Nathan is two months old! I’m not sure how that happened, since he was just born yesterday, but whatevs. (Seriously, his baby-hood is flying by so much faster than Colton’s did, and with much less photo documentation.)

Just after he turned a month old, Nathan started actually sleeping for more than 10 minutes in his beds! He will sometimes fall asleep in them, though I generally don’t put him down until he’s asleep. Once he decided his bed was acceptable, he began sleeping five and six hour stretches consistently, and then eight and nine hour stretches!

We’ve since gotten in a good sleep/eat routine, especially at night. During the day he eats every three hours (though he is starting to not want to eat as much every other feeding, so this probably needs to be stretched out) and naps however and whenever depending on what we’re doing. He goes to sleep in his swing when I go to sleep, usually around 9:30. At 11:30, I’m up again to pump and bring him with me for another feeding. I never really understood the dream-feed with Colton, but Nathan is a true dream-feeder; his eyes never crack open at all. After that, it’s back to his little bed, where he sleeps until right around 6:20. Sometimes we wake him up at this point, sometimes he gets restless and grunty between 4:00 and 5:00, so he goes back in his swing, where he falls back asleep, until 6:20.

He is such an easy, relaxed baby! It’s easy to make him smile, though generally only when he is most awake and alert after a feeding. All it takes is saying is name, smiling at him, or just generally talking to him with a happy tone. He only cries when he’s hungry, tired, or has been injured in some way by his big brother.

Weight and height stats to come, but I feel like he’s bigger than Colton was at this age.

DSC02814I’m loving watching this sweet boy grow!