My family likes to eat. My husband always tells me that the chief activity when we visit my family is eating.

Since we’re a southern family, we like to eat barbeque (pulled pork, of course!). I don’t think I can count how many family get-togethers involve this tasty meal. Family reunion? BBQ. Thanksgiving? BBQ. Funeral? BBQ from our favorite out-of-town, hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint is just what we need.

When I was in high school, my mom decided she wanted to make her own BBQ. My dad bought her a “Barbeque Bible,” and she began experimenting with rubs, cook temperatures and the like. I’d say it took her about a year to perfect a style our whole family loved.

A few years ago, I asked for the rub recipe so I could start making my own, since barbeque that meets my standards is hard to find in Virginia.

Yup, my most favorite recipe is on a post-it note.

Yup, my most favorite recipe is on a post-it note.

We both started using our crock-pots to cook the pulled pork (I’ve found that a 6 to 7 pound bone-in shoulder or picnic roast is the perfect size for my 4 quart crock pot, and feeds my family for several meals), and it is delicious and so, so easy. It freezes well (just be sure to ladle generous amounts of sauce into your freezer container), and the liquid created when it cooks makes a great sauce.

I usually mix my rub in a bow, then store it in an old, glass mustard jar. So, so yummy!