Every  mother says this at each of her baby’s milestones, but I cannot believe you are eight months old! I frequently feel like you are still my new little baby, until I try to lay with you on my chest or see an actual little baby that is! Then I am forced to accept that you really are closer to being a year old than being a new baby.

You are still the sweetest, easy-going, most content thing. You recently went through a three to four day period where you just cried about everything, wouldn’t eat, and were so unhappy. I was worried because that is the total opposite of your personality and took you to the doctor – they couldn’t find anything wrong! A few days later, you were back to your normal, happy self.

Eating continues to be one of your favorite activities. I was helping Colton eat ice cream one night, and you started fussing. Turns out you were mad he was eating and not you! Even though you had just finished eating, we had to feed you too.

Like your brother at this age, you don’t crawl and you don’t have any teeth. Unlike your brother, you are trying to butt-scoot. You will scoot across our kitchen, pushing a chair out in-front of you, then pulling yourself up to it. Push, scoot, push, scoot until you knock into something, can’t push the chair any further and cry. You try to do this on other surfaces without a chair without much success. This morning you were trying to scoot yourself into my lap on the sofa. Such a sweet boy! DSC03151Your hair color is still undetermined, but your sweet, people-loving personality is not. We love you and are so thankful you are part of our family!