my still new to me camera, using Glacier as my model. She’s not the best model, mostly because she doesn’t like to sit still for me, but eventually, she resigned herself to the torture. Of these photos I took, these were my favorites:

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