So, Nathan is now almost seven months old, but when I took his picture he had just turned six months, so I’m not THAT late.

Nathan answers to a variety of names, including: Natter, Nattey, Tater Tot, Tots, and what he’s called the most, Totty. When he was a little smaller, he was rounder than he currently is, and with his bald head, he reminded me of a tater tot. I called him this occasionally, and Colton started calling him Tots or Totty frequently. I started referring to Nathan by one of those when talking to Colton, and the name has just kind of stuck. We’ll see if sticks around as he gets older, since we only call Colton by his given name at this point.

Because he seemed interested, I started feeding Nathan “solids” at 5.5 months. While his brother cried for his milestone, Nathan was happy to eat. At six months, I usually feed him two solid meals a day. He eats between a half and a whole baby food container at each meal; weighing in at 16 lbs 4 oz, he has a healthy appetite and is the size his brother was at 9 months.

One of the things I think is so fun about Nathan’s personality is that he truly loves to be around other people, particularly kids. If any child pays attention to him, he starts excitedly rocking back and forth, making a “hu-hu” noise. He is still laid back and easy going, though you do have trouble sleeping if you don’t get good naps in. Sadly, getting naps in is a challenge as both come during pick up and drop of for Colton’s school. You’re still happy when you miss naps, you just wake up at 1 am, happy as a clam and ready to play.

At six months Nathan is a sturdy sitter, will roll to get toys he really wants, loves to jump in his doorway jumper or on someone’s lap, and shows no signs of crawling or teeth. He wears 6-9 month or 6-12 month clothes, a size 3 diaper, and is, in my totally unbiased opinion, the sweetest baby that ever lived.