Anytime I drop Nathan off with someone else, I hear, “he’s just such a happy baby! He smiled and talked and played the whole time you were gone!” And happy continues to characterize Nathan.

In addition to a fabulous smile, Nathan has perfected his laugh. He even has a deep, belly laugh for things he finds particularly amusing, like peek-a-boo.

At four months, Nathan can roll in both directions, though he is much more consistent with belly to back rolling. He is developing fine motor skills; he can pick toys up off his booster seat tray, and has been able to pull his paci out of his mouth and stick it back in. He tries to sit up, and thinks he can, but he’s still got a ways to go in that department. He likes to push himself up into a sitting position in his bouncy seat and just hang out, looking around.

Nathan is only 10 ounces away from Colton’s six month weight, so he seems huge to me. In reality, he’s in the 50th percentile all the way around.

In other differences from his older brother, Nathan is much, much more of a drooler than Colton ever was. He also loves to chew on his fingers, which I think contributes to the drool factor.

DSC03004He sure is a sweet boy, and I’m so blessed to be his mother!