Its been a very long time since I last wrote a goal post. I used to write them monthly, but my goals were mostly arbitrary, I didn’t actively work towards them most of the time, and they didn’t move me forward towards and more overarching goal.

This year, I have a few things I most definitely want to work on and accomplish:

Keep running. I’ve been slacking on the running since my last 5K, but I do want to get back into a good schedule and routine with it. I’d like to, at the very least, keep up my millage, run another couple of races, and possibly get faster. Depending on how schedules change over the year, I’d like to up my millage to be able to run a 10K, if possible. There’s a lot of time commitment here, and it was honestly hard to get in the time for 5K runs, but if I get some extra time as Nathan gets older, I’d like to try this.

Complete a Whole30 and reevaluate what we eat and why. I want to do this for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I started feeling like my relationship with food was out of control. I’m currently five days into this, so hopefully this will be crossed off my list at the end of the month.

Serve more. Before I had kids, I was more involved with service projects and church things. I was even more so before we got married. I know serving with kids is hard, but I feel like its very rare for me to serve in anyway these days, and I’d like to get back into that.

Be more intentional with my kids. Often, I feel like the time I spend with my kids I think “I need to be cleaning. I’d rather be reading,” or something similar. I want more of my time to be intentionally focused on being present with them, even if its in 15-minte increments throughout the day. I also want to make sure I look at the bigger picture of parenting and my goals in raising my children. Parenting Colton especially is challenging, and I find myself wanting to cut corners or let things slide because I’m tired and they seem easier in the moment. In these situations, I need to focus on the long-term. Along with that, I want to remember that its all about baby steps, and not get as frustrated when behaviors don’t change over night.

Work on house cleaning at least 30 minutes a day. Its been a long time since I’ve been diligent about daily cleaning. Yes, it seems like spinning wheels with little kids at home, but I need to be more on top of this, and I think I’ll be more content if I am.

Be more organized/live with less. My husband and I are both accumulators. He more so than I, but at any rate, the things pile up in our house. Some of our long-term family goals would necessitate a purging of stuff, so why not start now?