Nathan is 13 months old! I really do feel like he is a tiny baby, but toddler-hood is fast approaching!

Like his father, Nathan is not a man of many words. He says: dada, mama, bye-bye, and uh-oh. He sometimes just uses mama for all people he likes (who give him food), which includes his dada. He signs eat and can also sign more, but usually just uses eat.

I’m shocked that Nathan isn’t walking yet. He has taken has many as three steps at a time on multiple occasions over the past month, but it just too uncertain to take more, and isn’t interested enough or confident enough to try walking consistently. He will walk holding onto someone’s hand, so I’m trying to be more conscious about walking with him. He does cruise quite a bit, so I feel like we’re on the right track for walking and that it will happen soon. 

While he doesn’t walk, he loves to climb! He has climbed our stairs, climbed into the train table drawer, climbs onto Colton’s bed, climbs in and out of his rocking chair, and can climb onto the bottom rung of our dining chairs and stand there. He also loves to jump on the sofa or in his bed, and will “jump” from sitting to my arms in the pool. He is our family’s little daredevil!

Nathan is down to two bottles a day: one in the morning and one at night. He’s only really interested in his morning bottle, so we will probably drop the night time bottle soon. Dropping his two day-time bottles was super easy. Finding solids for him to eat is not as easy. With only two teeth, there’s not much he can eat, and he already has some opinions about what he’d like to eat. Generally he eats any bread item, cheese – but only if its melted onto a bread item, banana, any crackers, one to two peanut butter crackers, yogurt, thinly sliced apple, and occasionally strawberries. He’s not a fan of pieces of cheese, any meat, or raw veggies. I end up giving him lots of baby food pouches, though I do try to only give them after I’ve offered at least some table foods. He does also love cake and ice cream! 

He is still so sweet and loves to be with people. And he loves to play! He has such a good time in our church nursery that he frequently has little interest in eating while there, and a nap is out of the question. When we get him home he’s exhausted and starving and is a mess!