You are ten months old, my big boy! And my, the changes the past month have brought! You began trying to figure out how to crawl, rather than scoot on your bottom, and now you get around very well. So well that sometimes I loose you and have to ask your brother where you are. You also learned how to get yourself into a sitting position this month, and the day after that, pulled up on the sofa. There are still only a few things that are the right height for you to pull up on, but you are working on perfecting this skill.

You love to eat! You now have four, six ounce bottles a day, and three meals a day most days (some days are too jam-packed with taking your brother places, naps, etc to fit your lunch in there, but we try). You love all baby food and can do self-feeding with puffs, yogurt melts and mum-mums. I haven’t really given you any table foods because you don’t have teeth! It took you until last month to eat puffs, which dissolve, without gagging and throwing up, so I would like to hold off on other foods until you have one or two teeth. You have had a small sampling of ice cream, which you really enjoyed!

Daddy has been commuting this month, so you don’t see him much. But when he comes home you are so happy to see him! You also get excited to see me first thing in the morning (Daddy gives you your morning bottle), which I of course love.

This month also brought your first official sickness. You got a cold and were so congested you would wake up in the night, sleep on me for an hour, sleep in your bed for an hour, rinse and repeat all night long. You also coughed and cried in your sleep and I was so, so sad for you. It was just a virus, but you took an antibiotic because all your congestion caused an ear infection.

Totter, you are the happiest baby! You discovered you can get into some of our cabinets and will pull things out and just grin and grin as you do your “baby work.” You are pretty much bald and toothless! I can’t wait for you to get hair so I can tell what color it is (your new hairs seem to be blonde or light brown, but you still have some of your super dark/black baby hairs, so there’s no telling what color your hair really is), but I love your precious bald head. I know you are dying for teeth so you can dive into some real food! You still wear a few 9 month sized things, but pretty much wear 12 month or 6-12 month clothes now. You still wear a size 3 diaper.


You are such a precious, sweet boy! Your family loves you TaterTots.