Mommy: Colton, I can’t play right now, Mommy’s pooped.
Colton: But Mommy, why’d you go poop?

Colton: I’m going to have lots of brothers! I will call them Tree, Grass, Leaf, Bush, Twig, Berry, Cotton Ball, Bird, and Nathan. ‘Cause that’s the brother I already have.

Mommy: Colton, what kind of things would you like in our new house?
Colton: Hmmm…my own room and a front yard with no holes.

Colton: No is my favorite word!

Mommy: Hey Colton, do you know what sin is?
Colton: When you do bad or don’t obey.
Mommy: That’s right! Did you sin today?
Colton: Nope!

Mommy: Do you know what the holes in your nose are called?
Colton: You tell me.
Mommy: They’re called nostrils.
Colton: Oh! Like ostrich!

Colton: I’m drawing this picture for Dolphin! (his little stuffed animal) When I’m done, you can write our names on it!
Mommy: Great! Can you tell me what letters are in your name?
Colton: I don’t know.
Mommy: Well what letter does your name start with?
Colton: I don’t want you to talk right now. I’m working hard on my picture for Dolphin. Because she wants me to draw her a picture. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to use all the ink in the pen for her picture.

Mommy: (getting ready to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday) How old do you think MeMe is? Colton: Six!Mommy: Oh, that’s a good guess. My Mom: (brings out a cake) Cound the candles and see how old MeMe is turning.Colton: (counts to ten) Ten! We were wrong!

Other fun things Colton says right now: he calls a jet ski a ski jet, which cracks me up because he knows the exact, proper names for other vehicle on the planet; instructions are “constructions;” his favorite number is “tenty.”