There are some big, crazy, and unexpected changes going on in our house.

A few weeks ago, I called my husband to see when he was coming home from work. He was going to be home early so I could go to the IF:Local conference. He informs me he is going to be late because he lost his job and has to clear out his desk. Totally unexpected and out of the blue, he was unemployed.

Naturally, we were a little stressed out, worried, and upset about the situation. To top it off, we were working with some already stressful family situations that compounded our stress in this situation.

My rockstar of an engineer husband had a job interview the day he was laid off, then quickly had two more. He also received e-mails from Southern California and Blacksburg companies that he didn’t interview with who were highly interested in him. After some consideration, he took a job in another town. The offer was far and away better than any other job, including his old one! Of course, we considered more than our budget’s bottom line. This job was the only one of the three that does the type of work my husband loves, and they also offered the best opportunities for learning and growth in his field and career.

So we’re moving!

We’re in the process of getting our house ready to sell (so. much. work!) and looking for a realtor to help us find our new house.

The new job starts tomorrow, and I’m not looking forward to the commuting time period, but I do love house hunting, so I’m hoping it all balances out. I have conflicting emotions about this, but mostly I’m a little overwhelmed and very excited for my husband to have found a new job he’s excited about so quickly.