I have written this post in my head countless times and nothing seems right. But, I’m going to try anyway.

Nathan’s first year has been wonderful; he is a complete and total joy. But so many other things have happened this year and I sometimes feel they do or will overshadow him.

But, I remember:

Anxiously awaiting his arrival. How thrilled I was that, Memorial Day weekend with a Tuesday morning induction meant my husband would not go back to work until we had two children.

How I laughed when my water broke just as I was going to bed for my “last night” of sleep before I was induced.

Seeing him for the first time. There are no words to describe how wonderful and joyous those first moments were.

Rubbing his fuzzy head the weekend his Dad and older brother went camping and it was just the two of us.

His first “flirt” face.

Our first trip with two kids to see my grandparents and my great aunt having a good day when we visited so she was able to hold him.

Hearing him laugh watching his brother run in circles.

Seeing my boys beginning to enjoy spending time with one another.

His first cold and how he cried and cried and would only sleep when I held him.

Discovering how much he loves water when he took his first bath in the big tub. He loved splashing and sticking his head under the spigot, even more so when he bathed with Colton.

Seeing him light up in a swing, and hearing him scream with displeasure when we took him out.

All the times I wondered if he would ever get teeth (still wondering!).

The countless times I caught him flinging himself off the sofa…and the few time I didn’t.

Watching him crawl like a little crab, dragging one leg underneath him.

Seeing him laugh and crawl further into the waves when he first visited the ocean.

The very first time I saw him stand by himself; those 2 seconds were pure joy and excitement.


No words could accurately sum up the past year. There have been sleepless nights, days that seemed endless, and unexpected stresses. But none of those are the most important thing. The most important thing is love. At two months, we took Nathan to meet my grandparents; my grandfather said, “bless him, he doesn’t know who half these people are or what’s going on, but he knows who loves him.”

And that is most important. We love him and he knows it.


Happy birthday sweet boy.