How Far Along: 30 weeks.

Size of Baby: Baby girl probably weighs somewhere around 3 pounds or more!

Gender: Girl – sugar and spice, probably a lot of spice!

Weight Gain: 16 pounds. I’m still about 4 pounds behind where I was with Nathan, and considering I started this pregnancy 4ish pounds heavier than I did with Nathan, that’s pretty good. I’d like to have a weight gain of 20 pounds, in an ideal world, but I don’t think that will happen now. I’d be super pleased with 25, which I think will be doable if I stay on top of diet and exercise. 

Symptoms: More hip and lower back pain. Nothing unusual, but still not too much fun. 

Exercise: I hit up the gym twice for some interval runs, which were tough going. I also did some morning walking with the boys and dog, and an evening walk with the whole family. The morning walks aren’t great exercise per se, but are better than nothing! 

Clothes: All maternity.

Cravings/Aversions: Anything sweet. As usual. And I kind of want to eat all the time, so I’m trying to remember not to eat unless I am truly hungry

Movement: Still pretty consistent. Getting into bigger movements, like rolls or pushing various appendages out. 

Worries: That baby isn’t head down. I still think she’s sideways a lot of the time based on movements, but I’m pretty awful at knowing how baby is positioned, so there’s a very good chance I’m wrong. Plus, there is still time for her to move. 

Milestones: I always feel like 30 weeks is getting super close to having a baby. There’s still over two months left, but for some reason this always feels like things are coming super quickly. Also, with my due date, we now only have one FULL month left until baby comes. Wowzer! 

Best Moment This Week: I ordered two new shirts from Ingrid and Isabel, what I would consider “high end” and way out of my budget usually. But they had a $15 shirt sale, 10% off if you liked their Facebook page, and they have free shipping both ways. They came this week, and they are SO comfy. I love that I have two things that should fit me through the end of my pregnancy and that I don’t feel like I weigh 60 pounds more than I actually do.