The day before he turned nine months, Nathan had his nine month well visit. I had to fill out a little developmental survey that was then “scored.” My sweet boy scored slightly delayed in his fine and gross motor skills. However, his pediatrician said not to worry; his fine motor delays were most likely due to me simply not observing the behaviors asked about (like, if you show baby food, hide it under a cup, will baby find it?), while the gross motor delays were chalked up to his big head. DSC03209

And boy is his head big! Nathan is in the 25th percentile for height, a little under the 25th for weight, but in about the 80th for head size. Despite not being able to crawl, thanks to said giant head, Nathan is getting around better scooting on his bottom. He can now scoot, with his legs sort of folded under him, several feet. He isn’t fast, but he’s effective. He does still fall while sitting, which I asked about. He doesn’t fall a lot, but more than what I would think is usual for a baby his age. Again, this ascribed to his larger-than-proportionate head size.

Nathan loves to swing. You honestly might not be able to tell if you saw him after the first five seconds he got in the swing, but you’d know if you stopped the swing, or, heaven forbid, take him out and he started screaming. He also loves pears, and has begun to tolerate puffs. He can even feed them to himself, despite not having any teeth.

Sweet boy babbles frequently, and tries so hard to play with his brother’s toys. Sadly, his brother does not usually enjoy having his toys played with or chewed on, and quickly snatches them away. Interestingly, his bed his currently filled with Colton’s forks and spoons, which he apparently decided his brother needed. Kids are strange.

DSC03216Nathan is nine months old! Still wearing all his 6-9 month and 6-12 month clothes, though some 12 month things are starting to fit. He also still wears a size three diaper. He doesn’t wear shoes, but he wears 6-12 month socks, which he always pulls off and chews on until they’re soaking wet.

He is a sweet, sweet boy!