How Far Along: 14 weeks

Size of Baby: About the size of a lemon.

Gender: My gut is girl.

Weight Gain: About one or two pounds. Woot! I’m not sure how long I’ll keep track of this, since I started out at a heavier weight than typical for me, and the thought of gaining 30 pounds (typical for me during pregnancy) is stressing me out. But, I did loose at least a pound earlier, which has never happened to me during pregnancy, and have probably gained about two since then, for a net gain of one.

Symptoms: More nausea than in my previous pregnancies, but still not bad. Serious fatigue, but that seems to be getting a little better now that I’ve hit the second trimester. I had a ton of dizziness at this point with Nathan, and I have that this time around, but it hasn’t been as bad (I had several times where the edge of my vision would go black in my last pregnancy, but this time has been much milder).

Exercise: I’ve tried to keep up with running, but since the Color Run two weeks ago, I haven’t done any. I’m struggling to find the time between taking C to school, N’s naps, and home showings. Plus the whole energy thing, but I’m hopeful I can get back on top of it this week.

Clothes: All maternity pants; my regular pants do still fit, but they get more and more uncomfortable as the day goes one, and especially after eating, so I just gave up. A few non-maternity shirts still work, but maternity tops give better coverage and the ones that aren’t gathered at the sides are baggier and I feel like hide things more if I want.

Cravings/Aversions: In general, nothing really grosses me out, but not a lot appeals to me either. Mostly all that sounds appetizing to me are things like ice cream or milkshakes, although in the last couple of days I’ve really wanted a plain bagel and cream cheese.

Movement: I think I’ve felt some, starting at about 12 weeks. It can been several days or weeks between thinking I can feel movement, but when I’ve felt something it has been when I’m sitting still, which doesn’t happen too often.

Worries: Like last time, lots of things worry me. I had some bleeding early on, which my doctor things was probably latent implantation bleeding. But that freaked me out a good bit. Also, I have a friend who was close to a month behind me, had a good 8-week ultrasound and found out a week later she had miscarried. So of course, that makes me nervous (and feel totally awful for her). Most of my other worries center around having three kids four and under, and just being worried about poor Nathan – stuck in the middle with a sibling 16 months younger than him and a high needs older sibling.

Milestones: Second trimester!

Best Moment This Week: This didn’t happen this week, but when we told Colton we were having another baby, he assumed it would be a boy. After my 12 week ultrasound I told him the baby *might* be a girl. He was immediately happy with his and declared, “we need to go to the mall to get Scout Baby a hair bow! Some stores have hair bows at the check-out.”