While we were on vacation, Nathan turned five months old! This was a very busy month of us; Nathan went to his first wedding at the beginning of the month, and of course we had our week-long Williamsburg vacation.

All of our traveling just solidified what an easy-going baby you are. You did great in the car, really enjoyed the music at the wedding reception, and slept equally well in the stroller and ergo in Willimasburg.

Nathan lights up when he sees Colton. I love seeing them enjoy each other and love each other. Colton loves to play with Nathan when he’s in his jumper, helping him jump and swinging him back and forth. Nathan loves his jumper, with or without his brother, and also loves his play saucer.

He is working on sitting up, and can sit for a few seconds unassisted, but he is not at all to be trusted to stay in the sitting position. We say he’s going to be a football player, simply because he seems to have a desire to get a concussion. He will suddenly throw himself backward, hard, if he’s sitting, being held, etc. and will then cry when you refuse to let him injure himself.


At five months, he weighs close to 16 pounds, wears a mixture of 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing, and wears a size two diaper. Love this sweet boy!