I wanted to do a “Day in the Life” post to document what life has been like this summer with two kids, before all of our fall activities (school, Bible Study, and Cubbies) start up next month. In some ways, I’m still in newborn survival mode; Colton watches more TV than I normally find acceptable and you’ll notice I don’t have any blocks of time devoted to cleaning. And, while I’m not exactly proud of these things, I think this is fairly typical when you add in a new baby, and it is what life these days is like for us. And while there are some frustrations, like my husband working 70 hour weeks, I’m loving these days and want to remember what they’re like.


Today is Tuesday; Colton is three years, two months and Nathan is two months.

2:45 – Alarm goes off. Time to get up.

2:47 – Back up alarm goes off as I head downstairs. Sometimes I sleep through the first one, so I always turn my back-up on. I spend about 30 minutes pumping; I usually only pump for about 30 minutes, but since I haven’t pumped since 9, it takes me a little longer.

3:30 – Back upstairs and to bed. Over the past week I’ve skipped pumping at 11:30 and found that I’m actually getting about an ounce more over the course of the day! The downside is that now that I’ve gotten a good, five hour stretch of sleep and have been awake for over half an hour, its hard for me to go back to sleep. I spend the next two and a half hours in and out of sleep.

6:15 – Alarm goes off.

6:17 – Up!

6:25 – Colton is up and wants Daddy to fix him his waffle (we have our freezer stocked with homemade whole wheat ones). Nathan screams while the waffle is fixed; I try to hold him, but can’t do a whole lot since I’m already hooked up to my pump.

7 – I shower while my husband eats, washes bottles and pump parts for me. Colton watches TV while Nathan hangs out in his bouncy seat.

7:30 – I collect all our laundry, since we have quite a few shorts and underwear that need washing due to either accidents or playing in wet sand. Colton briefly locks me in basement while I’m starting the Laundry. He can and does let me out without a fuss; a good thing since my husband was upstairs, totally oblivious with his phone ringer turned down so low he can’t hear it.

7:45 – Nathan is screaming in his bouncy seat. He’s ready for his first nap, so I wrap him in his Miracle Blanket, lay him in his crib, and he’s off to dreamland.

8:10 – Finally have breakfast hot and ready to eat!

20130821-092024.jpg8:30 – I’ve finished eating and unload and load dishwasher. Colton is playing “animal keeper” in his room.

20130821-092041.jpg9:00 – I take C’s school supplies and a return I need to make at the mall to the van and bring in the super cool matchbox car display I got from my grandparents’ house. Then, I get Colton set up with Mighty Machines and a snack (blueberries).

9:20 – I get ready pump and feed Nathan. Just as I’m getting ready to start, Colton has an accident by the potty trying to get his underwear and shorts down. I have to stop before I start to clean that up. 10 minutes later, he goes in the potty, but needs help wiping and getting his undies back on. I’m already pumping, but since he can bring me his wipes and take them to the trash can, I take care of that, but have to stop feeding Nathan. Poor baby!

20130821-092106.jpg10:00 – Nathan is fed, Colton is wearing new shorts, and we’re off to the grocery store! We wander all over the outside of the grocery store, first looking for a car cart, when when we can’t find one, its back off to the other side for a little cart. C pushes his, I push a big cart (to hold our reusable bags and diaper bag since we don’t need a lot today), and N rides in the wrap. He passes out during check-out, and thankfully stays happy and goes back to sleep when I put him in car seat (normally he screams immediately upon removal).20130821-092136.jpg

11:20 – Home from the store and everything is unloaded. Nathan’s asleep, Colton’s playing, and I decide to I want to make muffins! The store had 99 cent blueberries, and we’re home sooner than normal, so it seems like the perfect opportunity! Nathan wakes up, so I put him on the counter in his Bumbo to “help.” (He is fully on the counter, not near the edge, and I stand right by him, which makes me comfortable doing this, even though the Bumbo is meant to be on the floor only.) Colton sees this and requests that I make “little Colton-sized muffins” and that he be allowed to help. He sneaks Skittles, his potty reward, while I fill the muffin tins – little stinker!20130821-092225.jpg

12 – I put the muffins in oven and plan to pump right away. Then I realize mini muffins don’t take as long to cook, Colton goes potty and I need to empty it, get Skittles, etc., and Nathan is happy, so I decide to wait until all the muffins (mini and regular) are finished cooking. By that time, Nathan is crying and ready to eat!

12:20 – I feed the baby and pump, while Colton watches Mighty Machines. When we finish, I serve Colton the two muffins he requests. He takes a bite of one and declares he will save them for later. I put him in the jammies he brings me and send him to his room for nap.

Can you find Colton? This is how I found him when I went to check on him later.

Can you find Colton? This is how I found him when I went to check on him later.

1 – I’m starving so I grab a muffin while I fix my lunch (wrap with peanut butter, banana, and a few mini chocolate chips). Nathan starts out happy, but quickly descends into unhappy wailing. I scarf my food and get him down for a nap. Then I get a few minutes to myself to look at some potential new freezer meals my friend sent me, wash bottles, and blog.

1:30 – Nap time for Momma! I grab Nathan’s monitor and bring it upstairs with me. He’s normally upstairs with me for this nap, but since he’s already asleep in his room, I leave him be.

20130821-092313.jpg3:00 – I’m up and folding laundry while both boys are sleeping. I always try to get up at least 15 minutes before I need to pump so I have a few minutes to do something useful.

3:15 – I’m feeding Nathan and pumping.

20130821-092338.jpg3:30 – Colton is up and asking to get out of his room; I put a gate up when I nap, just in case he wakes up and I’m still asleep. I finish pumping, let him out. He potties and I get out his prize for doing a great job of wearing underwear and keeping them dry — a Matchbox car city. He’s been potty training for exactly a week now, and while he hasn’t been totally accident free, his few accidents the past couple of days have come while he’s trying, and he’s finally not protesting underwear, so I deem it time for the big reward he’s been wanting for quite some time.

4:15 – The City is put together and I take Nathan to his room to play on his playmat and have tummy time while Colton plays with it.

20130821-092352.jpg4:45 – I change clothes so I’m ready to go to the gym after my next pumping session. Nathan starts to get fussy and Colton is playing happily, so I spend some time just rocking him in his room. After he’s been asleep for five minutes, Colton comes in and wants me to play City with him.

20130821-092400.jpg5:30 – I heat up dinner and start eating. My husband gets home right as I’ve started eating, so he grabs his food, heats it, and joins me. Normally, we eat together, but since I’m going to a class at the gym, I need to make sure I eat before I go, and he wasn’t sure if he’d be home in time to eat with me before it was time to feed Nathan.

5:50 – Nathan is suddenly starving, which is surprising because he ate really well last time. My husband feeds him and I pump.

6:15 – I’m out the door and on my way to Yoga at the gym. This is currently the only class that fits my schedule and current ability level. Its only my second class, but I’m going to make an effort to attend it every week, at least until I feel able to take other classes. It’s packed tonight and seems harder than last time, but I feel great afterwards, especially since the last five minutes are devoted solely to relaxation. Ah!

7:50 – Home! Colton and Daddy are racing, and then Daddy gets Colton ready for bed while I hold Nathan.

8:30 – Popcorn time! I also finish an episode of The Tudors I started earlier. Side Note: I really like this show, but there is so. much. sex. And they are long, gratuitous scenes. I keep watching because I like the story line, and it seems like every other episode either has no sex, or is very light on it, but the next its just everywhere. It doesn’t get better, does it? Is there a similar show with less gratuitous sex?

8:50 – I pump, my husband feeds Nathan.


This is the typical Nathan face — he’s usually either happy or asleep!

9:20 – Upstairs to get ready for bed! Then its my new favorite time of the day — hang out in bed with my husband and Nathan. Nathan is so happy and smiley, and its just a great way to unwind and spend some time with my husband and tell him anything notable and cute that happened that day.


9:40 – I’m zonked. My husband will do some work downstairs until he feeds Nathan at 11:30 (Nathan sleeps through this feeding) and comes to bed himself.