Nathan just turned seven months old, and I’m resolving to back on top of blogging, and not just for monthly updates.

At seven months, Nathan is much like he was at six months. He still has no teeth, shows no signs of crawling, and eats well. I just recently decided he could eat a solid food “lunch,” but only fixed a small amount of food as he seemed content and not hungry when he didn’t have lunch. He ate everything quickly, and I went to put his bowl in the sink. When I returned, Nathan was waiting with his mouth open, ready for more!

I think Nathan will be a later crawler, like his brother. He’s not really a fan of being on his stomach, and while he will roll to get things he wants, once he has them, he’ll play on his back or cry until you put him in a sitting position. He has started to occasionally purposefully move from sitting to his stomach to retrieve some coveted item, but he does not do so with any amount of grace.

Since Christmas, coveted items include wrapping paper (the cheaper and easier to tear the better), bows, and best of all, tissue paper. Besides all the paper, Nathan’s favorite Christmas gifts were all the baby food pears Santa brought him and the stacking cups (reminiscent of bowls, another favorite) from his aunt and uncle.