Another month has flown by! Nathan’s new skills include: perfecting his crawling (like his brother, he doesn’t crawl on his hands and knees, but swings one leg around. C dragged a leg underneath him, so they crawl similarly, but not quite identically), pulling up on everything, cruising, climbing stairs, waving, and clapping all of one time.

He very rarely will sign “all done” and sometimes says “adada” to mean Daddy, but in general he is not terribly interested in communicating in any way other than crying.

Some of his favorite things include: ice cream, peek-a-boo, yogurt melts, ripping paper, putting his toys into baskets, pulling everything out of the diaper bag, bath time (including water in his face!), and throwing himself off the couch. Things Nathan does not enjoy so much: not eating if anyone else is, being put down in the evenings, not being as big as his brother, and whacking his head when he falls off the couch.